Time Delay Tap

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Faucet installation before installing the faucet to pipe water first, the sediment rinse clean impurities from water pipes

Faucet installation before installing the faucet to pipe water first, the sediment rinse clean impurities from water pipes, and check the parts do not contain impurities in the clear packing box, in order to avoid impurity plugging after installation and wear ceramic valve core from the tap. Installing metal hose faucet and water pipe are need to pay attention to, usually the length of the hose is Time Delay Tap 30 cm, but there is also a part of the brand is to use hard tube, if you use the hard tube faucet is need to purchase a good faucet, in according to the length of the faucet pipe laying the pipe. From the service life of the hard tube is better than hose, but better cost performance and easy installation of the hose.
When taking over the need to pay attention, all the pipes are on the left is hot water, and on the right is the cold water, two tubes are 100 mm - 200 mm, don't be installed backwards. Position after remove the faucet faucet, waiting for the mud ceramic tile of metope installed back after completing a job, so it can avoid the faucet coating wear scratched the surface.
Faucet maintenance cleaning faucet with soft cloth coated with toothpaste or metal detergent to wash, then rush clean with clear water. Avoid using alkaline detergents or steel wire ball, this will cause the faucet surface coating damage. The stainless steel toilet outlet of faucet is usually have a bubbler, due to water quality around, bubbler in the use of water yield smaller happens after a period of time, this time need to put the bubbler is removed, clean with clear water or vinegar soak, install back again can. Some brand faucet surface electroplating processing is very thick, but it also easy to cause fatal, make it is not hard to touch or grinding, so stainless steel squatting pan when use, try to avoid contact with hard objects.
Faucet is hutch indispensable prerequisite products a great life, we can't measured in the size of the head. However, everything is a double-edged sword, brings convenient at the same time, the fault occurs when not a few. Tap failure not only largely in quality decision, its installation module also taken quite a place.
The surface chromium plating process of faucet is very exquisite, is generally after several procedure to complete. In simple terms, can be divided into the bath with the water faucet, basin faucet, shower faucet, kitchen sink faucets, mop pool with a tap, the washing machine etc. Everyone should fully when the choose and buy the faucet according to tap the characteristics of different applications.
Single-hole kitchen faucet installation requirements, because the kitchen stainless steel shower tray faucet using high frequency, and being moved around, easy to loose, so must tighten the lock nut. Some leading appeared on the market now for enlarging the nut screw pipe is fixed, the effect is very good, if can solve the problem of water to lift, is a popular trend in the future.