The young lady of the general's family is neither the wife nor the pet. Even if she is the daughter of the palace,

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In the long crowd below, a few people suddenly raised their arms and shouted: "Execute this rebellious dog

After Shen Jin packed up and walked out slowly, Chu Xiuming reached out and carried Shen Jin back to bed. Then he took off his coat and shoes and went to bed. Shen Jin rolled directly into Chu Xiuming's arms. Chu Xiuming held his little wife in one hand and helped her press her waist in the other. Shen Jin exhaled comfortably and asked, "By the way, what are you going to do about that child?" "Xue Qiao's disposal is as you say." Chu Xiuming opened his mouth and said, "that child." Chu Xiuming told Shen Jin what he had said to Chu Xiuyuan that day. Shen Jin nodded and suddenly asked, "What if that mountain range is really what you suspect?" "Change the child back first." Chu Xiuming lowered his eyes slightly and said. Shen Jin bit his lip and asked, "are you going out again?" "Yes." If it was really the place where the prince of England hid soldiers or things, then Chu Xiuming could not leave it alone. Shen Jin answered, at this time she did not know, she is hoping that the mountain is true or false, if it is true, although it can be exchanged for the child, but also to remove the suspicion of Emperor Cheng, but Chu Xiuming must go to risk, want to hide from the prince of England means that Chu Xiuming can not take too many people. But no matter what is hidden in that place, the prince of England has wasted so much effort, presumably there will be a lot of military forces there. But if it's fake. Then the situation facing the border town is also dangerous. The safety of the whole border town and the safety of Chu Xiuming, facing them is a matter of choice. Shen Jin knew, so there was some struggle and discomfort in his heart, and Chu Xiuming also understood, so he soothed, "I will be careful." This time Chu Xiuming did not guarantee that he would be all right, because no one can guarantee the current situation, Shen Jin answered, suddenly asked, "by the way, where is Dongdong's name?" For his son Dongdong's name, Chu Xiuming also thought for a long time, "Dongdong they are the morning generation, I chose a Hui word for him." Then he grabbed Shen Jin's hand and wrote down the two words on her palm, "Chu Chenhui, do you like it?" "Morning Light." Shen Jin read these two words and said with a smile, "I like it." "Just like it." Chu Xiuming saw that Shen Jin was satisfied and was happy in his heart. Shen Jin put his arm around Chu Xiuming's waist and said,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, "You still have to teach Dongdong to write, read and practice martial arts." "Yes." Chu Xiuming understood the meaning of Shen Jin's words, "I will be careful, if the spies have checked, there is really something strange, I will directly take people to set out, the border town to Xiuyuan, and the court, the prince of England to deal with things, to you." Shen Jin should come down, "I know, you are sure to set out a few days later, I will send a letter with Emperor Cheng and Prince Ying." Chu Xiuming answered, hesitated for a moment and said, "If you need to come forward, let Zhao steward go." After all, it is necessary to exchange children, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, if Chu Xiuming is there, it is more appropriate for Chu Xiuming to deal with the prince of England, but if Chu Xiuming is not there, there must be someone who can replace Chu Xiuming, in addition to the most suitable person is Chu Xiu yuan and Shen Jin, but Chu Xiu yuan is the grandson of the prince, although he looks more like the Chu family, he inevitably has some similarities with the prince. That pair of eyes is more like the Shen family, naturally can not let Chu Xiuyuan and the British prince's people meet. And Shen Jin? Chu Xiuming believed that even if he met the son of the Prince of England, Shen Jin could not suffer losses, but in the final analysis, Chu Xiuming was unwilling to let Shen Jin take risks. Let Zhao steward go is also possible, if the prince of England is sent by the people around, Zhao steward can really deal with, but if the son of the prince of England, then afraid of Zhao is not enough. Shen Jin is also clear, and the British prince side, is to escape delay time, he must determine whether Chu Xiuming really know or false know, but also to find ways to transfer. But the border town side, but to seize the time, in Chu Xiuming with people to start before the child to the hands, if they also want to delay time, then let Zhao steward come forward and those people play Tai Chi is appropriate. So the best candidate is Shen Jin. Shen Jin naturally understood and said, "I'll do it." It's too dangerous. "Chu Xiuming also has scruples," I'm afraid the prince won't choose a place too close to the border town, the most afraid is that he led troops in the past, and the border town side of the people, I took part of it, but also left most of the guard frontier, but also not to attract the attention of Emperor Cheng, can only take one thousand people at most. We have all the scruples, but the prince of England has none. Shen Jin understood that Chu Xiuming was afraid that the prince of England would send troops to ambush directly, and that his temperament would not care about the life and death of a son. Husband, you say. Will the Prince of England cooperate directly with Emperor Cheng? Shen Jin asked hesitantly, "after all, how to look at it, the husband is more difficult to deal with." Chapter 093 Chapter 93 When Shen Jin finished, Chu Xiuming was silent, in fact, he also thought about this, as long as Emperor Cheng felt that his threat was greater than that of the Prince of England, then cooperation was not impossible. And Cheng Di is so nervous about Rui Wang, which also has his relationship, after all, Rui Wang is also the blood of the first emperor, Cheng Di did not know that they have the prince's grandson, so in the heart of Cheng Di, if Chu Xiuming pushed Rui Wang up is also a matter of course, after all, Rui Wang is also his father-in-law, but also very easy to control. So at that time, Chu Xiuming advised King Rui to follow him to the border town,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, which was also a big risk. Not only that, if Emperor Cheng felt that Chu Xiuming was in danger, he was afraid to appease Chu Xiuming with a gentle attitude while disposing of King Rui by means of thunder.