Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant

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Looking at Gu Changsheng's reaction, Ling Yuexi's face was getting worse and worse, and the shame of being teased made her tremble lightly.

Looking at Gu Changsheng's reaction, Ling Yuexi's face was getting worse and worse, and the shame of being teased made her tremble lightly. She stood up from her seat, raised her hand and pointed at Gu Changsheng, and said angrily, "As the saying goes, a modest gentleman admires her!"! Who do you think you are? Is it the immortal emperor of the south? Can you hold on to a favored son of heaven and not allow others to admire him? When Gu Changsheng heard this, he said, "..." Rao is Zhou Mu, all glanced at Ling Yuexi in a twinkling of an eye, but only if there is no glance, quickly withdrew the line of sight. Gu Changsheng is in a mess. That's what she said. She was speechless! What can she say? Milk bear, she is Ling Yuexi mouth that negative teaching material typical ah! This is a typical feeling, but also Nima really choking ah! She could not tell Ling Yuexi that the Southern Emperor in her mouth was herself! And oneself, good not coincidentally, it is that the world shrew jealous woman model! Even if this Nima is a big truth, Gu Changsheng will not admit it! She and their own evil, it is clear that Zhou Yu beat Huang gai, a willing to fight a willing to suffer, with others have nothing to do, others want to envy, that is the freedom of others, they can't control! "You little lady, what you said is not authentic, and I'm not saying that you can't admire it!" Gu Changsheng shrugged his shoulders helplessly at Ling Yuexi, and then continued, "You admire you,lutein eye complex, and then, this man, he is still mine!"! We have nothing to do with each other. Go on! Fine! As a qualified negative example, Gu Changsheng felt a little guilty! Anyway, even if this Ling Yuexi moves out 18 classes of weapons, it is estimated that their own demons will be indifferent, men and girls, skills are very important, but more importantly, to choose the right person ah! Therefore,rosmarinic acid supplement, Ling Yuexi put the man's plan, from the beginning to choose the wrong person, lost at the starting line! My fair lady is a good match for a gentleman. I, Ling Yuexi, think that few people are as beautiful as you, and I will never lose to you! Don't let the little people succeed here! The more indifferent Gu Changsheng was, the more angry Ling Yuexi was, pointing at her. Chapter 917 when the meal comes, she follows! Beauty is rarely matched? Never lose to yourself? When Gu Changsheng heard this, he immediately laughed! Ignorant people are fearless! The presence of not to mention their own, Rao is the color of their own evil, this Ling Yuexi, are not comparable to the good? If not for the unnecessary trouble caused by exposing his identity, Gu Changsheng really wanted to uncover the mask on his own and his own evil face, and then, let her see what is beauty and few people! Gu Changsheng admits that she is not a narcissistic person, but her appearance is also recognized by the world, right? Although she is not born of the kind of top beauty, turmeric extract powder ,fenugreek saponins, but also the precipice will not lose to the eyes of this empty vase with a pair of skin ah! Gu Changsheng suddenly had some lack of interest! Because, this person, completely can not reach and she is the enemy or is the friend's qualifications! As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, this is different from each other, and they are not all the way to get along with a class of people, can wipe out the cliff only jokes, no sparks! Just when Ling Yuexi was angry and Gu Changsheng lacked interest, the hidden pile that had just gone down to prepare for food came back. Not only did he come back, but behind him, there were a dozen hidden piles in black clothes, all carrying a tray in their hands, and the dishes on the tray were still steaming! When Gu Changsheng saw this, without saying a word, he rubbed his hands and got up to meet him. His face was so impatient that he was just drooling around those people. "The food is coming, and I'm going to be so hungry that my chest sticks to my back!"! Uh Said, Gu Changsheng is very unsightly took a big breath of fragrance, raised his thumb to the hidden pile repeatedly exclaimed, "incense!"! It smells so good! Way to go! When the man heard this, he immediately put a smile on his face. He bowed and bowed to Gu Changsheng and said, "My guest, there are so many people here that it's inconvenient to eat. It's better to go to the inner room of the auction house. There are vacant rooms inside, which are just used for eating. It's still some time before the auction starts!" When Gu Changsheng heard this, he thought about it and nodded his head. Saying that there are so many people present, either hungry waiting for the auction, or eating dry food, they are so bright in front of others to eat, after all, it is not good. "Then put it in the vacant room!" With a wave of his hand, Gu Changsheng agreed with the proposal of the hidden pile. Dark pile man Wen Yan, immediately waved to the people carrying the tray, more than ten people, so carrying appetizing food, from the auction house, swaggering through the past, the fragrance, attracted many people in the auction house to follow the sniffing, Rao has been sitting in the front row of those quiet masters, but also if there is no glance to this side.. Coincidentally, Gu Changsheng, who had planned to turn around and call his own evil to eat, looked at the man sitting in the front row. With a smile on his face, the young man politely nodded to Gu Changsheng again. Gu Changsheng's long eyelashes blinked, thought about it, or opened his mouth, "Well, is this Taoist friend hungry, too?"? Would you like to have a few bites with us? When Zhou Mu heard this, he immediately cast a cold eye on the seat in the front row. The young man hooked the corners of his mouth, glanced at Zhou Mu, and hugged Gu Changsheng, "Thank you for your kindness. I'm not hungry, so I won't disturb your dinner!" Stare and lie! Gu Changsheng curled his lips and did not expose the man's lies. Anyway, it was just a nodding acquaintance for the first time. The invitation was just a courtesy of looking at each other. If he really came down, Gu Changsheng himself would feel uncomfortable! "All right!"! Stop staring at people! Do you want to stare a hole in someone's back? Gu Changsheng stepped forward a few steps, pulled his own evil sleeve, can not wait to urge the way, "go!"! Walk quickly! Go to dinner! Look, my stomach is growling with hunger! "Yes." Zhou Mu Wen Yan,jujube seed powder, stood up from the seat, naturally reached out, took Gu Changsheng's hand. The two men walked side by side in the direction led by the hidden pile. Daoyou! 。