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"It's better to be wrong than to be wrong?"? It's like pushing it on me? Du Jiaoer interrupted her hurriedly and shouted, "How dare you fight for the bird's nest of the princess?

"It's better to be wrong than to be wrong?"? It's like pushing it on me? Du Jiaoer interrupted her hurriedly and shouted, "How dare you fight for the bird's nest of the princess? Do you know this is a capital crime?" Then he knelt down and looked at Ji Yang. "Wang Ye, this matter has nothing to do with the princess's sister. Since it was Jiaoer's servant girl who made the mistake, Jiaoer would never shield her. Jiaoer also made the mistake and was punished by Wang Ye." "You are really ugly. It affects my mood too much. I will be locked up in the dungeon with her." Ji Yang didn't even think about it and gave an order directly. Chapter 376 the unloved Princess (7). Hearing this, Du Jiaoer couldn't believe it and stared, "Wang." Wang Ye. What did you say Put her in a dungeon? Let her give birth to the eldest son, named her side of the imperial concubine? "How dare you let the king repeat it a second time?" Ji Yang flew into a rage. "Ji Chun, throw me into the water dungeon!" With a straight face, Ji Chun took the bodyguard forward and grabbed Du Jiaoer and her servant girl. Wang Ye, I am Jiaoer, Wang Ye. Du Jiaoer was dragged away, crying that is a tragic, heart-rending, dead to pull Jiyang, "you did not say.." "Noisy!" Ji Yang frowned. Whoo, whoo.. Du Jiaoer's mouth was directly covered, can only make a sob, almost dragged away, eyes are very desperate. The water dungeon is a place where criminals are imprisoned. There is water more than half a meter high in the prison. The lower body of the people inside is soaked in the water all day long. They have edema all the year round. They can't die, but they won't feel comfortable. It's a great torture for people. Xia He and Dong Xiang, who witnessed all this,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, were so happy that their young lady had one less competitor, so how could the other party be arrogant and dare to bully her young lady. Before he could be happy for a while, Ji Yang's line of sight fell on the three of them again, remembering each other's ruthless appearance just now, and their faces suddenly turned pale. Will one of them be unhappy and punish them? Not only do they think more, Ling Yu's heart can not be calm for a long time, although dealing with Du Jiaoer, gratifying,tannic acid astringent, but who knows who is next? Will you have no intention of provoking him? She knew that Ji Yang was capricious, but she didn't expect the other party to be so indiscriminate and do things according to her mood. This time, she was the beneficiary, but she was not happy at all. Is this cake for Ben Wang? Ji Yang looked at Xia He's hand and asked, raising his eyebrows. Ling Yu nodded, "I don't know if Wang Ye likes this taste, so I made a little." "The princess did it?" Ji Yang raised his eyebrows and looked at her again. "The king didn't see that the princess was not only dignified and generous, but also so ingenious." Ling Yu smiled, "it's good that Wang Ye likes it." "Send it in." Ji Yang turned around and walked forward. Xia He hurriedly followed, he stopped, turned his head and glanced at her, "the king said to let you send?" His eyes were cold, Xia He stopped, and the hands holding the plate were trembling with fear. Ling Yu took it and walked forward. What this king calls is princess a person, the study is important, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,ghana seed extract, idle miscellaneous person cannot come in, disobey an order, kill! Ji Yang went up the steps and the guard opened the door for him. "Then I won't go in. Wang Ye won't be too hard to deal with government affairs." Ling Yu stopped and handed the cake to the bodyguard. As soon as the bodyguard was about to pick him up, Ji Yang looked at him in the past. The bodyguard quickly stopped his movements. Ji Yang coughed lightly. "Although it's an important place, the princess and the king are one. There's nothing wrong with it. Come in." Ling Yu: ".." She followed Ji Yang in. The bodyguard closed the door and looked up. It was full of weapons, swords, bows and arrows, but few books. These strange knives caught her attention, and on the side shelf was a small bayonet with a sapphire on the handle. This is the trophy of the king when he was sixteen years old and followed General Cao to pacify Xincheng. Noticing her gaze, he went over to take the knife off and slowly pulled the handle away. Ling Yu was stunned for a moment. There was only a knife handle but no knife. The next moment, a blade suddenly appeared, bright reflection, she was startled. "How is it?" Ji Yang proudly pressed the gem on the hilt. The blade kept stretching. Ling Yu seldom saw these things. She felt very magical and shocked. Her eyes fell straight on the knife. "Can I see it?" "Why not?"? Ben Wang will send you directly. Ji Yang leaned forward, took her hand, and put the knife on her. "Here you are." "Concubine body, concubine body." Ling Yu hurriedly shirk, how dare she want? "Think of it as a gift to the princess to make cakes for the king." Ji Yang turned around, picked up a piece of rose cake, put it in his mouth, nodded, looking aftertaste, "Yes, the taste is very good." "If Wang Ye likes it, I can often do it for him." Ling Yu returned to him, and Yu Guang fell on the knife in his hand, which was a little cold, and at close range, it was still engraved with exquisite patterns. "Yes." Ji Yang ate another cake and looked at her. "In the future, the princess will come in directly. This cake is not sweet or greasy. The king is very happy." Ling Yu didn't expect him to say that. After a pause, she said, "can you really come in directly?" "Mmm." Ji Yang looked at her with great certainty. I thought Wang Ye was deliberately hiding from me, like the last time he deliberately let the guards say that, after the cakes were brought in, they would be thrown out for the dog to eat. Ling Yu lowered her eyes with a sad look. Cough, cough, "Ji Yang reached out and clenched his fist, and his eyes were a little evasive." Isn't that for a reason? " "The reason is that Wang Ye doesn't like me, hates alienating me, and wants to embarrass me." Ling Yu continued to bow her head, her tone even lower. Not really. Ji Yang blurted out. Ling Yu was silent for a while, "I'm afraid, Wang Ye changed his face, Miss Du was thrown into the water dungeon, then the next concubine also accidentally made a mistake, not also.." "She is her, you are you, can not be compared!" Ji Yang stressed. The last time my concubine was. Ling Yu did not finish speaking,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but the meaning was obvious. Some time ago, Ji Yang also gave her a lot of pain, and it can be said that she lost face.