Sou Shen Ji

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In the long crowd below, a few people suddenly raised their arms and shouted: "Execute this rebellious dog

In the long crowd below, a few people suddenly raised their arms and shouted: "Execute this rebellious dog thief Ling Chi!" Voices scattered in response, more and more, after a moment, forty thousand people shouted in unison: "Ji yuan Xuan Ling Chi will be executed!" The sound shook heaven and earth and echoed around. Ji yuanxuan said proudly, "Ji yuanxuan is open and aboveboard. He has a clear conscience and a clear conscience of heaven and earth.". If you really want Ji yuanxuan to die in exchange for the unity and stability of the whole clan, what's the harm in Ji yuanxuan's death? But Ji yuanxuan must not die now! Ji yuanxuan is not afraid of death. What Ji yuanxuan is afraid of is that your majesty's unjust blood hatred cannot be revealed to the world. What he is afraid of is that the villains will get the way and the whole family will perish! His Qi Yun Dantian, the sound of throwing the ground, overwhelmed the waves of the tide, clearly spread to everyone's ears. The white camel suddenly clapped the yellow steel stone fence and said in a harsh voice, "The shameless traitor, with his clever words, confuses the public!"! Ishizaburo! Tell the truth about what you have seen along the way! With a "plop", Shi Sanlang knelt on his knees and kowtowed like garlic. He said in a trembling voice, "Elders, although Shi Sanlang is Ji yuanxuan's attendant, he has been witnessing his perverse and despicable behavior all the time. I look down on him and dare not be in cahoots with him.." They were shocked. Ji yuanxuan's attendants were surprised and angry. "Traitor!" They snapped! You What are you talking about? Tuo Ba Ye and Chi You were also taken aback. Tuo Ba Ye suddenly thought,oil dropper bottle, "Yes!"! If there is no thief around Ji yuanxuan, how can White Camel and Ji Xiulan know the route of the Yellow Emperor? How could Ji yuanxuan be blocked one after another along the way? The white camel set up an ambush in the city of Yangxu, mostly because he tipped him off. Chiyou hated the thief most. His eyebrows stood on end and his murderous look appeared. He couldn't help but want to cut off Shi Sanlang with a knife. But think of this, instead of falling into reality, said to kill people to silence, the moment forced to hold back, "Bah" to a,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, hate Shi Sanlang a mouthful. Shi Sanlang was hit in the back by his spittle, and the pain went to the bone marrow. With a sudden shake, he could hardly speak. Ji yuanxuan's eyes flashed a look of surprise and regret, and immediately became calm and calm. He just stared coldly at Ishisaburo. Ishisaburo said in a trembling voice.. A month ago, Ji yuanxuan told us that His Majesty wanted to make the eldest son crown prince, and he had to take action. That day your majesty to Ji yuanxuan mansion, Ji yuanxuan let people under a very strong poison, will your majesty, coerce your majesty made him crown prince. Your Majesty is so bitter that he won't agree to die. Every time he said a word, Ji yuanxuan's attendants would say, "Pooh!" They shouted angrily, "The dog thief sprays people with blood!" The white camel and others sneered. "Ji yuanxuan was at his wits' end, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Blue Bottle Serum," said Shi Sanlang, "and he was afraid that his crime would be exposed, so he kidnapped Your Majesty and took us to Leize City of the Mu Clan overnight. Ji yuanxuan said that the thunder God of the city of Lei Ze was his support party. As long as he protected him and ordered his majesty, he could slowly control the situation of the Tu people. Unexpectedly.. Unexpectedly, the old thunder thief's theft of the Holy Grail of the Fire Clan was exposed. When pressed by the Fire Clan, he became angry from embarrassment and fought with the Wood God, the Fire Immortal and others. As a result, he was defeated and fled. When Ji yuanxuan saw that the old thunder thief was gone, he panicked and took us everywhere to flee. When he got to Qinshan, Your Majesty woke up and cursed Ji yuanxuan for acting recklessly. Ji yuanxuan became angry from embarrassment and cut Your Majesty into more than a dozen pieces with this Jun Tian Jian! The elders were in an uproar and scolded one after another. Shi Sanlang wiped the sweat from his forehead and glanced fearfully at Ji yuanxuan. "After Ji yuanxuan killed Your Majesty," he said, trembling, "he was so flustered that he didn't know what to do. Suddenly, he thought of a way to let Shi Qilang drive the Hui people to gather the rebels who had usually made friends with him everywhere, so that they could cooperate with the uprising and usurp power together. After the arrangements were made, Ji yuanxuan led us to Lingshan again, deliberately pretending to show that he wanted to save Your Majesty. Then he spread rumors everywhere that the eldest son and the white elder had ordered his majesty to be killed. The white camel sneered, "Sure enough, it's a thief crying" stop thief "with sinister intentions." Ji Xiulan stared coldly at Ji yuanxuan, his eyes cold. "I can't bear to look at it any longer," said Shi Sanlang. "I've decided to tell the world about the evil thief's plot even if I die. Ji yuanxuan suddenly said indifferently, "Excuse me, you have been by my side all the time. How did you tell the world about my plot?"? Is it with this'Acacia Rhinoceros Horn '? His right hand was raised high, and a foot-long pale yellow rhinoceros horn hung from his fingertips. Shi Sanlang was startled. He suddenly touched his sleeve and lost his voice: "How.." How did it get into your hands? "Elder Bai," said Ji yuanxuan in a loud voice, "this'Acacia Rhinoceros Horn 'was a treasure you collected at the foot of the Kunlun Mountains three years ago. How did it get into Shi Sanlang's hands? Could it be that this rhinoceros horn has wings and can fly itself into the hands of Ishisaburo and let him tip you off? Shi Sanlang's face changed greatly and sweat poured down. "Yes, little thief," said the white camel with a sneer. "I saw your ambition and gave it to Shi Sanlang long ago. I told him to tell the Council when you had a change. At first, he remembered your old love, but he didn't dare to destroy his family for the sake of justice. But later, he couldn't bear it any more, so he used this rhinoceros horn to tell you all about your shameless retrograde. Ji yuanxuan smiled and said, Really? So you gave it to him long ago. The white camel sneered, "Do you still want to bite back?"? Ishizaburo, what else? Take advantage of the presence of the elders and saints today, and speak out all at once! Ishisaburo said in a trembling voice, "Then.." Then Ji yuanxuan proved that the rebels and rebels rushed to Asahi Mountain and dug up all the holy land on the mountain, completely cutting off Your Majesty's way of life. He He also colluded with the rebels of the Fire Clan, the rebels of the Dragon Clan and the rest of Mirage City. He wanted to gather the rebels and fight all the way into Yangxu City. He killed all the elders and the eldest son and usurped power. "Ji yuanxuan!" The white camel snapped! What do you have to say now? Tens of thousands of soldiers shouted loudly and roared in the ears of the crowd. Ji yuanxuan smiled and looked slowly at the boiling and furious crowd, his eyes reflecting the flaming fire,Glass Cosmestic Containers, angry and sad. Tuo Ba Ye said to Chi You, "As soon as there is anything unusual, I will do it immediately and rescue Mr. Ji from here first." Chiyou nodded.