A Tough Life with a Little Stumble

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Yin Jiu quickly withdrew the red line and took a few steps forward. Doubts flashed through his expression. He seemed to wonder why she was doing this.

Yin Jiu quickly withdrew the red line and took a few steps forward. Doubts flashed through his expression. He seemed to wonder why she was doing this. He ordered in a cold voice, "Du Quan, get out of the way." Du Quan chuckled and slowly raised his arm. The dagger in his hand was aimed straight between his eyebrows. He said, "The Ninth Master has tried his best to test me. Now he finally knows that I am not the reincarnation of a shark. Next, should I die?" Her voice was clear, no longer stuttering, but her tone was full of sarcasm. When Yin Jiu saw the dagger, his face changed greatly. He frowned and shouted, "Du Quan!" "Hm?"? Am I wrong? Yin Jiu suppressed his anger and pointed to the knife. "Throw it away!" He said. Du Quan laughed so hard that he trembled: "Joke!"! I'd be dead without it, waiting for you, where are you? Maybe I've been watching to see what I can end up with! "Du Quan!" "Silver Black Skill!" They looked at each other and refused to give way to each other. Du Quan's eyes were shining and her red pupils were like gems. She squinted and said, "Are you disappointed to see that I'm not dead?" Yin Jiu rubbed his forehead and lowered his posture and said, "I'm sorry. I'll talk to you about this later. Now.." "Tell me more?"? I'm afraid I'll lose my life when I get out! You doubt my identity and bring me here just to test me through ghosts and witches, and just manipulate me to talk to ghosts and witches! You already noticed something strange about the red rope whitebait. Before you entered the underground palace, you deliberately trapped it with this shadow. You just wanted to see if the Cang Ya Dao would protect the Lord when the ghosts and witches killed me! "Du Quan!"! Enough is enough for you! Yin Jiu couldn't help getting angry. He looked at the ghost behind her fiercely. He took two steps forward and stretched out his hand to her. "It's not what you think. Come here. I won't hurt you." Du Quan clenched his dagger and stepped back warily. "Why should I believe you?" He said in a cold voice. The two men were deadlocked, and Yin Jiu's face became more and more ugly. At this time, the black robe behind Yin Jiu came slowly, and the clear and moist voice broke the tense situation. Wen Sheng said,foldable bulk container, "Miss Quan, the ancient sword with black teeth is a sacred object of the ghost clan. It contains powerful power. It is no exaggeration to say that it can destroy the world.". Now that it has come to life again, it will certainly cause all forces to fight for it. It is not something you can control. Please give it to the underworld to take care of. Who are you? Why should I give it to you? Du Quan frowned and questioned. In the next night tour of the underworld, Lu Wu. It's just a good intention. Some things are a disaster in your hand. He took off his hood, revealing a gentle face, clear and light, like a bowl of clear water melted by the first snow,heavy duty plastic pallet, not as beautiful as the silver nine. Du Quan tightened the hilt and said stubbornly, "The sword was left to me by Grandma. No one can take it away.". Trouble, is it? I have been living in disaster since I was born. Why didn't you come to save me. What kind of good man are you here now? Chapter 28 Du Quan's tone was dense, his eyes were red, and there was an unclear mark between his eyebrows. Yin Jiu soon noticed something strange. He and the man named Lu Wu looked at each other, and then looked at the knife in her hand. Yin Jiu, in particular, obviously knew the origin of the Dao. His lips were pursed in a straight line, and his eyes were staring at her sharply. He said, "This Dao is unknown. It will take people's hearts and souls. Du Quan, give it to the underworld." Command me? For what! Impetuous and resentful, she blurted out, "Dreaming!"! Impossible! The blade trembled, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bin, and the red light in her angry eyes was about to fill her pupils. Silver nine looked at her bloody half of the body and pale to transparent face, can not help but impatient, and even intend to seize the knife in her hand. But Du Quan was so alert at the moment that he took only one step and shouted sharply: "Go away!" Yin Jiu's face was gloomy, ignoring her anger and walking on. With a cry, the cold light crossed Du Quan's eyes and cut a blood stain on Yin Jiu's arm. As if unconscious, he pushed aside the blade and grabbed Du Quan's wrist. "Cang Ya feeds on the demons in his heart. Do you want to be led into the evil way by it?"! Do you want to die? "Tick-tock" silver nine blood drops on the ground, and her melt together, Du Quan brain "thump" a jump, she woke up like shaking hands to push away silver nine, this retreat almost fell into the well. Fortunately, the ghost and sorcerer blocked behind her, and she stood firm and took two steps to the side. She said, "I'm leaving." Yin Jiu: Nonsense! Where can you go in your present situation? Du Quan: "It's none of your business!" Yin Jiu laughed with anger. He raised his hand to press the wound and said, "At the beginning, you promised to follow me to the death. Now, you are going to defect as soon as you have a little reliance."? You really have a conscience! Besides, you can't even get out of this underground palace without my guidance. Du Quan, what chips do you have to shout with me here? Come here! "No, no, I'm not going!" "You.." The ghost witch who was watching the play suddenly burst out laughing. Pointing at Yin Jiu, he said, "Poof! Ah, Yin Wu Shu, you also have today. Look at your face. Oh, it's really wonderful.". However, I am really curious, you this anxious red white face appearance, whether is for that dead shark person, or has the idea to this little devil? If you really move the mortal heart. Tut-tut, isn't this good reputation as deep as the sea going to be ruined? In those days, you were angry as a beauty. "Shut up!" "Oh, annoyed?"? I guess I was wrong. Ji Wuming giggled. Then he tilted his head and looked at Du Quan and said, "You're right, kid. Yinwu Shu still has his beloved in his heart. Don't believe his kindness to you. It all has a purpose." "Ji Wuming, you want to die!" Silver nine suddenly shot, the red line quickly jumped out around Du Quan to stab Ji Wuming, she dodged in a mess tightly against Du Quan's leg, Rao was so cut open flesh, flesh and blood blurred. And Du Quan reacted quickly, firmly protecting the lifeblood of Ji Wuming and fending off the red line. Clang.. Du Quan's hair was cut off, and there was a blood stain on his face. The plum blossom hairpin flew out and hit the stone wall. Her black hair flew away without restraint, and she had no strength to lift the knife any more. Yin Jiu withdrew his hand and looked coldly at Du Quan,plastic pallet box, who was hanging his head and panting. He asked, "I don't know right from wrong when I eat inside and outside."! Why, are you still fighting? 。 cnplasticpallet.com