Illusion God

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In the long crowd below, a few people suddenly raised their arms and shouted: "Execute this rebellious dog

Soon, only the broken red longbow was left on the stall, sighing helplessly, no way. Broken is broken, is no longer a weapon, naturally no one is willing to. Happy to count the money from the sale of weapons, nine weapons, unexpectedly sold 180 gold coins, ah, worth my two months'salary, each weapon sold to the price of 2000 copper coins, on the earth, that is 2000 yuan, ah, really developed. Calculate, add the 24000 on the body, now I have 42000 yuan, not far from the amount of money needed to send the task of finding Chuckles. Excited to put the money up, was about to leave, but surprised to find that a group of people are still around me, and did not disperse, is it. Are they going to take my money? When I was secretly worried, suddenly. A hearty voice rang out: "Brother, how do you sell this broken bow?" Hmm? Following the sound, I saw a young man in light iron armor, looking closely at the broken bow,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, his eyes were full of excited light, is it. Their purpose is the broken bow? Looking at the young man with light armor uncertainly, I smiled and said, "You are also a discerning person. I won't beat around the Bush with you. You can make a price directly. If the price is right, you can take it away!" Since I don't know the true value of this bow, I have to be confused. This is the best way I can think of. After listening to my words, the young man frowned for a long time. Meng Yi gritted his teeth and the young man said flatly, "Well, I'll pay 800 gold coins. This is my maximum limit. I can't afford any more." I'll give you 900! I'll give you 1000! I'll pay 1200.. As soon as the young man's voice fell,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the people around him began to shout. One of them offered a higher price than the other. The angry young man scratched his ears, but there was no way. Obviously. That's all the money he has. Very soon The price of the broken bow reached the height of 1400 gold coins, and finally no one added, that is 140000, ah, on the earth can buy a car, not many people are willing to spend so much money to buy such a thing. He looked at the man who offered 1400 gold coins in ecstasy. Unexpectedly, a broken bow was worth so much money. When he was about to promise, the young man with light armor gritted his teeth fiercely and said crazily, "I'll pay 800 gold coins, plus 80 magic crystals!"! Light armor young man's voice fell, suddenly. The whole audience was dead silent, and everyone was staring at the young man in light armor, you know. Each piece of magic crystal is worth 10 gold coins. 80 pieces are worth at least 800 gold coins. With his 800 gold coins, it is already equivalent to 160,000, which is more than 20,000 higher than the others. Magic crystal? Looking doubtfully at the young man with light armor, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, he had no idea what the magic crystal was, but. When the young man took out a small bag from his bosom and poured out the contents, I finally understood what a magic crystal was. The so-called magic crystal, in fact, is the gem that Xiaoqiang got, but. Light armor in the hands of young people, unexpectedly all green spar, unlike what I played, red, yellow, blue and green, all colors. Shh. Seeing the magic crystal in the hand of the young man with light armor, the people around him all shushed. The man who had just paid 1400 gold coins said contemptuously, "Are you making a mistake? The earth is the magic crystal. It's the cheapest magic crystal. Each 7 gold coins, 80 are only 560 gold coins. It's 40 gold coins lower than my price!"! And A general store doesn't accept earthy magic crystals at all, otherwise you will have 80? After hearing this, the light armor warrior looked at me anxiously and said, "Please, I know my price is a little lower than others, but I really need this broken bow. Please, sell it to me!" Looked at the young man's anxious face, then looked at the bid of 1400, a face of arrogance, then looked at the small bag of green magic crystal, remembered the happy appearance of Xiaoqiang when he ate the magic crystal, I could not help but make a decisive decision, money is nothing, anyway, I want to buy something for Xiaoqiang, isn't this magic crystal very good? You know, the purchase price of the store is 7 gold coins. If I buy it myself, I can't buy 10 gold coins. You can't ask people to sell you according to the purchase price. The so-called three points of profit in business, only earning me three gold coins is merciful. Moreover, the light armor young people out of 800 gold coins, plus I already have 420 gold coins, even if issued to find the task of Chuckles, there are still 220 gold coins left, which is equivalent to 22000 big yuan on the earth, absolutely enough to spend. Remembering Xiaoqiang's happiness when he ate the green gem, I said to the young man with light armor, "Well, since you are so sincere, I will sell you this broken bow, but.." I have a few questions to ask you, you can not answer, do not know. That's all right! Without waiting for me to finish, the young man flatly agreed to come down, and handed me the gem bag and a gold coin bag, and picked up the broken bow in a hurry. See the goods are sold out, although many people are reluctant, but this is also a matter of no way, but under. Everyone scattered around, the man who offered 1400 was not convinced, but was stared at by the young man with light armor, and immediately ran away, it seems. This young man still has some skills! Pulling the young man into a nearby pub,Glucono Delta Lactone, I sat down and thought for a while. I looked up at the other side and asked cautiously, "I want to know where you got those green magic crystals. I don't know.." The young man was slightly stupefied. "Is this also a problem?" He asked? You can get it in the magic forest in the north of the glorious city, but it's very dangerous there. We all just wander around and dare not go deep. I heard that there are very strong Warcraft in the deep forest! Chapter 044 wantonly purchasing.