Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince

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Its disadvantage is that the range is closer than the bow and arrow,

Its disadvantage is that the range is closer than the bow and arrow, but although the accuracy is poor, it is stronger than the projectile arrow. The most important thing is that Yang Ling told them to test the gunpowder ratio constantly, and has trial-produced better gunpowder. Saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal powder are configured according to the ratio of about 7.5: 1.5: 1, and its explosive effect is the best. In this way, the explosive momentum is strong, and the smoke and dirt produced are less. About 60 to 80 rounds of ammunition are fired continuously without wiping the barrel, and a good archer is unable to fire 20 sharp arrows in a row. Therefore, as long as the two armies are close, with the protection and cooperation of other arms, the three-row rotation of the musket team will be an irresistible nightmare. However, the problem of holding the air of this rear-loading musket has not been solved, the stability is poor, and sometimes it will emit a deflated stink. Yang Ling made a prompt decision and immediately ran to study the rifling. The blue eyes that had been studied had turned into red eyes, and the hair stood up one by one. He completely forgot how old God was. Fire Man Yasan also pulled into the development team of paper shell bullets and breech-loading guns. He told him to go all out to develop the breech-loading paper shell bullets first. As for the rifling gun, it must be studied, but he was not in a hurry. I want to come in Yangling. It is unrealistic to force the development of more advanced firearms before the corresponding scientific and technological productivity has been achieved, such as steel refining, machine tools, precision instruments and other supporting types of work. Since we are not omnipotent engineers, we should put it aside for the time being. This technology can still continue to be studied, and it is believed that it will also promote the development of other types of work, but it should not be the main research direction. When Yang Ling was a child, he saw a young man who lived in a military compound come out to show off with a sharp military thorn with a blood trough. Yang Ling had a lot of ideas and took a set of "Deification of the Gods" comic books. A flicker, the little fat man's army thorn in the hand, but only played for two days. He was taken back by the fat battalion commander, the father of the little fat man. Now seeing the initial formation of the musket, Yang Ling thought of the beautiful shape, can bleed to kill the military bayonet,silk ficus tree, had proposed to add a bayonet, but after all, the musket is more clumsy than the pike and saber, in the modern world both sides with muskets in the case of a few simple pick, dial, stab action can kill. In the face of the enemy who was dominated by cold weapons at that time, it was sheer nonsense to add military bayonets to muskets. Yang Yiqing just made a few simple demonstration actions with a knife, and Yang Ling gave up the idea. It was decided that each musket should be equipped with a waist knife, and that cavalry and guards should be equipped for joint operations. Yang Ling walked to the heavily guarded research and development courtyard, standing in the warm sunshine, looking at the village at the foot of the mountain, with a little regret in his heart, but it was a pity that Yasan did not understand artillery. Apart from knowing that the structure of artillery shells is similar to that of modern bullets, he knows nothing about the principle of artillery. Otherwise, now that he has more powerful gunpowder, artificial coconut palm trees ,large artificial blossom trees, if he makes more lethal artillery, he will be invincible on the battlefield. He took a breath and thought to himself, "The fire listener Yasan said that their country has developed a breech-loading gun. If we can get one to study, we will get some inspiration.". With the skillful hands of these craftsmen, we can certainly make more powerful firearms. Unfortunately, it's a long way to go, and we haven't heard of any Franc gunboats coming to China to harass us. "Artillery.." Yang Ling suddenly remembered the small steel cannons with three brackets used by the Japanese in the anti-Japanese films, and also thought of grenades, which should be easy to make and carry, but much more powerful than ordinary muskets. In Jimingyi, he had seen equipment similar to modern grenades, but the shape was too big to be thrown from top to bottom, and the explosive power of gunpowder was insufficient to use iron shells. Now there is a powerful gunpowder, if the manufacture of tortoiseshell easy to crack melon grenades, although the use of individual soldiers siege village is difficult, but the field battle, the huge lethality can certainly resist the strong Mongolian cavalry, and the huge sound of the explosion can frighten the Mongolian horses that have not been influenced by modern artillery fire, as long as they are in a mess, The advantage of cavalry will be gone. When Yang Ling thought of this, he excitedly wanted to turn around and go back to tell them his idea, but as soon as he took a few steps, he felt that they had tried their best to develop the paper shell bullets, so he might as well give them a new goal when they had the results. Yang Ling stopped and walked a few steps along the gable wall with his hands on his back. Suddenly, he saw Wu Jie's door open in the distance. A Qingpao scholar flashed out. He turned around and said a few words to Wu Jie, who had followed him out of the door. Then he arched his hand and walked to the yuanmen Gate. Yang Ling recognized that the man was Cheng Qiyun dressed in men's clothes, and could not help but move in his heart. What did Cheng Qiyun come up the mountain to do? Yang Ling at the foot to speed up a few steps, from the side of the disease to catch up, can can walk to the door, is blocked into Qiyun. When Cheng Qiyun saw Yang Ling, there was a slight trace of surprise on her face. She hesitated for a moment before she stepped forward and said with a dry smile, "I've seen an adult in a humble position." Yang Ling's eyes froze and he said, "You.." Why did you come up the mountain? The snowy mountain road is not easy to walk, and the army is full of men. 。 Cheng Qiyun's flustered look had disappeared. She calmed down and said with a gentle smile, "I'm bored in the mansion. I saw that the sun was very warm today, so I went up the mountain for a walk.". As the head of the second stall in the factory, you can't know nothing about your own yamen, can you? Hehe, hehe.. 。 Yang Ling smiled and said, "This is my negligence. Where have you been?"? Didn't the big stall accompany you to walk around? Do you want this officer to accompany you to look around? Cheng Qiyun was somewhat flattered, but as soon as she looked up at Yang Ling with some cautious eyes, she thought of something, and she could not help feeling a little annoyed between her eyebrows. She bit her lip. When the cherry lips closed, two rows of neat white jade teeth were exposed. Suddenly he said in a coquettish voice, "Thank you, your excellency. I'm just wandering around. Aren't you going to put grain outside the city?"? The journey is slow. I'll go back to the mansion and wait for you first. Cheng Qiyun said to him Yan ran a stroke, the water color provoked pity, light makeup Xiu Yan, in the sun this smile dazzled two eyes,silk cherry blossom tree, was a long-lost charm. Yang Ling made a mistake in his kung fu. Cheng Qiyun raised her eyebrows, glanced at him quickly, and went down the hill.