Korean entertainment fantasy

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In the process of coming and going, they made their own statements and knew it. As a result,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, Lin Dashao's secret love had just emerged, and before it could start a prairie fire, it was rationally strangled in the soil by the other side. The cheap beer is

Xing, where are you going?! Just give it to the staff if you open the door! Kim D saw that Han Xing got up and was ready to go somewhere and couldn't help laughing and calling Han Xing Dao. I'm going to wash my hands! Han Xing's head did not look back, but he flew into the bathroom at his feet. This boy! Kim D shook his head with a smile, but motioned for the camera to follow! When the cameraman carried the camera into the bathroom, Han Xing washed his hands carefully. When he saw the camera coming in, Han Xing smiled and looked at the camera and said, "It feels like you can only touch the baby after washing your hands." After cleaning his hands carefully, Han Xing looked at the camera curiously and said, "The baby should be very cute?!"! I really like children to say that I must have a lot of children with my wife if possible in the future! Said Han Xing also made a look of yearning. When Han Xing returned to the living room, he heard the sound of opening the door at the entrance. Han Xing knew that BBY, one of the main characters of the program, was finally on the stage. This made Han Xing breathe a sigh of relief sincerely. At the same time, his heart could not help but lift up. He was not in a hurry to sit down and simply stood there waiting for BBY to appear! "Lovely!!!" Although Han Xing has imagined countless times in his mind how lovely and charming his children will be, when he really sees the true face of BBY, who has made all the flowers wither, Han Xing still can't help calling out lovely like a girl! See this child face round, red,cordierite c520, ear length degree, a picture of good fortune, the two eyebrows like two curved crescent moon, holding the pacifier's small mouth often move, as if in the milk in general, a pair of big eyes like a gem shining blink with a kind of doubt and curiosity to look around,ceramic igniter electrodes, that lovely to the extreme is absolutely old and young all kill! Believe that no one will not like this baby, at least Han Xing likes it very much, that looks at the baby's eyes like looking at his own child in general, that eyes reveal a kind of thing called father's love! "Can I hold the baby?" Han Xing carefully asked the child's parents, the tone even revealed a trace of the meaning of the request, it can be seen that Han Xing this boy really likes children! "Of course!" The baby's parents smiled at each other and nodded. For the child, the Korean star, a popular idol in Korea, will play the role of a'father 'for a period of time in his life. Now the'father' wants to hug the Korean star! "Wait a minute!" Just when Han Xing wanted to take the baby from the mother's hand, Han Xing stopped his outstretched hand! In everyone's curious eyes, Han Xing took off all the flower rings in his hands except his and NNY's love rings. These flower rings are used for decoration. They are also angular outside. Fortunately, if you hold a child in your arms, ceramic bobbin heater core ,ceramic bobbin heater, it is easy to hurt the child. This is also the reason why Han Xing did not know at the beginning. Otherwise, the Korean star wouldn't have come wearing a flower ring. All right, now there shouldn't be anything to hurt the baby! Han Xing carefully examined himself again to make sure that there was nothing on his body that might hurt the baby, and then Han Xing reached out his hand to take the baby. Han Xing's carefulness made the parents of the baby nod with satisfaction. At first, they were worried that young idols like Han Xing could not take good care of their children. But Han Xing's carefulness at the moment and his sincere love for the children made the parents of the baby feel relieved! "Be careful, babies don't like strangers to touch them!" When the baby was handed over to Han Xing again, the mother of the baby said in a low voice that the baby was usually familiar with people, but if he was not touched by acquaintances, he would definitely cry for you to see! "Well!" Han Xing also nodded, in fact, although Han Xing likes children very much, but there is no bottom in his heart, after all, when he was just in class, Han Xing was just facing a toy without emotion, and he just learned some actions. Han Xing really knows nothing about how to grasp the baby's soul! But to the surprise of the baby's parents, a scene appeared. In the past, as long as a stranger touched him, even if he didn't cry, he would call their child twice. Now, after meeting Han Xing for the first time, he was extremely abnormal and didn't cry or call. Instead, he stayed in Han Xing's words with a clever face and looked at Han Xing curiously with his bright eyes! "This" baby's parents can not help but look at each other, such a situation is completely beyond their expectations, they have even prepared the Korean star to take the child when the child if crying, how to coax him, but now the baby in the arms of the Korean star to show the state that they still need to coax ah, simply very clever! "This" Han Xing is also very speechless look at the baby's parents, not to say that the baby does not let strangers touch it, then why he held for so long but so clever?! Finally, the parents of the baby came to a conclusion, that is, Han Xing and the child are predestined! Only this dissolution can meet the current situation! Because they let Kim D to try to hold the baby, the baby was so noisy that it was miserable, and the cry almost broke Kim D's eardrum! But a return to the Korean star's guy is not noisy, that clever look as if just tears clatter DC is not him in general! So Han Xing also accepts the conclusion that this little guy has a predestined relationship with himself! "Jin Xin, you are my son from today on!" After learning the baby's name from the baby's parents, Han Xing smiled and lifted the baby over his head,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and the baby also looked at Han Xing giggling, which was later rated as one of the warmest scenes in LLBBY!!! [Volume 2, Chapter 15: Unstoppable Babies and Single Dads with Headaches] Chapter 15 the restless baby and the single father with a headache. global-ceramics.com