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As soon as Qin Fang made a successful move, he no longer gave Cui Minhao any chance

As soon as Qin Fang made a successful move, he no longer gave Cui Minhao any chance, and his fists poured down like raindrops, covering Cui Mingjun's whole body in an instant. A series of crackling sounds, almost even Qin Fang's fists were covered up, it was the sound of bones being cracked, and obviously not as simple as one or two places. Time is still only a few seconds before and after, when Qin Fang's last punch went out, Cui Mingjun's body also flew up involuntarily, glided several meters in midair, and then fell heavily on the ground, making a dull sound at the same time, but also a crooked head, followed in the footsteps of his good friend Fu Junhao, directly fainted in the past.. , Chapter Contents Chapter 1306 Calm? "Manager Fu, go on." ……” After fixing this pair of friends, Qin Fang indifferently reached out his hand and motioned to General Manger Fu, as if he had just done a little exercise casually. The tournament begins. "Please welcome the first pair of players, the Fu family." Cui Jia. Seeing Qin Fang's calm expression, General Manager Fu's face was also very ugly, although he had long guessed that it would be such a result,Planetary Gear Motor, but when it really happened, his heart was quite suffocating. aoye Of course, Cui Mingjun's injury is not light, not to mention that he will continue to fight again, even if he can get up from the sick Chu chuáng in three months, that is how powerful he is. But the problem is that Fu Junhao is no better than Mo Mingjun, the skeleton of the whole body,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, meridians at least twenty or thirty places have been damaged, basically a few months is not to use force. In this way, both of them are useless, and it is estimated that the audience will have to wait for a few hours before the two players can climb together. A tournament? Don't be ridiculous! Any two kids can make them cry! However, although Qin Fang's shot is a little heavy, it is also equivalent to the Fu family and the Cui family each having 50 big boards. This pair of players can't expect to play again. So in this game, either the two families will compete in another way, or they will compete directly. But these, all have nothing to do with Qin Fang, after tidying up Fu Junhao and Cui Mingjun, Qin Fang walked slowly back to his judgment seat. Still plain and light, sitting at the end of the judges' bench, for those on the court, off the court and off the court. He didn't seem to care at all, even his expression didn't change, 12v High Torque Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, as if everything that had just happened had nothing to do with him. Qin Fang himself can behave like this, but others obviously can't really think that Qin Fang doesn't exist, at least the kind of sāo movement before doesn't exist at the moment. Originally many people clamored to severely teach Qin Fang a lesson, but now they are all honest, and even dare not speak out. Qin Fang is not the people of Bonzi country, these Bonzi naturally do not understand Qin Fang, but these Bonzi are very familiar with Fu Junhao of the Fu family and Cui Mingjun of the Cui family, two talented young masters. If we say that this time the game of swords, the most interesting contest, in fact, is the contest of these two talented disciples. Two people's strength is equal, and the fighting capacity is also equal, in the family status is almost the same, almost everything is evenly matched, such two people's war, is doomed to be a battle of dragons and tigers. Can …… , No one saw such a battle of dragons and tigers, because the two actually joined hands to challenge a judge who was younger than them. The result is that everyone is stunned by their high hopes, or even can be said to look up to the two young Junjie, in front of this young and unreasonable judgment, they are like children who have not been weaned, easily blown up by this one! Two young masters in the early stage of the master class, and each master of the secret art, but even Qin Fang's clothes did not touch, they ended up in such a tragic end, this is really not the general irony. But the fall of these two young geniuses also consolidated Qin Fang's position as a judge, and at this time no one dared to question it any more. Whether it's the spectators outside the stadium, or the Fu and Cui families, all of them are much more honest. The result is not bad. Cui Mingjun was carried down, but Cui Zhemin's face was not depressed or angry, but there was a little smile on his face. Compared with Cui Mingjun's single Qin Fang's fate, the present one is already very face-saving, even equal to secretly pulling the Cui family. It seems that our Xi family still owes him a lot. In the distance, Qin Fang sat there peacefully, with a face without an ancient well. O, but when Cui Zhemin's eyes looked over, Qin Fang responded indifferently. Two people get together is not very far, but also absolutely not very close, how to have more than 30 meters, but did not expect Qin Fang but as if already expected her reaction, actually in advance of the waiting here. Although two people are only a simple intersection of the eyes, but Cui Zhemin is helpless to the side of Cui Zhehan muttered a sentence. This guy is really a demon. Cui Zhehan is also deeply convinced that Qin Fang's strength has deeply shocked him, not to mention that Cui Mingjun can not be Qin Fang's opponent, even if he is a master of the mid-term master, against Qin Fang, I am afraid there is only one way to choose! "I'm afraid it's impossible for our Bonzi country to have such evil spirits. Maybe only the ancient Dragon country can have such evil spirits!" Although Bonzi's original idea makes them not so easy to bow, the fact is that they can't help but disagree with it. Bonzi's achievements in martial arts are far less than those of the ancient Dragon Kingdom. Outside comments,small geared motors, Qin Fang will not care, left Fu Junhao and Cui Mingjun is just a kind of relief when bored, he will not let in the heart.