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Pallet boxes utilization of it in the process of production quality control, but there will still be unqualified plastic tray box products

Pallet boxes utilization of it in the process of production quality control, but there will still be unqualified plastic tray box products, here's why: plastic tray box in the process of production, raw material lipid solubility parameter does not conform to the rules or raw material melting point is not uniform, caused the tray box quality deviation. Although many industries are now attaches great importance to the quality of the plastic pallet boxes, but there are still some manufacturer devoted too much recycled material in production, this will lead to a drop in the quality of the tray box. In the process of plastic tray box production, if the production of the machine parameter setting is not standard, can also cause deformation of the tray box products.
Choosing a plastic tray box, must choose normal manufacturer. Above is a reason of substandard plastic pallet boxes, hope to be of help.Folding tray box is in a traditional tray box on the basis of improved design, improve plastic pallet price the deficiency of the traditional, also can be called new tray box, save a space after folding, province logistics transportation cost, strong bearing force, and in design than the traditional tray box innovation, was welcomed by the market, therefore, demand is increasing year by year.
For the winter, the toughness of the plastic pallet boxes, great changes have taken place, as the temperature is lower and the decrease of the toughness, also easy to brittle, so at the time of operation should take put down gently, still directly into the ground from a height. In addition, the use in winter to choose new material in the production of plastic tray box, plastic box plastic pallet manufacturer containing the reworked material use more easily brittle cracking in winter.
Plastic tray box bearing must be within the scope of the manufacturer to provide the bearing to use. Don't use serious load, such as long service life can be reduced to a big load use. In the modern material industry, in order to transport more convenient, there are many tools, plastic tray box is one of them. Many industries use plastic tray box transportation, so also plays an important role in the process of transportation.
Plastic tray box need to be aware of using in winter nearly most of the time the country has experienced a wide range of snow cooling process, weihai region also snow for days, and temperature significantly decreased a lot. In low secondary containment pallet temperature environment, then, using the plastic pallet boxes are need to pay attention to what issues?
At low temperatures using PE and PP material production of plastic tray box or have very obvious difference, the proposal USES high density polyethylene (PE) as the material of plastic tray box, the main reason is than cold resistant performance of polyethylene polypropylene (PP) better, used properly can withstand low temperature about 40 degrees below zero.