Emperor tyrant

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"I'm afraid, I'm afraid even if we squeeze out our longevity yuan.".

"I'm afraid, I'm afraid even if we squeeze out our longevity yuan.". It's impossible to play so many days. Lao Zu couldn't help saying. This is an extremely difficult thing to go out of the sky, although they are all guilty, but if we say. Let them fight out all the days, which is impossible at all. Li Qiye looked at them lightly and said, "Don't worry, the sky is out. I can fight it out myself. I can do it alone!"! In this process, I need your help to help me stabilize a process. At this point, he paused and said, "Although you are guilty, no matter what kind of mentality you have, I will not treat you badly for those who work for me!"! As long as you do it well for me. I can give you a few kilns of longevity medicine or something! Hearing Li Qiye's words, all the ancestors could not help looking at each other. They could not help being moved. Although they would be sealed up in the future, in the distant future, they would be born one day after all. As long as they did not die, who would not want to live longer? Although the country of medicine is the most powerful inheritance of pharmacists in the world, if they can really refine such things as Qianshou medicine, there are only two people in their country of medicine, Baishou medicine emperor and matchless ancestor! They have taken a lot of things to prolong life, including a lot of longevity medicine, but they really haven't taken such things as longevity medicine! Although it is said that in the country of medicine, the longevity medicine emperor and the matchless ancestors can make alchemy, they no longer make alchemy. For them, alchemy is harmful to their blood, but their blood is thousands of times more precious than their ancestors. But Li Qiye is young, does not have this aspect to worry, moreover,inflatable water slide, he also has such strength! "Why don't you thank your excellency? He is already merciful." Even the emperor of longevity medicine can't help but be happy for his younger generation. This is a rare opportunity. Thank you adults- "at this time, you Lao Zu have no pride, even if they are Li Qiye sentenced to permanent dust-laden, at this time, they are still excited, still eager to try, this for them, is also a blessing in disguise!"! "Let's get started." Li Qiye said lightly. After a long period of time, the atmosphere of the whole stone medicine industry seems to have become depressed, many people do not know what happened,Inflatable water obstacle course, there is always a feeling of wind and rain, and even occasionally, there will be a "boom", the earth trembles gently. No one knows what's going on! No one knows what's going on. Ancient battlefield, this is definitely someone opened the battlefield of gods and demons! Finally, some of the legendary strongmen and immortal beings realized the reason. Even if the reason is understood, no one can say which inheritance opened the ancient battlefield, in the stone medicine world, there are several powerful inheritance with such a battlefield. What is more alarming is what kind of decisive battle is worth opening the ancient battlefield? For a while, there was a lot of speculation in the stone medicine industry. Of course, no one knows that Li Qiye has hit one after another during this period of time, hit one after another ultimate blow, he branded again and again, tried again and again, and finally, he succeeded in one attempt after another. And in this process, Li Qiye is also exhausted, and the ancestors of the medicine country are not much better, their longevity yuan loss is very serious, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable amusement park, fortunately, Li Qiye promised them to refine thousand longevity medicine, this for them, in the ancient battlefield efforts and pay everything is worth it. Eventually, Li Qiye they retreated from the ancient battlefield, although they were exhausted, but Li Qiye's harvest was very frightening. Outsiders don't know what kind of harvest Li Qiye has, but the ancestors of the medicine country know that after they know Li Qiye's means, it scares their souls to fly up, even if they are given ten thousand courage, they are not willing to make enemies with Li Qiye. After knowing the means of Li Qiye, they knew that they were enemies of Li Qiye, even if they were such ancestors, it was not enough to see, no matter how strong, they would be crushed by him! After Li Qiye came out, yuan Caihe, who had stayed in the country of medicine for a long time, was going back to Jingyuan. The next day, she said goodbye to Li Qiye. Brother, you must come to Jingyuan to see me. At the time of parting, the quiet yuan Caihe could not help but be reluctant to part. Li Qiye smiled and said, "I'm afraid it won't work this time.". I need to go to some places in person, and I will definitely go next time. Of course, you can also come to the imperial world. Finally, or to leave, at the time of parting, yuan Caihe gently kissed Li Qiye, and finally left. After seeing yuan Caihe off, Li Qiye called Mrs. Ziyan to her room and said to her seriously, "Ziyan, you have been with me for a long time. Are you going to go with me?" Li Qiye suddenly asked, so that Mrs. Ziyan was not psychologically prepared at all. She was stunned for a moment and said, "Where is the young master going?" "Well, I'll tell you when you've decided." Li Qiye said with a faint smile. Purple smoke lady took a deep breath, finally she solemnly said: "If the young master is willing to take me away, I would like to go with the young master." By this time, she had decided in her heart. This for others, this is simply an incredible thing, purple smoke lady is still young, is already a generation of emperor, but also the king of a country, she is such a person, in many people's eyes, it is high above the masses, promising. No matter where you look at it, being the king of a country is a thousand times better than being a groom. However, Mrs. Ziyan has not thought so, this period of time to stay around Li Qiye, she let see what is a miracle, what is supreme, what is incredible! For the purple smoke lady, even if she continues to stay in the giant bamboo country, the ultimate achievement is only a great virtue, her world is limited to the giant bamboo country, a little more remarkable, her world is the whole stone medicine world. However, follow the young master, but not the same, can see the eternal impossible things,Inflatable bouncer, her vision, is no longer confined to the stone medicine world, but the entire nine realms!. joyshineinflatables.com