Gelatin Capsule manufacturers

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Gelatin Capsule manufacturersGelatin Capsule manufacturers

Gelatin Capsule manufacturers Description Tightness Take 10 capsules of this product, gently pinch both ends of the vacant capsule with your thumb and forefinger, rotate and pull it apart without sticking, deforming or cracking, then fill it with talcum powder, fit the cap and body together, and straighten the capsules one by one at a height of 1m. Falling on a wooden board with a thickness of 2cm should not leak powder; if there is a small amount of powder leaking, no more than 2 particles. If it exceeds, another 10 tablets should be taken for re-testing, all of which should meet the requirements. Friability銆€ Take 50 tablets of this product, place them in a watch glass, transfer them into a desiccator containing a saturated solution of magnesium nitrate, and place them at 25掳C卤1掳C for 24 hours. In the glass tube (the inner diameter is 24nm, the length is 200nm), drop a cylindrical weight (material made of PTFE, 22mm in diameter and 20g卤0.1g) freely from the mouth of the glass tube, depending on whether the vacant capsule is broken, such as There are cracks, no more than 15 grains. Display FAQ Q: How long is your delivery time? A: Generally 10 days if the goods are in stock. Or 30 days if the goods out of stock, according to the quantity. Q: Do you provide samples ? A: We can send out the samples in one week after got your payment, we can help you work out the cheapest shipping cost. Q: Could you make Customized products ? A: Sure, we can produce the products according to your special requirements, just tell us your idea and then we can start to work. Q: Could you offer the OEM/ODM service ? A: Yes, we can offer OEM and ODM service for you, we have strictly QC procedure to guarantee the best quality standard. Also accept the third party's inspection. Q: Can I have a visit your factory before order? A: Sure, warmly welcome! FactoryGelatin Capsule manufacturers website: