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In the long crowd below, a few people suddenly raised their arms and shouted: "Execute this rebellious dog

"Don't say that, Xu Qing!" "You'll be all right!" She sobbed! With me here, I won't let anything happen to you! He shook his head with a light smile and took a deep breath. Although he was no longer vomiting blood, his face became unusually pale. Don't bother with me any more! "Brocade," he whispered, wiping her tears, "I know it's my destiny!" He sighed, his eyes sank, but his eyes became quiet and remote, "a fate that can not be changed, have I ever told you that someone has predicted my life?" She raised her tearful eyes and stared at him. When I was an actor, an old prostitute once came to me. He once persuaded me that instead of working hard in the troupe, I should go back to the brothel with him. With my beauty, he could let me only pick up some first-class guests, so that I wouldn't be so tired. He lowered his eyelids. "At that time, I firmly refused him. I told him that I did not want to be a prostitute. But he did not get angry. He just looked at my face quietly and read me a poem." He raised his eyes and gazed at her: "Only in dreams can we have our way." He read softly: "Those who miss me are also full of missing. From now on, our dreams can't meet every night. Is it only on the way to the next life that we can meet again?" "She was stunned by the trembling in her heart." This poem was written by a famous prostitute a long time ago. The meaning of the poem is that a beautiful person like me is doomed to be unable to have his own destiny! He said, stroking her face, "Even if there is someone you like and miss in your heart, you can't be with that person. Only in your dreams can you meet that person.". Jin Sa, his prediction has succeeded! She heard a tremor, and suddenly she felt a burning anger in her chest, which made her recover from the sadness and shock. Nonsense She couldn't help shouting, "Nonsense!"! What kind of bullshit poem is this! What the hell is that man?! She hugged him: "Listen, Xu Qing, don't believe it!"! Don't believe it! My destiny is in the hands of God,cosmetic packaging wholesale, but in our hands! She took a deep breath, still excited, "Let me tell you, I am a person who has died once, I have also been, just a wisp of wandering soul, with the help of Li Sichao's body, to be reborn!" She said, seeing a trace of surprise and relief passing through his eyes: "After rebirth,glass cream jars, I knew that I would not be stupid again!"! Won't give in again! Destiny? What the hell is that? I won't believe it! I only believe in myself! She picked up his face again and said firmly, "Or God's arrangement, let us meet, I am not Li Sichan!"! Not the Li Sichan who once yielded to fate! And you, "she stared at the enchanting purple flower on his cheek," if you hadn't met me, or if you had met me, as the old man said, then your life would have been different, and you would have thrown away all those prophecies! Forget! This robbery, let us face it together, I believe that anything, anything, there will be a solution and restraint, believe me, I will certainly remove this love cup from you! He watched her, listening to her words, and gradually, 30ml dropper bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, his eyes shone, affectionate and moving. Suddenly, he pressed his pale face tightly against her chest, whispered her name, and listened to her heartbeat. She closed her eyes and felt his breath and his touch. Do you know She whispered, "It has been said that the greatest enemy of darkness is called love!" She stroked his long black hair, "Qing, let's work together, OK?"? As long as we work together, we will get out of this tragedy! He shivered gently in her arms, then nodded gently. 46: From the wounded soldier area to the barracks, along the way, she told her Leng Haotian in detail. Only then did she slowly get to know the man who claimed to be the leader of the Black Devil. Kui Qing said that under the cliff was a place called Love Flower Valley, where Leng Haotian lived, and originally, Leng Haotian had a wife, but Yes, but after meeting him, he drove his wife out of the valley and forced him to stay! At this moment, there was a trace of hatred in her eyes. "Poor woman!" She sighed. Of course, she also heard a straight frown, love is not wrong, wrong is that it can be so merciless to hurt others, it is unjustifiable. Forgive me! Leng Haotian! She could not help but clench the fist in her hand, one day, I will find you, strip your skin, pull your sinews! She thought so, but she didn't expect that the day would come so soon! When we arrived at the barracks, night had fallen. There were indeed a lot of people dressed up like the heroes in those martial arts dramas, including monks, Taoist priests, and chivalrous women, so she had a feeling that it was so like Huashan Lunjian? Shangguan Minghao in the middle of those, I do not know what to say, see her coming, came over, took a look at her side of the masked general, fundus, faintly across a trace of surprise and pain. But she did not notice, just craned her neck and looked at the heroes curiously and surprised, and Shangguan Minghao pulled her over. Ladies and gentlemen, "said Shangguan Minghao in a loud voice," I would like to introduce you to Miss Long, another strategist of the Nanlie Army! Every man is responsible for the so-called rise and fall of the country, and it is she who brought everyone together! Hearing this, they all looked back at her, and suddenly, dozens of pairs of eyes were focused on her. She could not help shrinking, laughing, waving to those people, but just came to her senses, what did Shangguan Minghao say just now? Army-Division? -Her? She stared doubtfully at Shangguan Minghao, who just glanced at her and whispered in her ear: "I let General Ye make you a strategist!" Her eyes widened in amazement, her mouth pouted, her lips opened,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, her teeth bared, and her expression was funny! Shangguan Minghao had to stare at her, with a thick smile at the corners of his eyes and mouth.