The game of the goddess

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He Su Shen half catches half blocks, the danger only then stopped, "this thing has to be iced in summer to be delicious,Automated warehouse systems, you wait?" Yongjiao licked her lips and still did not give up. "Just a little, just a little, okay?

Li Suifeng? Su Nu's brain worked quickly, and then suddenly got stuck at one point, Li Suifeng, the prodigal son of the wind?! Darling, let every pure child stay in a school with problems. No wonder he took things too hard and complained. If people who understand Li Suifeng's character listen to Su Nu's words now, they will feel very dizzy. Pure? This word and this boy do not match, if a person who likes to play around, by the way, leave her love without nostalgia can use the word pure, then there is no impure person in the world. Li Suifeng, the protagonist of the incident, is also watching Su Nu, because the influence of the man in the game is so profound that he can't forget it if he wants to. In order to see her again, he went to beg the master in the game for a long time, but the man just shook his head to show that he could do nothing. Finally, he dropped a few secret books and floated away. Li Suifeng doesn't have to think about it to know that he must be going to pursue that true love. Now that I think of it, I am still angry. One man likes another man so justifiably and without hesitation. Why don't you want to help your only apprentice? Entangled! Then other people with status also stood up and made a small speech. Finally, Yi Lin, the head of the host Emei School, announced the start of the competition. Ha ha ha ha! How can such an interesting game not wait for my old man? A loud laugh came from far and near, and the faces of all the people changed. Some are happy,metal racking systems, some are pale, and some are red and green for a while, and then purple for a while, just like the big dyehouse. Daoxian Zhenren, is it affectation for an old friend not to come out here? Qingwu stood up and said to the distance. Look at his expression, it belongs to that kind of joy. Bah, you are the second brother of Wu. When I am a woman, I am also hypocritical. With that,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the two men appeared not far away, and one of them, a ragged crazy Taoist, frowned at Qingwu. Su Nu's eyes took one look at the crazy Taoist and was attracted by the tall man beside him, who was also looking at her with a big mouth, showing his surprise. The plain woman winked at the man, because she had been together for a long time, and she still had the ability to make eyes at him. Big beast, we are so destined. “…… What are you doing here? Blink. "What do you think?" Silence. Two people sigh at the same time: "fate!" " While Su Nu was still making eye contact with her, the crazy Taoist also noticed Su Nu. In fact, he noticed her from the beginning. Wu Laoer, who is this doll? What a deep cultivation! Even he can not see this period of distraction, at least it is the period of robbery, look at the bone age is still very young, when the Kunlun faction more than this number of people. Qingwu introduced to Su-nu, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, "This is a very famous casual practitioner in the realm of cultivation, Dao Xian Zhen Ren.". He has a good relationship with our Kunlun faction. Turning to look at Dao Xian, she said, "This is Yao Su-nu, a disciple of Master Bai's granduncle of the Kunlun Sect." Dao Xian real person listens, immediately Leng, looking at the plain female one face incredible, "originally you are that disciple which the white elder receives!"! Dao Xian is polite here. Su Nu nodded gently at him. You've heard about this? Qingwu looked at Daoxian with a strange face. Why, can't I know? Do-hyun squinted at him. Qingwu shook his head with a smile. By the way, this is my disciple Zhiyu, Xiaoshou. Come and see the elder. As if suddenly remembered, Daoxian immediately invited the beast not to kiss him. But Su Nu's mouth twitched carelessly after listening to Dao Xian's name for the big beast. And the beast also had a cramp in the corner of his mouth. The younger generation of wisdom and foolishness have seen the elder Wu and Yao. "The wise and foolish, that is, the beast, said respectfully." Ha ha, good boy, Xiu Wei has increased his height again. Not bad. Qingwu patted the beast on the shoulder with a happy face. Su Nu looked at the three people in front of her in puzzlement, very puzzled. The three of them should be very familiar with each other. After meeting this Taoist, Qingwu became much more cheerful. After seeing her, Dao Xian's reaction was also very different. If he were someone else, he would have been respectfully called a senior, but he looked like everyone was a good friend, and there was no etiquette at all that the real world should have. Look at Xiao Ling's expression, you should know the reason. "Why do you call him a little beast?" Su Nu admits that she is a very curious person. As soon as Daoxian heard this, he was excited. Pointing to his disciple, he said, "This boy likes to be mighty with wild animals since he was a child. I think it's troublesome for Zhiyu to call him a little beast, so I call him a little beast directly. Ha ha." Under the rich and gratified eyes of the plain girl, Qingwu and Daoxian spent a while, and finally ended under the urging of the head of Yi Lin. Yi Lin ordered his disciples to add a seat for Dao Xian next to the Kunlun Sect. Regardless of the strange face of others, the competition officially began. When Su Nu told Xiao Ling about her curiosity, the latter smiled and helped her answer. It turned out that Daoxian and Qingwu were good friends before they entered the Tao. Wrong. They were good brothers. Anyway, their relationship was very iron. Later, he entered the realm of cultivation for different reasons, but the relationship has not changed at all. The disciple of Zhiyu and Daoxian can be said to have grown up under the watch of Qingwu, so it is understandable that the three of them have a good relationship. Daoxian Zhenren is a person who doesn't like empty courtesy. Although he can play a little narrow-minded, he is generally generous to people, and he doesn't like others to be respectful to him. The straighter you are to him, the better he will be to you. That's why he didn't bow and nod to Su-nu. And the reason why people look at Dao Xian's face is strange, because of Dao Xian's hobby. Dao Xian is also called theft in the realm of practice. The reason is very simple. Although it is only a period of distraction, because Lian's skills are quite peculiar, his ability to escape is very good. And he has a special interest in special skills, magic weapons, elixirs and other things, so he often goes to other people's mountain gates to get some. Because people can't catch him, and there is no way to prove that the thief is him, plus the relationship between Daoxian and Kunlun Qingwu is better,medium duty racking, so everyone is very depressed about him, even if the teeth itch to hate, this is the reason why people look strange.