God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

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He was a strong man in the fairyland, a young supreme on the Hundred Immortals List. Now he attacked and killed a Jinxian monk, but he was smashed by the other side in a face-to-face encounter.

He was a strong man in the fairyland, a young supreme on the Hundred Immortals List. Now he attacked and killed a Jinxian monk, but he was smashed by the other side in a face-to-face encounter. He was smashed in front of all the monks in this place. It was too humiliating. He felt a great humiliation. Kill you! His voice was piercing, his words fell, and the power of the celestial immortals surged out, as if the celestial immortals were about to split the sky. Rumbling, at this moment, a series of nine black vortexes floated around him, each black vortex seems to be able to devour all things in the world, mixed with extremely frightening fluctuations, along with the mighty pressure on Lin Tian. Jia Zizheng's great art of becoming famous, swallowing the ancient formula, all tangible and intangible things, will be swallowed up! Someone said in a trembling voice. Rumbling, Jia Zizheng with nine black whirlpools, the speed is extremely fast, just a moment will be close to Lin Tian. Die! His face was ferocious, like a wild animal, like a fierce ghost. Lin Tian could clearly feel the horror of the nine black vortexes, but he did not have the slightest fear. As soon as his mind moved, the burial dragon array, which was engraved in the depths of the earth, immediately rushed up with the force of a large area of extremely cold veins. In front of him, he condensed tens of thousands of ice swords, and then cut them at Jia Zizheng with the momentum of ten thousand swords returning to their ancestors. In a twinkling of an eye, the two collided,plastic laminted tube, Jia Zizheng's nine black vortexes devoured everything, Lin Tian's ice sword broke everything, and the surrounding space collapsed at the first time, which was too terrible to bear. After all, this is completely a celestial level of confrontation, in the face of such a confrontation, the solid celestial void can not bear. Hum! Divine light buzzing, like ten thousand birds in the wings, Mu Zhan Yan started at this time, behind another figure emerged,cosmetic plastic tube, the control of this divine shadow step is to step in front of Lin Tian, the breath of destruction surging, mercilessly toward Lin Tian pressure. The chill in his eyes is pressing, and the killing machine is cold. At this time, he wants to cut off Lin Tian and sacrifice his clan land with the blood of Lin Tian. This "Jia Zizheng, Mu Zhan Yan, two young supreme on the Hundred Immortals List, unexpectedly, attack and kill a Jinxian level monk together?!" Seeing this scene, the monks in the mountains were shocked and their eyes jumped violently. Boom! In the battlefield, God can roll like the waves of the sea, the space cracks inch by inch, and the earth sinks inch by inch. Jia Zizheng's face was ferocious, and the black whirlpools beside him gradually changed from nine at the beginning to eighteen, and the breath emitted by each black whirlpool became stronger than before, as if it could swallow up the whole world. Behind Mu Zhan Yan appeared a divine shadow, which could not be seen clearly, but the fluctuations emitted were very frightening, plastic packing tube ,polyfoil tube, as if they had life and consciousness, moving with Mu Zhan Yan's movements, and the sky kept shaking. Such a powerful two people, such a terrible attack, are concentrated on Lin Tian a person, which makes tens of thousands of feet outside Lingyun and others are not afraid. Lingyun looked at the battlefield and grinded his teeth mercilessly. His eyes fell on Jia Zizheng: "This son of a bitch who is looking for trouble!" "If I can do it, Tiger, I really want to slap him to death!" White tiger's eyes also fell on Jia Zizheng, mercilessly way. At this time, compared with Mu Zhan Yan, their chill for Jia Zizheng is undoubtedly stronger, and many times stronger. Because, originally the battle in this place is Lin Tian and Mu Zhan Yan, and this Jia Zizheng has nothing to do with it, but after the other side appeared here, it was for no reason to attack Lin Tian, nothing to make trouble, and now with Mu Zhan Yan to attack and kill Lin Tian, it is really infuriating. Boom! "Boom!" "Boom!" Ahead, in the battlefield, the astonishing divine energy surges, the surrounding space is broken, and the breath of destruction is terrible. Lin Tianyi fought against Mu Zhan Yan and Jia Zizheng at the same time. Even though he was able to mobilize the power of the extremely cold pulse under the mountains to help him fight, he was still under great pressure. After all, both Mu Zhan Yan and Jia Zizheng were not ordinary immortals, but young and supreme on the list of immortals. But Rao is so, his expression is not the slightest bit of fear, appears to be a cold. "Die!" Jia Zizheng's eyes were fierce, his face was ferocious, and the black whirlpool beside his body had evolved to thirty-six, and everything around him had been swallowed up, together with the air, which was no exception, divided into thirty-six different directions toward Lin Tian. On the other side, the divine shadow called out by Mu Zhan Yan also became more terrible, and the vast breath of destruction hit Lin Tian. Where the four directions are, the space crumbles into pieces. Lin Tian's eyes were indifferent, and the power of the extremely cold pulse was mobilized. Part of it poured into his body for a short time and turned into his own divine power. The other part was used to protect his body. Then he stepped on the two instruments and rushed directly to Jia Zizheng. "Dong!" He waved the fist of the Emperor of Chaos, with the strength of the extremely cold pulse, smashed a black whirlpool in front of him for the first time, and appeared in front of Jia Zizheng like lightning. Another punch fell, and the figure of a real dragon and a fairy phoenix came out. Jia Zizheng retreated to avoid the punch. The dragon raises his head! Lin Tianleng said. With a bang, there was a big earthquake on the surface of the earth. A big dragon of cold light, which was nine feet thick, rushed out from the underground. It was completely condensed by the power of the extremely cold veins of the underground. It was so fast that it hit Jia Zizheng at the moment when Jia Zizheng retreated. "With a poof, Jia Zizheng's body exploded and his blood stained all directions." Boom! The soul can twinkle, in a twinkling of an eye, Jia Zizheng condenses the body again. However, Lin Tian also stepped in front of him at this time, fought on his back to bear the blow of Mu Chop Yan, and waved the Chaotic Emperor's Fist with the force of extremely cold pulse. At the moment when Jia Zizheng had just condensed his body, his fist fell directly on his cheek. With a bang, Jia Zizheng was directly hit by this punch, and half of his cheek was immediately broken, with blood splashing everywhere. Lin Tian's fist did not stop, close to the body, left and right hands together,eye cream packaging tube, the shadow of the fist fell like a storm. Bang! "Bang!" "Bang!" The fist was like a bang, and it kept falling on Jia Zizheng, making a stream of blood. emptycosmetictubes.com