glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate

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Saw palm for saw blade brown (Serenoarepens) is also called blue brown, sabah brown, one of the southeastern

Saw palm for saw blade brown (Serenoarepens) is also called blue brown, sabah brown, one of the southeastern United States common palmae precious medicinal plants. Life can reach 500-700 years, its resistance is strong, resistant to fire, can be long-term drought, waterlogging, barren soil. Its distribution from south Carolina to southern Mississippi and Louisiana, Florida and the gulf akba boswellic acid of Mexico to the tropical and subtropical coastal sandy soil plain.
Saw palm fruit extract is a major health care function of South Korea's sales food raw material formula, one of the main active brands include CJ and herbalife, moreover this product in North America and Europe is the main sales market. Regulate ginkgo biloba extract plant-based proportion ginkgo flavonoid with plant industry as a "living fossil", live for carnosic acid price 270 million years history. It leaves and fruit can be used as a medicine, and the application has a long history. Ginkgo biloba for the Mesozoic survial of rare tree species, is also the Chinese specialties.
From the point of plant extracts industry, ginkgo biloba extract is one of the extracts industry mainstream varieties of raw materials, mainly used in the direction of the including brain health, anti-oxidation, visual fatigue, etc. In recent years, ginkgo biloba extract has always been one of China top 10 extract export raw materials, the overseas market demand is stable as a whole. Flavonoids portion of the adjustment of ginkgo biloba extract main ingredients are flavonoids, terpene lactones, gingko acid and other ingredients, the flavonoids as glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate high as 20 kinds, among them with quercetin, kaempferia galanga phenol and rat Li Su content more. In the past, because the proportion of quercetin and mountain Nai phenol standard is not clear, so there are a lot of enterprises in the production and marketing the raw material of the corresponding challenges.
Will saw palm oil into a powder product, for the preparation and use. Mature fruit of saw palm fruit is saw palm, belong to the palm shrub plants, usually grows in the north and South America region climate is hot, the mature dry fruit can be medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) system, saw palm fruit associated with urinary system, mainly containing active ingredient phytosterols.
Previously, allowing products containing palm saw fruit extract can claim anticoagulants. Today saw the palm fruit extract request more detailed. Composition of saw palm fruit extract specific changes, including 1) the content of fatty tannic acid astringent acids and phytosterol 2) standard. Further clear, saw palm fruit extract should contain 80% or more of the fatty acids, and combination of phytosterol content should include 0.2% of sterol and 0.1% or more of the beta sitosterol.