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The roar came from the sea falling back and hitting the sea.

The roar came from the sea falling back and hitting the sea. Tang San, in midair, broke the blow of the Deep Sea Whale King without even shaking. At the same time, the blue and silver overlord gun in his right hand broke out in an instant, turning into a golden streamer and sinking into the sea. Episode 44 Million Year Soul Ring Chapter 305 God of a Line Difference, Million Year Soul Beast Seeing Tang San defuse the deep-sea whale king's usual attack so easily, whether it is Ma Hongjun over Tang San, or the Great White Shark and others on the edge of the distant whale sea, can not help but increase confidence. In fact, the reason why Tang San dares to come to challenge this strength is unknown, but it is very likely that he is not inferior to the deep-sea whale king of the peak Douro. His greatest reliance is not the Osumi Hammer, nor any skill or his own skill cohesion ability, but the light of Poseidon. Even if the strength of the deep-sea whale king is strong, it is also a member of the sea soul beast after all. The light of Poseidon is the ability of Poseidon to inherit that once controlled the ocean. With this alone, Tang San has a huge advantage in the face of the deep-sea whale king. The deep sea whale king's extremely strong control over the sea has become very limited. Try at this time, as Tang San expected, with the power of the sea to attack the Poseidon Inheritor, the attack effect of the Deep Sea Whale King was greatly reduced,Small Dc Gear Motor, which was calmly resolved by Tang San. Faint light flashes, Tang San's face reveals a strong energy fluctuation, the blue and silver overlord gun almost instantly disappeared into the sea, leaving only a golden point of light on the sea. In the face of the deep-sea magic whale king, although also under tremendous pressure, but one thing is to make Tang San rest assured a lot,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, the deep-sea magic whale king is, after all, a sea soul beast, known for its huge energy, its mental strength is not so strong, at least not stronger than Poseidon Douro Poseidon, and Tang San's mental strength now can be said to have stepped into the realm of God. Unless you encounter the spiritual power of a thousand feet of snow, you can gain the upper hand. With the help of the light of Poseidon, he clearly grasped the movement of the whale king in the deep sea and grasped the initiative of the battlefield in his own hands. Boom, countless golden spots of light rose from the sea, and the huge body also floated up to the sea. Its blue crystal-like body looked so terrible even in the absence of sunlight. A single eye looked coldly at Tang San in the air. On its broad back, a golden spot of light was gradually disappearing. Tang San's heart sank. Although he had a high estimate of the whale king in the deep sea, the strength of his opponent was beyond his calculation. The tentative attack of the Blue and Silver Overlord Gun did not have any effect, Micro Gear Motor ,brushless gear motor, or even forced the Deep Sea Whale King to launch another skill to resist, but withstood the attack of the Blue and Silver Overlord Gun with its tough skin. You know, the blue and silver overlord gun is a hundred thousand years of soul skill! Even if Tang San had faced such a strong defense against the Emperor of Ants, it would be impossible for him to get away with it if he was facing the Blue and Silver Overlord Gun. But at this time, the whale king of the deep sea is like nothing. It is such a huge body, if every place has such a strong defense, it is terrible, it is simply a huge fortress in the sea. No wonder Xiaobai would say that the deep-sea whale king is likely to be the absolute overlord of the sea. It was you. The deep voice seemed to come from the sea, and the strange sound waves came into the air. Tang San frowned, as if the blood in his body was trembling with the strange energy fluctuations. It's not a good feeling. You know me? For the deep sea magic whale king can speak this point, Tang San did not feel strange, even Xiaobai can, how can the deep sea magic whale king can not speak? Last time he didn't speak, he must have felt that he was not qualified to talk to him at all. How can I not know the person chosen by Poseidon. However, even if you are the choice of the sea God, you can not come to my waters to run wild, but also to attack me. Good. You're not leaving today, either. Just stay. I don't know if I can help me break through the last hurdle after devouring the inheritor of Poseidon. ” Tang San snorted coldly, "then I'd like to see whether you devoured me or I destroyed you." The whale king of the deep sea laughed. His laughter was so ugly that it was like the sound of a huge rock being smashed. Guy. Do you know what it means to overreach yourself? Last time I was fooled, it was not the real body of Poseidon at all, but it scared me off. Otherwise, do you think you can still challenge me here? There is no Poseidon in this world. I am the master of the sea. It seems that your soul power is about 96 levels, but your physical strength is good, close to the demigod level. Unfortunately, at most 40% of your body has been transformed into a god-level level. However, 99% of my body has entered the God level. Do you want to fight me with the trident that has no heart of Poseidon in your hand? Let me eat you, make up the last one percent, and become an unprecedented demon God. As he spoke, the huge body of the deep-sea whale king suddenly somersaulted violently in the sea, and his huge tail was thrown up in an instant, and he fanned Tang San in the air. A blue and purple ray of light shot out and swept out in the shape of a fan toward Tang San and Ma Hongjun. Where the huge energy passed, the air was torn hard, so that the blue-purple fan was surrounded by a layer of black lightning. This time, the deep-sea whale did not rely on the power of the sea, but used its body to launch a pure attack. After listening to the words of the whale king in the deep sea, Tang San suddenly understood something in his heart. To be able to cultivate such a huge body to the level of ninety-nine gods. The last step he said was to become a God. From the form of soul beast directly into God, even the master has never heard of this situation, it takes many years of cultivation for ah! No time to do more thinking, holding the trident of Poseidon in both hands, Tang San's eyes twinkled,Gear Reduction Motor, and another light of Poseidon shone on the trident. At the same time, the dignified khaki and active azure were injected into the trident at the same time, which changed the dark body of the halberd. ichgearmotor.com