Lock the door.

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"His tone of voice was so sure that my boyfriend and I were surprised.".

"His tone of voice was so sure that my boyfriend and I were surprised.". Her boyfriend immediately asked him not to joke, and Tang Shijing said coldly: 'You don't want to live, do you?' I thought.. I thought Tang Shijing wanted to hit someone. Although my boyfriend was a basketball player in his school days and was half a head taller than Tang Shijing, I found that Tang Shijing's eyes became very strange, as if.. Like he could kill my boyfriend with one finger.. Seeing this, I feel very uneasy. I immediately pulled my boyfriend away and asked him to go back to the hotel with me. But Tang Shijing did not keep up. When we got back to our room, we thought it was just an accidental conflict, but we didn't expect it. Just before I went to bed with my boyfriend that night, I found Tang Shijing standing on the roof of the opposite building outside the window! Jian Xiang, do you know? Our room was on the 7th floor! The building opposite is a Roman-style commercial rental building with a total of nine floors, while the roof.. The design of the roof is a steeple, Tang Shijing is wearing a black robe, standing on the steeple, where it is impossible to climb up! The ears of the sword are ringing. I was petrified because Tang Shijing was looking at me and smiling at me. Although the curtains were drawn, I couldn't sleep all night. I didn't tell my boyfriend about it, but I kept urging him to pack up and leave Venice the next morning. The next leg of our trip is Malta. It was supposed to be the trip I had been looking forward to for a long time, because I like Dashu very much. "The Maltese Eagle" by Hammett, but when I flew to the capital of Malta, Farah, I found that I had no intention of visiting at all, and I always felt that Tang Shijing was following us. On the third day, when visiting the ruins of the Tassian Temple, Tang Shijing appeared. This time her boyfriend couldn't help it. He beat Tang Shijing severely. Unexpectedly, Tang Shijing said that my boyfriend was finally cursed and that he would lose his life within 12 hours. The boyfriend scoffed and warned him to stop following us. Result Result My boyfriend took out his Swiss knife and cut his throat on the suburban road near the hotel that evening. Weaving plum seems to be sobbing because of recalling the terrible memory, "Tang Shijing.." Tang Shijing appeared again. He ignited the flames and burned my boyfriend's body in front of my eyes. I I can't stop him at all! Tang Shijing also said to me that he had lived for more than five hundred years, and anyone who stopped him would not have a good time. "At that time, I was so scared that I couldn't even run away.." I can't imagine why I had such courage at that time. I told Tang Shijing that I would like to be with him, and he was very happy to hear that and restored the warm smile I had when I first saw him. Over the next week, Tang Shijing and I lived in Warsaw and told me more about his past. He said that he had fallen in love with a marchioness when he was young and that he had been expelled from the country. So he made up his mind to learn black magic in order to get revenge and take back his lover. More than ten years later, Inflatable indoor park , he finally returned home to kill the Marquis, but did not expect the Marquise's memory of him has been blurred. He continued to prove his love to his wife, but because of the pain of losing her husband, she finally threw herself into the water. "Tang Shijing picked up his wife's body and accompanied her until the body was completely decomposed.". Believing in the theory of reincarnation of the soul, he once again made up his mind to study the more profound art of immortality and began his eternal pursuit. As I listened, I began to understand that I might be very similar in appearance to the marchioness, and that he had lived so long to find the marchioness named Patrice. My fear of him was somehow mixed with a little sympathy. hqszs Reply [85]: "But when I saw his collection of portraits of the Marquise one day, I realized that I didn't look like her at all.". I finally know completely-Tang Shijing has gone crazy! From the newspaper clippings he collected, I finally found that he seemed to be constantly killing young men in love. These men are all over the world, and like my boyfriend's death, they are extremely cruel and have no context to find, so they all end up as unsolved cases. I don't know what happened to the girls he targeted, but I thought my situation was equally dangerous, so I secretly thought about an escape plan, and one day when he left home, I would fly back to Taiwan alone. Jian Xiang hugged Zhi Mei tightly, hoping to stop her grief. You mean Tang Shijing came to Taiwan with him? Zhi Mei nodded. Ten days after returning to Taiwan, I met him at Hanshen Department Store. He threatened me to go back to Warsaw with him immediately, otherwise he would continue to curse my relatives and friends around me. I was so scared that I fainted. I think my memory was lost at this time. However, after threatening me, he did not continue to follow me. Although I have lost my memory, my fear of him is still deep in my subconscious. I was too scared to sleep, and as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw him standing on the steeple staring at me. I met Sizao and Yongyu one after another, but even though they loved me very much and gave me a full sense of security, I was still afraid. Moreover, they were really killed later, and I fully understood that Tang Shijing probably cursed somewhere and let all the men around me die. In this way, he can not need to follow me, he calculated that I will go to him. "Do you know where he is now?" "In Fengshan," said Zhi Mei, "he pretends to be a Mormon and is temporarily living in the church." "I went to him and asked him to break the spell." Jian Xiang looked at his watch. "After sunset,inflatable bounce house with slide, it will be too late." "You will be killed." "If we don't look for him, we'll be killed just the same." Zhi Mei took his hand. Jian Xiang, I'll go with you. 。 joyshineinflatables.com