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Buy High Frequency Transformer Product Name: RM Transformer
Our company specializes in the production of various RM Transformers, filters, I-shaped inductors, and magnetic loop inductors. In order to provide customers with high-quality products, all the raw materials used by our company have passed the inspections of third-party companies and comply with various certifications. Welcome Customers call for consultation, request samples, negotiate, and order.
Features of Pin-type Transformers:
The pin-type transformer is directly welded on the circuit board, so the pin position of the pin-type transformer needs to be consistent with the pinhole position required by the customer, such as the pin pitch; row pitch; input several pins, which pins are respectively; How many pins are output, which ones are they, etc. When looking for a pin-type transformer, customers need to inform us of your pin position requirements, so that we can choose a skeleton that meets your requirements to produce.
Product Description:
RM Transformer is widely used in medical machinery, cultural and educational equipment, meters, household appliances and other fields, such as: soy milk maker, coffee maker, washing machine, water dispenser, smart refrigerator, air conditioner, range hood, rolling door, garage door, traffic light equipment, outdoor light Electrical products such as power supply equipment, refrigerators, treadmills, fat-removing machines, foot baths, paper shredders, sealing machines, multimedia audio, etc., as well as various PCB circuit boards.Buy High Frequency Transformer