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What do you want me to explain? You don't speak. How do I know what you want me to say? Oh- "she was suddenly enlightened."

What do you want me to explain? You don't speak. How do I know what you want me to say? Oh- "she was suddenly enlightened." You're still angry. There are a lot of people over there. It's normal to get separated carelessly. I didn't leave you on purpose. Besides, you've been there several times, and every time you go there, you still get lost.. " "I'm not talking about that!" He was so angry that he just wanted to bite her. After a long silence, he said, "At that time." Why are you holding Yu Yangfan? I'm your boyfriend. Momo opened his eyes wide and struggled to recall the scene. Brother Yang Fan is my brother. What's wrong with me hugging him? Besides, we used to be like that. "And before?" He exclaimed, "Molly, only I can hug you, and no other man can hug you!" "Brother Yang Fan is not someone else, he is my brother." "It's not your own brother. Even if it's your own brother, it's a man. You don't understand men's psychology at all." Fang Zhe hugged her angrily and kissed her hard on her lips. "Do you understand that this is a man's psychology?"? The kind of pure affection you think does not exist between men and women at all. Seeing that she was still ignorant, she could not help sighing, "Forget it, Jasmine, as long as you understand that I like you." "Oh-" Momo covered his mouth and giggled, looking him up and down. "I know." "What do you know?" He curled the corners of his mouth slightly and smiled helplessly. You don't know anything. "You, eat, be jealous." He was stunned and his cheeks slowly showed a touch of red. "You blush,empty cosmetic tubes," she looked like a child who had stolen candy. "So you blush and know how to be shy. I thought you didn't know!" What words? As if he were a complete shameless man! Fang Zhe did not know whether to cry or beat her up. He was stunned for a long time. He rushed over and blocked her gibberish mouth. He sucked and bit her as if he wanted to swallow her whole body. Ah, my, cartoon.. She struggled to avoid him. "Cartoon." "Don't think about anything else when you kiss." Angrily, he hugged her tightly and pressed her on the sofa to continue kissing deeply. Whoo. It's over to kiss again! She pushed him away and pointed to the TV screen with a frustrated face. "You see, you see, it's really over, it's gone!"! I told you not to kiss,plastic cosmetic tubes, but you still kiss, I hate it! Alas. Fang Zhe was too depressed to say a word. It's the first time I've encountered such a failure, and I really want to hit my head against the wall. "Hello," silent a little while, lean over to wink an eye, "I have" Tom and Jerry "complete set of VCD, do you want? "You have?" Bitter melon face immediately smiled like a morning glory, "I want to see!" No problem for you. I'll go home and get it for you tomorrow. But how can you thank me? Momo stared in puzzlement. He sighed and had to give a suggestive pout of his mouth. Want me to kiss you? The morning glory immediately turned into a red apple. Never took the initiative to kiss him, sorry. "Do you want to watch cartoons?" "Think." The voice is very low. Do you like me? "Like it." "Don't hug Yu Yangfan when you meet him in the future." "Uh.." After thinking about it, Momo nodded, "OK.". What about Tom and Jerry? "You kiss me first." She hugged him happily, pressed her lips to him without the slightest hesitation, and gnawed at him without any rules. Fang Zhe snorted and had to take the initiative back again. Alas, custom cosmetic packing ,pump tube, when did you fall into such a situation that you have to rely on a cartoon to achieve your wish? Chapter II The ancients said that "those who are close to the ink are red, those who are close to the ink are black" is very reasonable. Momo's money-saving plan has not been carried out to the end, and has been assimilated by the corrupt style of Master Fang. For example, when playing computer games, he dragged her to sit aside and watch, and a day later, they argued about "who should play first" and no longer cared whether the lights upstairs and downstairs were on; For example, he often called a table of good wine and good food for the inexplicable reason of "I am very happy today, so I want to celebrate", and over time, she also felt that the dishes she cooked were tasteless; For example, every night he drove the white sports car, took her to see the night view, fresh and exciting taste, so excited that she forgot to say that gasoline is not cheap; For example, take her to see flower shows, competitions, take her to the cinema to see the latest foreign blockbusters, take her on a yacht to surf on the sea, so that she can no longer remember where the street park is; Another example is.. In short, Momo has become a complete enjoyer, just like now, lying in the white bathtub, letting the warm water overflow the whole body, that kind of comfort and relaxation, can not be expressed in any words. It was Fang Zhe who taught her that taking a bath could eliminate fatigue, so she spent an hour in the bathtub every day, until she was wrinkled and refused to come out. Oh, it turns out that bathing is also a kind of enjoyment. "Have you finished washing, Jasmine?" Fang Zhe stood in the doorway and knocked on the door. There was no movement. He gently unscrewed the doorknob and covered his mouth to prevent himself from laughing. Get up! Suddenly he shouted, "Fire, get up!" There was an immediate splash from behind the shower curtain, followed by a few coughs. If you think about it with your toes, you know that the lazy pig has fallen asleep in the bathtub again, and now he must be scared to choke a few mouthfuls of water. Smelly Fang Zhe! A wet little head poked out from behind the shower curtain, his eyes breathing fire. What did the ghost shout? I drank a few mouthfuls of bath water! "Don't wash it again. Every time you wash it for so long, the water is cold." "You're in charge." Momo was so angry that he hummed, "You ran in without my permission, big lady-killer, go out!" A mass of things drew a parabola in the air and hit it straight, and a large water stain was immediately printed on the clothes. Fang Zhe looked down and, as expected,plastic laminated tube, a wet towel was lying on his instep. Will you come out? He showed the standard smile of a lady-killer, "If you don't come out, I'll pull you out and see you naked!" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com