Wind, clouds, thunder and lightning

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Black Tornado said, "a person is most afraid of not having a sense of shame. If he already knows shame, he will not go astray in the future.".

Black Tornado said, "a person is most afraid of not having a sense of shame. If he already knows shame, he will not go astray in the future.". So His departure this time is very different from his last one, and you don't have to worry about him. He was moved by you and regretted it. How can you say it's a waste of effort? "Be that as it may," said Thunder, "I'm always worried about him when he rushes outside alone." Black Tornado said with a smile, "Jade without chiseling is useless. How can a person become useful without training?"? Your junior fellow apprentice is a strong and competitive one. Man, he has done something wrong this time. Even if you can force him to go back with you, he will feel that he can't hold his head up in front of others. Heart It's hard to feel comfortable here, and maybe you will be depressed and sick. Let him venture out, if he can make one or two. When his confidence is restored, he will not be afraid of what he feels glorious. Thunder was suddenly enlightened and said to himself, "I grew up with Younger Martial Brother, but I don't know as much about his character as Black Tornado." It's clear. Think again: "Black Tornado just encountered frustrated thing, he still can care about others so.". He and I are so different. Far away. The heart is moved and admired. At the same time, he also understood that he had to catch up with Black Tornado and Geng Dian's flying skills. Qin Longfei that is easy, they did not help themselves to chase the younger martial brother, because they saw this layer of truth. Press down where Qin Longfei is going, not to mention that the Black Tornado and other four people returned to the Beggars' Sect, only to see that it was quieter than usual. On weekdays, there are often beggars coming in and out. At this time, when they arrived at the lobby, they only saw a few disciples of the Beggars' Sect guarding them. Black Tornado asked a disciple, "Where are Master Lu and Elder Lin?" The disciple said with a smile, "Master Lu is fighting with people in the back garden. Why don't you hurry up and watch the fun? Everyone is there." Where is it? When Black Tornado and others stepped into the gate of the garden, they saw Lu Kunlun, the leader of the Beggars' Sect, and a man dressed as a scholar on the martial arts field in the middle of the garden. The young man stood opposite each other, Lu Kunlun holding a thick iron staff with a bowl mouth, and the middle-aged scholar holding a bronze more than three feet long. Sword. The Black Tornado was taken aback. He thought to himself,lycopene for skin, "Master Lu's broadsword, Vajra Palm, is enough to shake Jianghu. Why do you still need to use soldiers?" Device? It is important to know that the "powerful Vajra Palm", the "dog-beating stick method" and the "magic wand method" are the three wonders of the Beggars' Sect, especially the magic wand method. Wei Gang Meng. Since Lu Kunlun was fifty years old, he has never used weapons against enemies. The martial arts training ground was crowded with people, but it was so quiet that even a needle falling on the ground could be heard. Black Tornado wanted to inquire. Whose is this man? In such a quiet atmosphere, he did not dare to speak. Lu Kunlun and the man stood opposite each other, staring at each other for a long time. Everybody just feels strange, see that person sits cross-legged suddenly, sword! Pointing to him, he said with a smile, "If the master of the gang insists on the courtesy of the host and guest, then I won't stand on ceremony.". Please This "start to try" strange, the public No one has ever seen anyone. "Yes, carnosic acid price ,best green coffee bean extract," said Lu Kunlun. A whoosh of a staff, hit the head. The man hit a plate on the ground like lightning, and suddenly The purple electricity is empty, and the silver turns to the ground. People close to the sidelines felt that the sword flower was dazzling and their eyes could hardly open. Then I heard Jin Tie. The sound of mingling made everyone's ears buzzing. Even the black whirlwind had not yet seen clearly, and the man did not know when to stand. Up, the light of the sword rolled Lu Kunlun in the middle like a practice. Geng Dian did not dare to blink. He thought to himself, "This man's swordsmanship is really miraculous. It's only been up and down for a while." I've already made more than a dozen strange moves, and I can't even see that it's the moves of that school. Remembering that he was called "Lightning Hand", and this People compared, can not help but secretly ashamed. "Good!" Lu Kunlun exclaimed. He picked up the iron staff and saw the shadow of the staff in all directions. Really like It has an overwhelming momentum and the power of wind and thunder. On the martial arts field, sand flies and stones walk. The disciples of the Beggars' Sect who are standing next to them can't stand. Steady, retreat one after another. When I looked again, I saw that the situation in the field had changed again. The middle-aged scholar stumbled and suddenly jumped up, as if Eagles and falcons fly in the air, and suddenly rise and fall, like butterflies dancing in the shadows of flowers. In the blink of an eye, the field is full of sword light and shadows. Sword light The figures are all mixed together. The Black Tornado was so excited that he thought, "There is such an exquisite swordsmanship in the world!" On the surface, it seems that Lu Kunlun took the offensive. Potential. In fact, he has turned to defense. The middle-aged scholar said with a smile, "Are your hidden weapons ready?" "Get ready," said one of the eight-bag disciples of the Beggars' Sect. "" "Well, then you can call," said the middle-aged scholar. Lu Kunlun said with a smile, "Master Li has the heart to let you today." Open your eyes, but your hidden weapons can't just hit the guests. The eight-bagged disciple bowed and said, "Yes, I know." Tao. There is a big basket in the four corners of the field, which is filled with all kinds of hidden weapons. The disciples of the Beggars' Sect took out the hidden weapons from the basket one after another. Hit the field. Lu Kunlun and the middle-aged scholar in the field were still fighting and did not slow down at all. Only the sound of clanging could be heard. In my ears, steel darts, daggers, sleeve arrows, locust stones, and iron lotus seeds were flying in the air like hailstones falling in disorder. In a twinkling of an eye, the ground was full of them. All kinds of hidden weapons, but all fall at least thirty feet away, where there is a hidden weapon hit them? The middle-aged scholar burst out laughing and said, "It's too unfair for you to play like this.". Seven of the ten hidden weapons are Beating your Sect Leader, isn't it intentional to favor me? He spoke to the back, and the crowd realized that he was not satisfied with hitting him. There are too few hidden weapons. "Well," said Lu Kunlun with a smile, "since Master Li said so, you don't have to stand on ceremony. Look carefully at Daxia Li's wonderful sword. "Law." This time, the hidden weapons on all sides flew towards the field, and the disciples of the Beggars' Sect followed the instructions of the middle-aged scholar, and among the ten hidden weapons were Sixty-eight were aimed at him. In a flash, I saw the middle-aged scholar's long sword with cold light, and the flowers of the sword were scattered,naringenin price, just like the stars in the night, falling at ten thousand points. Come here. The hidden weapons flying in the air suddenly reflected back. Although the disciples of the Beggars' Sect knew that the guests would not hurt them, they could not help eating suddenly.