Does Path of Exile have controller assist?

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Does Path of Exile have controller assist?

Yes, Path of Exile features full controller help for PC.

When gamers connect both a PlayStation DualSense or POE Items  an Xbox controller, the sport will mechanically detect them, however, you could nonetheless want to change your enter settings for the controller relying in your personal preferences in relation to ARPGs.

How to exchange Path of Exile enter settings
Before you could dive into the game with your controller, you’ll in all likelihood want to regulate the enter settings to make certain your abilties are mapped to the buttons you’re maximum snug with.

In order to remap your competencies in Path of Exile, truely press down in your Right thumbstick to go into remapping mode. From right here, you’ll be able to assign your skills to whichever buttons you decide on.

By default, your center abilities are automatically mapped to POE Items for sale  the controller face buttons so four skills may be accessed with a short press on any of these buttons, and 4 additional competencies can be completed via maintaining the left or proper trigger while urgent any of the face buttons. If you’d opt to switch the face buttons your capabilities are assigned to, however, you could without problems remap them with the aid of the use of the approach explained above.