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After grudgingly giving the teleporter two gold coins, as soon as he summoned his hand,

After grudgingly giving the teleporter two gold coins, as soon as he summoned his hand, the huge magic array around him stirred up a circle of golden "color" halo, which drowned me from head to foot. I felt as comfortable as bathing in the spring breeze. It was really worth it. Accompanied by the disappearing halo, I left the sunny city of Lei Di and was in a huge "cave". Like a boundless sky, the top of the dark rock hangs high in the sky. Tens of thousands of lighting stones, large and small, are inlaid in it, emitting a milky white light that reflects all around as if it were day. At your feet is the hard and cold granite ground, as flat as a knife, without a single gap; In the cold wind in the air, there is no fragrance of Lei Di City, but a little more cold and bleak. The whole Iron Crystal City is like a city built in a huge cave. The players around are obviously orcs and dwarves, it is estimated that they are looking at their own appearance indecent, broken pot broken, nothing to take into account the learning of mining, after all, few sisters are willing to guard that dark, dirty mine with gg, anyway, the image project is not important, or make more money more practical. I don't know where the alchemy association is here, but I still have to look for it. If the place is bigger, people will be a little confused. Well, I'd better pull a guard to ask. After wandering in the iron crystal city for a long time without finding a sense of direction, I pulled an NP guard in armor with a serious expression on his face and asked: "Hello, where is the alchemy association here?" "Oh, if you want to find the Alchemy Society, I'll take you there." The guard replied rather politely. That's really troublesome for you. Thank you very much. I quickly nodded and thanked him. Behind the NP guard, my eyes kept looking at everything around me: my God, the tall statue of the guardian in the center of the city was carved from a whole piece of white jade ore. How much would it cost if it was taken to the auction house; The pair of bright eyes on the cold and resolute face turned out to be a surprising black gem, which was a rare commodity. It was indeed a mining city, and all of them were precious resources. The buildings on both sides were directly hollowed out with rocks, and the style was smooth and concise; Many decorations in the city are the various and subtle statues, the gurgling spring water flowing in the jade bottle held by the goddess statue, the miners with vicissitudes of life are working hard, and the innocent children are laughing and playing with windmills.. If I had money and a house in the future, I would have to put a few of them at home. I thought to myself. Here we are, Hermit Player, and this is the Alchemy Society you are looking for. If there's nothing else I need, I'm going to patrol. The words of the NP guard dragged me from my infinite reverie to a tall building, with some strange patterns painted on the black walls, digital whiteboard price , dried animal skins hanging outside the open windows upstairs, and a row of dark red stairs leading to the room. There were many patterns, and it was a little mysterious. Thank you for pulling, you go well. I greeted him politely, watched him leave, went up the stairs, pushed open the heavy stone door, and walked into the Alchemy Association here. As soon as I entered the room, I tripped over an animal bone lying at my feet. As I glanced around, I saw all kinds of alchemy materials lying in a mess in the chaotic room. In the dark green liquid boiling crucible on the stone table, the pungent smell filled the whole room; A pearl the size of a goose egg was casually hung on the top of his head with a rattan net, and the overqualified one served as a light; on one side, in the cage made of black iron, all kinds of small animals tore and crawled in it, which was no better than in the neat alchemy room of Casciano. Young man, what are you doing here? Do you want to learn skills, or buy materials, or something else? An old man, dressed in rags, with disheveled hair, a wrinkled face covered with the color of soot, and a pair of purple and black eyes shining with dew, heard the noise and came down the winding stairs and asked me. Is this the alchemist here? Look at his dirty appearance. Why is he not a master at all? If he wasn't the only one here to answer, I really wouldn't think he was the master. I thought a little suspiciously in my heart, but there was no unworthy "color" on his face. Hehe, are you the alchemist here? I came here to buy some materials. I squeezed out a smile and stepped forward carefully to get out of the way of the debris on the ground. Oh, to buy materials? Ahem! I am the alchemist here, Dimo Yaladra. Come on, young man, what materials do you want? Dimoyarad coughed a few times, picked up the liquid in the crucible, shook it, added some black powder, put it back, looked up and said to me. I heard that you have red crystal ore here. Can I buy some? I looked at Dimo Yallard's skillful movements and knew that I had underestimated him, and I said sincerely. Do you want the red crystal ore? Hehe, who told you that I have it? It must be the boy of Cassiano. Only he knows that I have this thing here. But young man, it's no coincidence that you came here. The day before yesterday, when I was studying alchemy, all the alchemy was used up. There was no one left. Said Dimoyarad, shrugging his bony shoulders and looking at me. Ah, it's all used up. Then where is this thing? I need it urgently. "You have disappointed all my hopes," I asked eagerly. Alchemists in other places don't have this stuff, but I know a place that has a lot of it. Demoarad said with a light smile, looking frankly at my urgent expression. Where? Where is it? Master, don't keep me in suspense. Tell me quickly. Ignoring the strange smell of his clothes, which had not been washed for many days, and whether there was dirt on his hands, I rushed forward and grabbed him and said.