Nail Making Machine manufacturers

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Nail making machine stamping movement is driven by the rotation of the spindle (eccentric shaft) movement connecting rod, punch forming reciprocating motion, so as to implement stamping movement.

Nail making machine stamping movement is driven by the rotation of the spindle (eccentric shaft) movement connecting rod, punch forming reciprocating motion, so as to implement stamping movement. Clamping movement is paid by both sides of the shaft (and eccentric shaft) and the rotation of the CAM clamping lever again and again pressure, make Clamping lever swinging, the activities of the nail mould clamping, complete a Automatic nail machine cycle of wire clamp relaxing exercise. Pay the shaft on both sides of the small connecting rod rotates at the same time in the rotation of the knife on either side of the tire box of reciprocating motion, fixed in the knife is the litter box cutter Implements the shear movement. Nail wire through the punch press, the mould clamping and cutting knife shear plastic deformation or separation, to obtain the required shape and the size of the nail head of nail and nail tip. Stamping processing nails, stable quality, was born High production efficiency, and easy to operate, automate the nail making machine, mechanization, greatly reduce the production cost of the nail. So the main shaft, pay axis, punch and die, the precision of the cutting tool and the structure directly affect the forming of the nails and precision.
Nail making machine can produce different specifications of the nails, nail is a lot of more phyletic, such as cement and steel nails, common round nails, screws, roofing nail, nails, etc., different species have different nail on the nail machinery production, we have to say today of the nail making machine, is the production of common round nails, nail garden which we often use nails, general is on the ground buildings, furniture factory, or wood processing factory with more nail mechanism do is divided into many kinds of nail. The Nail Making Machine manufacturers function of automatic nail production nail model according to the domestic traditional mainly is 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, nails and nail making machine production specifications according to the popular term a nail nails production equipment production specifications are 2-5 cm, 3-8 cm, 5-10 cm, 8-15 cm. Nails, nail making machine production is a kind of specifications can produce nails have certain scope, such as a 3-8 cm nail, a type 713 nail making machine can produce. The 5-10 cm nail nail making machine can produce 714. Nail making machine do nails specifications and types, one is the production of nail type, 2 it is to see the production of the specifications of the nails, common round nails production is common, operation is relatively simple.
Nail making machine working principle of each small nails are made with stem diameter as a dish of cone wire passes through the nail making machine straightening to stamping, wire feeding to clamping and shearing, stamping and circular motion. Each step in the process It is very important.
Nail making machine equipment in the process of nail need what accessories? Nail making machine equipment accessories are used for drawing wire drawing die, punch when the nail and nail tools. Nail machine equipment accessories from small diameter to the diameter of the wire drawing mould, use different drawing mould, can make large diameter reinforced by the diameter of the Automatic Nail Making Machine wire drawing to nail the required; Main function is used for punching head of nail nail making machine punch; Nail cutter is used for reinforcing steel bar cutting machine equipment, main effect is to make the nail tip. Wire drawing machine mould and nail making equipment, nail making machine, punch tool normally according to nail making equipment model size configuration, big nail configuration of punch and die, cutting tool will accordingly. Nail making machine equipment accessories for wearing parts, can be equipped with a number in the upgrade.