The male God has ignited

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Never climb out of that place, never go back, go back to that dirty world.

Never climb out of that place, never go back, go back to that dirty world. She has mental strength, and she wants to be a superior person. - Chu Zheng got away and went around to a place where there were few people, looking at the crowd carelessly. Jing Lan arrived half an hour later, Yin Ershao led him in, and the line of sight around him was somewhat strange. However, we all know that Yin Ershao and Jing Lan have a good relationship. They can't say anything about who will be invited to their home court. Just for Jing Lan dare to attend such an occasion, expressed surprise. As soon as Yin Ershao left, someone came forward to look for Jing Lan's trouble. Jing Lan did not pay attention to each other, just took a glass of wine in his hand, did not drink, and so on that person finished singing, Jing Lan a glass of wine splashed in the past. Jing Lan! The man who was splashed with wine was furious. Do you still think you are the genius of the Jing family? You don't look at yourself now, you are a dog now, the sinner of the whole galaxy, I talk to you, I look up to you! Jing Lan's line of sight drooped slightly, and his handsome eyebrows were filled with impatience. Who do you think highly of? Clear voice suddenly inserted, Jing Lan wrist a hot, was pulled back two steps. Jing Lan looked up and saw the girl standing in front of her. The back is straight, like a tall and straight pine and bamboo, and the temperament is out of dust. The corset dress has an exquisite curve, the skirt is randomly winding on the ground, the skirt is inlaid with small sequins, and the light shines like the stars falling in the Milky Way. The man's voice was interrupted and he looked suspiciously at the girl standing beside Jing Lan. He didn't know the girl, but he saw a lot of big men talking to her just now, and it seemed a little big. Although the man is a little afraid,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, can not figure out the identity of the early Zheng, but so many people watching, he can not admit weakness. Otherwise, how can we get along in the future! The man held his head high: "You …" Who are you? "You don't need to know." I don't know you anyway. Who did you just call a dog? Can you scold the little thing?! Man What do you mean? Look down on him? He doesn't need to know! The man is enraged, sneer at: "Scold who who is clear, the thing that he does, dare not admit now?"? So many people died because of him, and now he dares to show up openly. If I were you, I would have died to apologize. "Then why don't you go to die?" Chu Zheng asked earnestly. The man choked and said angrily, "I didn't do that. Why should I go?" "Because you scolded him," said Chu Zheng confidently. “???” The man is angry extremely laugh instead: "I scold him how?"? All the people in the galaxy scolded him for doing such a thing! He deserves to be scolded! Chu Zheng's eyes sank slightly and his wrist moved slightly. A man came from the side, held the man down, pulled him to the back, and said to Chu Zheng, Vending Machine Motor ,gear reduction motor, "Miss Chu Zheng, I'm sorry that the people under me are not sensible enough to offend you." Attitude is called politeness. The men were stunned. Mr. Du, he.. Mr. Du stared at the man, the man's back was cold, the bottom of his heart began to beat drums, did not dare to speak. Chu Zheng dropped his finger and put it behind him. "He just scolded Jing Lan." Mr. Du frowned and glanced at Jing Lan behind Chu Zheng. Jing Lan thing, the whole galaxy people know, but on such an occasion, directly scold Jing Lan, indeed some impolite number. I just don't know how this one got involved with Jing Lan. And don't apologize. Mr. Du turned his head and scolded the man. You don't have to apologize. The man has not reacted to come over, the first Zheng out: "Scold all scold, what is the use of an apology." (End of this chapter) Chapter 1071 Star Guide (22). Chapter 1071 Star Guide (21). Mr. Du doesn't want to offend Chu Zheng. She has RN6 in her hand. Of course, this is not only the case, a person who can rely on financial resources to win RN6, can not offend nature is not good. What does Miss Chu Zheng mean? "All right." After all, I am a good person and easy to talk to. - On the lawn, a man in a suit and leather shoes, on all fours, his face flushed, crawled forward and shouted, 'I'm a dog'. Around the guests stopped to watch, not knowing why the discussion. Chu Zheng means that if you don't mess with me, everything will be fine. You mess with me? I'm sorry. Double is not enough. Not to mention that he provoked a good man card, it is impossible to let it go so easily. I didn't scold a good man card, so why should I be scolded by others! That's mine! Early Zheng for Jing Lan, soon spread, everyone looked at Jing Lan's eyes, more or less some changes. This upstart has amazing financial resources, many people have checked her background, the results are no clues, only know that she is very rich. The more you can't find it, the more people open their minds and dare not offend easily. If Jing Lan really catches her line, it's really hard to say how it will develop in the future. Can you release me? Jing Lan motioned to the wrist pulled by Chu Zheng. Instead of letting go of him, Chu Zheng slipped down and took his hand directly and clasped it. Jing Lan: "…" Chu Zheng looked at him: "Teacher, don't you thank me?" Jing Lan line of sight falls elsewhere, tone is not very good: "I do not need your help, also do not need your sympathy." He has his own pride. You don't need the sympathy of others. You think too much. Chu Zheng's tone is cold. Jing Lan's blue eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of her mouth asked sarcastically, "Don't you sympathize with me?" When he was in trouble, there were some people who would help him. But with a sympathetic purpose. After being rejected by him, he became angry from embarrassment and trampled on him by all means. Just like that man just now. "Why should I sympathize with you?" Asked Chu Zheng calmly. Jing Lan frowned lightly: "Then why did you help me?"? What is your purpose? Purpose? What purpose can I have. I'm fine! "Because you are mine." “……” Jing Lan was in a daze, and his eyes, which were as blue as the vast ocean, were scattered in focus. If this sentence for another person, for Jing Lan,Brushless Gear Motor, is probably a kind of humiliation, a kind of offense. However, he felt a little strange at this time. Sounds like a long time ago. Who said that.