Douro Continent (I)

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Watching Tang San's right arm grow back, the ninth soul ring also completed the fusion with the blue and silver emperor.

Watching Tang San's right arm grow back, the ninth soul ring also completed the fusion with the blue and silver emperor. Erming's deep voice sounded, "It's my turn.". Tang San, please don't tell Xiaowu that my eldest brother and I both liked her. We don't want her to suffer. You should always make her happy and make her happy. I believe you can do it. If one day, you really break through 100 levels and become a God, then you will have the ability to condense our souls and release them from the soul ring and soul bone for a short time. At that time, let's meet Xiaowu again. Also, the quality of your current soul ring is too high, you must not lose all to Xiaowu, which will be counterproductive. In fact, the eldest brother said wrong, we still owe you, if not for your rescue today, we do not even have the opportunity to sacrifice. Make good use of the skills we give you. Love Xiaowu well and wish you happiness. The halo of blood flame expanded again, and looking at Erming's huge eyes with soft eyes, Tang San clenched his teeth. Blood halo fell on Tang San, suddenly, the blue silver emperor quietly disappeared, his nine halos also converged, replaced by the black Haotian hammer appeared out of thin air in front of Tang San,pumpkin seed extract, quietly floating there. The dark golden lines on Haotian Hammer flowed like mercury, as if he already knew that he was going to have the first soul ring, looking forward to it in excitement. Blood flame convergence, into a huge soul ring enveloped the body of Tang San and Erming, when the halo contracted to only around Tang San, Erming's body has been completely diluted. The red light finally solidified on the Haotian Hammer, and the blood-colored light made the thick Haotian Hammer more domineering. At this moment, the field of killing God engraved on the hammer body also burst out a white light,phycocyanin spirulina, allowing the blood on the first halo to infiltrate it, which added a bit of blood-colored brilliance to the white light of the field of killing God. Daming became the last soul ring of Tang Sanlan Silver Emperor, and Erming became the first soul ring of Tang Sanhao's hammer. If it is appropriate for the hundred-thousand-year soul ring to appear in the ninth position, then it is unprecedented for the hundred-thousand-year soul ring created by Erming to become the first soul ring on the Haotian Hammer. Tang San is only 25 years old this year. He not only created the record of the youngest title of Douro in history, but also created the horrible record of the first soul ring of Wuhun, which is 100,000 years old. Although it is not necessarily unprecedented, it is absolutely unprecedented. At the same time, Daming and Erming took full account of Tang San's own ability when offering sacrifices. Daming is tall and tall, which is similar to Tang San's blue and silver emperor's single root shape. Naturally, he is most suitable to be the soul ring of the blue and silver emperor, while Erming is good at violence and strength, which meets the needs of Haotian Hammer. Tang San had never given Haotian Hammer a soul ring, and even he himself had never thought that the first soul ring of Haotian Hammer was so strong. However, jujube seed powder ,turmeric extract powder, all this is not over, with the appearance of the first soul ring of Haotian Hammer, a bright red soul bone appeared in front of Tang San as Erming's body became transparent and disappeared. That's a left arm bone. Although the sacrifice of a hundred thousand years of soul beasts will inject their souls into the soul ring and soul bone, they can also decide how their own energy will form the soul bone when they sacrifice. Left arm bone and right arm bone echo each other, while Tang San's Haotian hammer appears in the left hand, so Erming chose to form his own soul bone on Tang San's left arm. Bright red soul bone instant integration, and Daming that soft but endless soul power is different, when the soul bone of Erming and Tang San's left arm fusion moment, Tang San's whole body with a feeling full of explosive power, although the surface of the left arm does not look any change, but Tang San feels that his left arm seems to be in the wireless expansion, a strong feeling full of arms. The meridians under the skin kept wriggling, and at the same time, the addition of the two hundred-thousand-year-old soul rings and soul bones also made Tang San's whole body crackle. Whether it is the soul ring or the soul bone, it will increase the attributes of the absorber's body, and the hundred-thousand-year soul ring and the hundred-thousand-year soul bone are undoubtedly among the best. Tang Sanben already has eight powerful soul rings, and his body has also been tempered by the eyes of ice and fire, which is quite strong in innate attributes, surpassing the ordinary title of Douro. Right now, join again this strong two big soul rings two big soul bones, make him have a kind of body to want to explode immediately feeling. With the strength of all kinds of attributes crazy climb, Tang San's skin also turned into blood red, the body's meridians burst, the speed of blood flow increased to more than three times the previous, even the mental strength is in the rapid rhythm. Of course, it is a wonderful thing for the human body to absorb the energy that can be integrated into the body, which will enhance the quality of all aspects of its body. But if the energy absorbed by the human body is too large, especially in the case of one-time absorption, then once it exceeds the scope of the human body, the result is absolutely horrible, light meridians burst into a basket case, heavy body burst and death. This is also an important reason why both the master and Tang Hao, the father of Tang San, warned him not to easily impose a soul ring on the second Wuhun after discovering that Tang San was a twin Wuhun. Tang San himself did not expect that his second Wuhun would only absorb the first soul ring and there would be such a situation of excessive body load. In fact, this situation is certainly not due to his poor physical endurance. On the contrary, it is precisely because Tang San's physical endurance is too strong that this situation has not occurred until now. Daming and Erming died, but their death was as heavy as Mount Tai. In order to revive Xiaowu, they were willing to sacrifice themselves to Tang San when they knew they would die. You You Shu uutXT. COm Tsuen Wen Ban Yue Du Episode 25 Single Clan Episode 29 Poseidon Island Chapter 264 Land of Resurrection, Sunset Forest Words: 7576 Guan Tangsan has just added the first soul ring to Haotian Hammer, but if you compare T | with the general soul master, you will find out why his body can not bear the increase in attributes. The general title of Douro, even in the case of the best soul ring ratio, the nine soul rings are just: yellow, yellow, purple,pumpkin seed extract, purple, black and black. A hundred-thousand-year soul ring is almost impossible to appear. Soul bones can have one or two pieces, which is quite amazing.