Stainless Steel Shower Tray

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When the axis of gasket inside the faucet wear will appear this kind of circumstance.

When the axis of gasket inside the faucet wear will appear this kind of circumstance. Solution: according to the size of the tap choose corresponding gland unscrew pliers will tap, and clip out worn axis of gaskets, and changing the new gasket can solve the problem. Leading to lower aperture leakage reason: that's because gland within the triangle seal wear caused. You can turn the screw loose to Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo remove tied head, then fluff gland removed, then remove seal gland medial triangle shop, change into a new can.
Prepare tools: flat mouth screwdriver 1. Opening up to 30-50 adjustable wrench a; Close the inlet valve first remove the faucet handles the small screw, can remove the fixed on the faucet main body of the handle. Some screw hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons, or plastic, these buttons or plastic card or twist into the handle. As long as turn on the button, you will see in a screw Stainless Steel Shower Tray at the top of the handle. If necessary, you can use some penetrating oil to make the screw loose. Off his hand and then use a big pliers or a adjustable wrench to remove the packing nut, be careful not to leave scratches on the metal. To rotate in the same direction and turn on the tap valve core or shaft, so you can put them off. Remove the fixed washer screw in this step, remove the washer screws and check, if necessary, you can use the penetrating oil to make the screw loose. Check that the screws and valve core, if the damage is need to replace new one.
The assembly of faucet. What is the assembly. Assembly is processed tap parts according to certain order and technology together, become a complete leading products, realizing the function of the product design process. The meaning of the assembly. A leader is Stainless Steel Squatting Pan often composed of several parts, assembly in the later stages of product manufacturing required, product quality, from product design, parts manufacturing to product assembly) final inspection by guaranteed and assembly. Therefore, the assembly is important link in determining the quality of products. Formulate reasonable assembly technique, effectively guarantee the assembly precision of the assembly method, is of great significance to ensure and further improve product quality.
Leading assembly process briefly. First, each assembly tools and parts of the equipment, and begin to connect. Including the valve core, net mouth detachable connection, such as joint inflow feet, sealed connection. Install the valve core (porcelain), with a torque wrench on the lid, use socket torque wrench on the ceramic core. Foot and the water level and the hexagonal nut with 10 mm hexagon wrench locks (foot and the water level pre-installed sealing o-ring). Bathtub faucet installation manifold switch. Next test checks, faucet according to the using state of the clamp on the test bench, were about to open on both sides of the water supply valve, open the valve body, to clean the inner cavity of Stainless Steel Toilet China faucet in advance, then close the valve installed net mouth mat and net mouth, using a wrench, tool such as lightly tighten not flooding pressure experiment next, check the sealing surface nonconforming product is without leakage, nonconforming product test installation pressure cap, handle on the assembly line, hot and cold water mark, the final installation accessories, wipe the packing cases. During this period, quality inspection, the operators self inspection and finished product sampling inspection.