Collected works of Lao She

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"Children love to read novels," Mr. Tang came to the rescue again. "

"Children love to read novels," Mr. Tang came to the rescue again. "Dr. Wen has been abroad for many years. How can he notice these young literati who are rising later?" "Don't tell me," said Dr. Wen, straightening his neck. "I have also made a considerable study of the new literature; but there is no good work, no!" Shu Hua rubbed his hands on his knees more quickly, and his face turned a little red. Just as he was about to open his mouth to retort, the old man glared at him and did not say anything. Dr. Wen felt that two people had gone back and it was time to leave, although there were many things he wanted to ask Mr. Tang. Just as he was about to stand up, another one came in. Mr. Tang quickly introduced him: "My daughter Zhenhua, Dr. Wen." Zhenhua is smaller than Jianhua and bigger than Shuhua. He is not as tall as her brother, but he also wears glasses. The appearance is ordinary, the manner is very serene, a pair of feet is very good-looking. Dr. Wen was a little flustered by such a surge, but since he was a woman, he had to be polite. Mr. Tang first gave his daughter a hint this time: "Dr. Wen has come back from the United States, and his knowledge is very good." "Doesn't the third brother want to learn English?" She is very serious. Look at Shuhua. Shuhua is interested in literature and wants to learn more English after class in order to translate Shakespeare. However, Dr. Wen's contempt for the new literature made him feel as if he would rather sacrifice Shakespeare than ask Dr. Wen for advice. Dr. Wen did not want to teach English in vain at all, but since it was a lady's request, according to the American method, he had to volunteer: "That's very good!" "If Dr. Wen is not willing to give up," Mr. Tang saw that he did not attach importance to English, but there are American students willing to teach his children in vain,smartboards for business, the opportunity is not easy to miss, "you three all learn! "Well, Dr. Wen, have a simple meal here, and then formally worship the teacher another day!" Dr. Wen thought it was falling in the circle. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Dr. Wen (6) Small. Say 。 t。 Xt-Tian/Tang The food of the Tang family is very delicious, and Dr. Wen's appetite is quite amazing. The whole Tang family has become northerners, so the dishes are very rich and solid, and at the same time, in order not to forget their hometown,65 inch smart board, there are several dishes that maintain the flavor of the south. Mr. Tang can't eat much wine, but he always keeps one or two jars of good "Shaoxing" at home. The food was plentiful and palatable, and Dr. Wen ate it vigorously. I was a little grateful to Mr. Tang, so whenever Mr. Tang asked me not to drink some wine, I drank a lot. As the wine entered his stomach, his strength gradually diminished, and slowly he began to tell the truth. His pulse was all examined by Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang found out that the doctor's stomach was just a big appetite, and there was nothing else. On the contrary, he was more intimate with him. Mr. Tang thought that his talent was not recognized all his life, so whenever he saw a business card without an official title, he was reluctant to take it. But when he saw that the man who had no official title, although he had not yet obtained an official position, had a good qualification, he began to sympathize with him. Since they were all unrecognized talents, they should always sympathize with each other. Besides, interactive flat panel display ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, there was nothing to lose by making friends with such a well-qualified person who had not had good luck, and if a friend had changed his luck, Mr. Tang would have been somewhat better off. Mr. Tang himself was not qualified, so although he had a good hand and was able to do things, he could not jump up. Talented but not qualified, in his view, is like having wings and being tied up, empty and anxious and unable to fly. He's been around for so many years, and he has a lot of contacts and good social intercourse, but he hasn't done anything important on his own. Yes, he has never been idle, but he has nothing to do but work. His business card was indeed full of prints, and even he himself knew that the words were put together without the weight of a section chief or a county governor. He can't help printing those, and if he doesn't print them, it will be more obvious that life is like a blank check. When it was printed, he felt sad. So he likes a real business card with an official position very much. In order to correct this defect, he pays great attention to the education of his children. With his financial resources, he can send a son to study abroad. But he refused to cross the Rubicon like this. On the one hand, he refused to spend all the money to educate his children on one person, and on the other hand, he was afraid that if he spent too much money, he would not be able to earn it back. So he taught his three sons to go to college one after another. They were not very qualified, but they could earn money one after another. He felt that this method was fair and stable. Now, his eldest son has gone to work, and the matter can still go on. The second son also graduated from university, and soon of course he was able to earn two yuan. The third son is still in middle school and has the hope of entering university in the future. My daughter graduated from normal school and is now a primary school teacher. Looking at his children, he was not very satisfied, but he felt that they were less than the top and more than the bottom. It was reasonable to say that they could all have a qualification, and their future prospects were at least much better than his own. In his life, he often thought that he was only busy for others, and that he had no intelligence and talent, but could not sing the real work. This is half a complaint, half is also masturbation, although I have not been able to smooth sailing up, in the end the sons have a degree, can go to do something seriously, it is not easy. His relationship with Committee Member Jiao, just like his relationship with other important people, can only help, but not on the stage. Everyone knows that he is the boss, and everyone wants to give him something to do, and when it comes to the appointment of posts, he always "calculates the bottom line". Whoever wants to set up any association, organize any party and hold any election is all his preparation. When the work has been done, the director of preparation or the official staff of other projects will fall on others. The job is still done by him, and the position belongs to others. His name card is always a member of the preparatory committee, or a clerk; "director", "section chief", "section chief", or even "accountant" are not in his hands,smartboards in classrooms, although he handles a lot of money, his greatest reward is that he is not idle, and sometimes he can leave a few private money without going wrong.