Miss Ping's Idea _ Josephine Tiei

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"They're sorry they missed the party last night," they said,

"They're sorry they missed the party last night," they said, "but there must be other celebrations." I will also hold a celebration after the presentation of the results. Boa said, "You will come, right?"? ” I would be happy to participate. How was the play last night? ” "Well, it could be worse.". We're sitting behind Colin Barry. Who is Colin Barry? ” "All England Hockey Idol." "Then it must be a great credit to Othello." "Make the intermission a lot of fun." Don't you want to see Othello? ” "No!"! We want to see Emma. · Ellen's new movie, The Burning Hedge, I can't wait. The title of the film sounds warm and true, and I believe it must be just a healthy forest fire. But my parents thought an evening was about going to the theater and buying a box of chocolates at halftime. We just don't want to disappoint them. Did they enjoy the performance? ” "Oh, they love it.". The whole dinner was devoted to the play. "You two are really a couple. Everyone else looks like a heretic." Lucy had a feeling. Come and have tea with the senior class in the afternoon. Boa said. Lucy hastily announced that she was going out for tea this afternoon. Boa looked amused at Lucy's guilty face, but Innes said seriously, "We should have asked you earlier.". You won't leave before the results are shown,inflatable floating water park, will you? ” "Unless you have to." "So would you like to have tea with the seniors next Sunday?"? ” "Thank you. If I were still here, I would be honored to attend." "I had a lesson in etiquette." Boa said. They stood on the gravel and looked up at her with smiles. This is what they looked like later in Lucy's mind. Stand in the sunshine, leisurely and comfortable, believe in the justice of the world, and rely on each other. No doubt or harm can come near. Take it for granted that the warm gravel road under your feet is the eternal earth,Inflatable water park on lake, not the desperate situation leading to destruction. They were awakened by the preparatory bell five minutes before dinner. As they left, Miss Luc came into the room. Lucy had never seen such a cold expression on her face. "I don't know why I came," she said. "If I had thought of it earlier, I wouldn't have taken part in this farce that even God couldn't save." Replied Lucy, and that was what she had been thinking. I don't suppose Miss Ho has said anything about changing her mind? ” "Not that I know of. I'm afraid that's not going to happen." Unfortunately, we didn't all go out to dinner. If Miss Hojo announces Miss Ruth's name alone at the staff table, they will at least believe that we are not involved in this poor performance. "I would leave now if I didn't have to check in before eleven o'clock, but I really don't have the courage." "Well, maybe we can make a little gesture to let them know that we don't agree with this." What she cares about is attending the lunch and acquiescing to the decision, inflatable air dancer ,inflatable floating water park, Lucy thought, while I just want to escape the unpleasant atmosphere like a child. Not for the first time, Lucy wished she had a more admirable personality. Wearing a cocoa-colored silk dress, Mrs. Leif reflected a metallic blue light in the light, making her look more like a tropical dragonfly than usual. Partly, of course, because the light from the headlamp eyes is like looking at an insect up close. Thin body and big eyes, at the same time with the edges and elegance. Madame seemed to have recovered from her momentary anger, with contempt for humanity, and to enjoy the situation maliciously. "I've never been to a show like this," she said. "I can't wait to watch today's performance." "You are a cruel man." Although Miss Luc said so, her tone was not emotional at all, as if she had been too depressed to care about anything. Didn't you try to make her change her mind? ” "Oh, yes, I fight her with the power of darkness.". Fight hard. It can be said that it is sincere and forceful, with both demonstration and lessons. Who is the mythological figure who is punished for pushing boulders up the mountain all his life? How amazing The charm of the myth still holds true. I doubt that a retribution-themed ballet will help. Like cleaning the stables and so on. Maybe with Bach's music, although from the point of view of choreography, Bach is not enlightening. Of course, if you really use his music, there will be a lot of people standing up and cursing. Please, can you stop? "Miss Luc said," We are about to acquiesce in an abominable act, and you are thinking of your choreography! ” My good Kailin, you are too serious. You should learn to accept the original appearance of life and clarify yourself when you can't change the facts. There is a Chinese saying: accept adversity. As you bitterly put it, we are about to acquiesce in an abominable act. That's right. But in the highest degree of human intelligence, we're just playing second fiddle to the whole thing. For example, you can see how little Innes reacts to this shock. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Was it a fatal shock to her, or did it provoke her into action, or did it cause her to react in pain in a way that she couldn't understand? ” You damn metaphors! You know you don't know what to say. 。 We're going to see people being brutalized. As far as I know,Inflatable outdoor park, philosophical theories, whether in China or elsewhere, do not encourage people to do this. "Atrocities?"? "Fu Ruo followed her mother." Who will be abused? ” "Inns." Said Miss Luc dryly. joyshineinflatables.com