Wolongsheng is nameless

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Taikang Mountain, along the mountain path, goes deep into the mountain, with evergreen pines and cypresses

But the beautiful middle-aged woman was very indifferent. Although she did not interfere with Lei Mingyuan and did not let him mind his own business, whenever Lei Mingyuan turned to look at Du Tian'e, she immediately pulled down her willow eyebrows. It was obvious that she did not want her husband to be involved in this dispute. The strangest thing was the tall man with a ruddy complexion, who, together with the thin man, was known as both Yin and Yang, and had never left each other, but now he was sitting quietly by the side, saying nothing. After Du Tian'e had looked around at the situation in the room, he was already somewhat confident. He thought to himself, "It seems that the two eminent monks, Tiemu and Fanmu, disdain to meddle in this matter.". Qingcheng Shuangjian also assumed a posture of doing nothing. Lei Mingyuan may want to be in charge, but his wife, it seems, does not want him to be in charge. He is famous for being henpecked. His wife does not agree, and probably does not dare to disobey. Although Yin and Yang are famous for a time, Shangguan Qi and yuan Xiao can join hands to deal with one, and the remaining one will be dealt with by me, and there will be no difficulty. After weighing the situation between the enemy and ourselves, he gave a sneer and said, "I'm afraid not. I don't know which one of us can't survive right now." The man with a thin body is Yin Shou Yan Gang. In addition to practicing the feminine and masculine techniques of conquering the enemy with Yangquan Pu Dong, this man also relied on the prestige and backing of Chenzhou Yanjiamen. He was usually more insolent in Jianghu than his companion Yangquan Pu Dong. How could he endure Du Tian'e's sarcastic words? Then he left his seat and strode straight over. When Shangguan Qi saw Du Tian'e fighting for yuan Xiao, he did not hesitate to clash with others. He felt very sorry. He stood up first and went up to meet him,Portable gold trommel, blocking the way of Yin Shou Yan Gang. Yan Gang gave a sneer and shouted, "If you want to die, why don't you get out of my way?" Reach out and clap your hands. Shangguan Qi did not dodge, his right hand turned over, food, middle two fingers a pride, disease to the words just clapped out the right arm pulse door above the brush. Yin hand Yan Gang, seems to be unexpected Shangguanqi a shot is excellent cut pulse technique, the heart was taken aback,portable gold wash plant, shocked back three steps. Although Du Da'e could see that Shangguan Qi Yinghua must have been a disciple of a famous teacher, he did not expect that at his young age, he would have the superior technique of brushing the acupoint and cutting the pulse. You should know that this technique of brushing the acupoints and cutting the pulse is not comparable to the general method of pressing the acupoints. It is not only necessary to master its wonderful changes, but also to have superior internal skills as a supplement, so as to hurt people's acupoints and veins between raising hands and brushing. Yin hand speech just after step down, not immediately again. After waiting for a while, he asked coldly, "Who are you?"? Speak out quickly, lest the old man offend the old man. It turned out that after he was forced to retreat by Shangguan Qi, he dared not act rashly again. Meditate for a long time, just so drink to ask, one side can find out the life experience of Shangguanqi, moreover can also put on an empty shelf, reserved to step down. Unwilling to tell the other party about his life experience, Shangguan Qi pretended to meditate for a moment and said, "I can't tell you what school I come from.". But there is one thing that you can rest assured that it has nothing to do with you in the next division. Yin hand Yan Gang wanted to take the opportunity to step down, because he saw Shangguanqi that move to brush the acupoint and cut the pulse, Portable gold trommel ,coltan ore processing, very fast, it seems not easy with the generation, afraid in full view of the public, defeated in his hands, that is to steal chicken without losing rice, a lifetime of fame, all in the running water. But Shangguan Qi's reply made it difficult for him to step down immediately. "What's your name?" He asked coldly as he secretly exercised his guard. Shangguanqi pointed back to yuan Xiao and said, "His name is yuan Xiao, and my name is Shangguanqi.." Without waiting for Shangguanqi to finish, he suddenly answered coldly, "Two nobodies." Left hand a stretch, the disease is like thunder and lightning, straight grab over. It turned out that he wanted to be caught by Shangguan Qi, and buckled his opponent's wrist pulse. But he also felt that he was a man of great status in Jianghu, and he couldn't just attack people in silence. Then he shouted, "Two nobodies!" Words out of the mouth, palm potential has arrived. Shangguan Qi disease to the side of a flash, get out of the way three feet, a move "wind and thunder", backarm clap out. This move is not only extremely fierce, but also unpredictable, so that the enemy fight back, together. The power of the palm has not yet arrived, and the strong potential of the palm wind is already close. Yan Gang was taken aback and quickly jumped back five steps. Although he was fast enough to avoid, he was still hit by the wind of Shangguan Qi's palm. He shook his body and took three steps back to stabilize his horse. All the people in the shed seemed to have attracted attention for Shangguan Qi's strange moves and powerful power. The two grey-robed Shaolin monks looked at each other with four eyes, and their faces were slightly shocked. Qingcheng's two swords looked at each other and frowned slightly. The nine-headed ROC Lei Mingyuan even called out and gave a gentle sigh. The half-old Xu Niang, who still had charm, was also surprised by the palm of Shangguanqi's hand. She turned her eyes and looked at Shangguanqi. Yang Quan Pu Dong suddenly stood up and walked up to Yin Shou Yan Gang. He asked in a low voice, "Is this boy prickly?" However, Shangguan Qi did not know that Wulin was celebrating the festival, nor did he know that Yin Shou Yan Gang had taken the opportunity to step down. In a few words, he was very indifferent, which made it difficult for Yin Shou Yan Gang to dismount. With a sneer, Yangquan Pu Dong looked at Shangguan Qi and said, "It's not appropriate to fight here and now. It's better for us to agree on a quiet place and have a good fight." Shangguan Qi said to himself, "I don't have any enmity with them. It seems unnecessary to make an appointment to fight with them. But if I don't agree to come down, I'm afraid it will damage the prestige of Elder Du." For a moment, it was hard to decide, so he looked back at Du Tian'e. By this time, someone had already told Jin Shaohe about Yin Shou Yan Gang and Shangguanqi. He hurried to the bamboo shed. First, he folded his fists and bowed to Yin and Yang Shuangjue. Then he turned around and bowed to Shangguanqi. He said, "If you three have any problems, please, for the sake of your brothers, give way to each other. After a while, my brothers will hold a banquet for you three to reconcile." He seemed to have something very important, and his face was full of anxiety. When he finished, his eyes kept rolling in the faces of the three men. Du Tian'e smiled and said, "Please come back to your seat, little brother. Now that Brother Jin has come forward to speak, even if we suffer a little, we'll let it go." Shangguanqi folded his fists and returned a gift to Jin Shaohe, turned back to his original position and sat down. He has little experience in Jianghu,sodium cyanide price, and he doesn't know how to explain the scene. Yin and Yang looked at each other, frowned, and did not know how to deal with such a scene. ore-magnetic-mining.com