Military pet, the chief's ever-changing hot wife

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Say, want to step back a few minutes. But she forgot again that behind her was the hard and cold bed board.

Say, want to step back a few minutes. But she forgot again that behind her was the hard and cold bed board. So, such an unconscious retreat,, "Bang!" The back of the forehead was once again gorgeous and had another intimate contact with the bedstead that had just been in intimate contact with the front of the forehead. And then, once again, die magnificently. It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Good pain,, "small hand stroked the back of the forehead was hit, Mu Qing charming little face instantly turned into a big white steamed stuffed bun.". Eyes slightly dark, looking at her pain wrinkled into a ball of small face and pitiful big eyes, Qin Shaohan also no longer tease her, reached out, then lifted her up. This wench, usually so clever, how now suddenly so stupid! With a silent sigh from the bottom of his heart, he placed her at the head of his bed, and Qin Shaohan turned into the washroom. In the end, he did not forget to turn around and warn: "Stay here and don't sneak away!" -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Dear friends, continue to collect and leave messages! Chapter 38 prelude to military exercises!!! Chapter 38 "Hum!" To Qin Shaohan's imperious protest with the nose hum two, then some Mu starts to wail again: "Oh, good pain!"! It hurts! It hurts! It seems that at this moment, all the language functions of a half-grown child have been lost, leaving only the four words "good pain,plastic pallet manufacturer, good pain" in general, and the four words have been called in his mouth. Until Qin Shaohan, who had been busy in the washroom for half a day, came out, "It hurts so much!" It is still going on, and there seems to be no sign of stopping. Helplessly took a look at already took off the shoes, the double plate is sitting on his bed as comfortable as his own bed, Qin Shaohan took the towel soaked in cold water in his hand and walked past. Looking helplessly at her decisively deflated lips,spill plastic pallet, the colonel pressed the ice towel on her forehead, not gently, but not rudely. Dormitory does not have an egg, also do not have the ice cube that can cold compress detumescence, apply with this towel first! "Oh, gently, it hurts so much!" She leaned back and tried desperately to break away from his'talons', only to find that Colonel Qin had fixed her shoulder with another empty'talons' to keep her from moving. However, a frizzy little woman's mouth is still howling, "Oh, don't touch me, it hurts so much!"! It hurts! It hurts Perhaps, at this time some Mu afraid is how also did not think of, she now mouth shouted a few words, in the near future, in that double bed, someone also once let her so howl non-stop. Shut up Sword eyebrow slightly twist, wholesale plastic pallet ,stackable plastic pallets, Qin Shao cold voice stopped her, although pleasant, but still can be called the magic sound of life. If she continues to howl like this, even if her voice can stand it, he can't guarantee that he won't dream of this grinding sound when he rests at night. Shut up! Just shut up! Why are you so fierce? Red toot toot tender lips Jiao Han a flat, Mu Qing discontented mutter two sentences, and then mercilessly stare at the eyes can be called stunning man. The dark hair is strictly combed at the back of the head, just like the most beautiful color in the night. The thick and flying eyebrows are twisted lightly, but they still show the most wild radian in the world. They set off the indifferent and distant eyes below, which are sharper and deeper than the eagles. Only one glance will make people fall into it involuntarily. Fortunately, the endless cold in the eyes gives people a warning and alienation. The high bridge of the nose is like the most beautiful one in the Alps, seemingly steep but absolutely tall and straight. And the lip flap under the bridge of the nose is also the coolest and shallowest of so many men Mu Qing has ever seen. Another cool man! Stealthily raised his eyes and looked at his god-like facial features again, and Mu Qing immediately lowered her eyelids at the moment she touched his eyes. However, the drooping line of sight is to fall on the lips of Qin Shaohan, shuttling back and forth without blinking. Half ring, while Qin Shaohan took back to rub her forehead, the girl muttered in a low voice, "a man with thin lips is the most fickle!" The big hand holding the towel in the air paused slightly, then slowly withdrew, as if it had not heard her words at all, and put the towel back in the washroom. Looking at the cold figure who did not know what to do in the washroom, Mu Qing lowered her eyelids and tried to calm her heartbeat, trying to ignore the throbbing of that moment. Ga? When a tortoise was retracting its shell again, a glass suddenly appeared in front of it, which contained half a cup of hot water. Staring at the item that obviously did not belong to the army, Mu Qing's brain, which had always been turning very fast, was suddenly somewhat off-line. Until, the water cup in front of him again, "Ai, this water, is it for me to drink?" As he spoke, without waiting for Captain Qin to reply, he quickly took the cup and brought it to his mouth as if he were extremely thirsty. However, when the edge of the cup was 0.01 centimeters close to the red lips, a certain Mu suddenly and decisively stopped the cup that was almost sent to the lips. As soon as the small mouth deflated, discontentedly returned the cup in his hand to Chief Qin, who was looking down at her. "I'd better go back and drink my own water," he said in a low voice. It's not like she doesn't have a cup or hot water. Why should she use his cup and drink his water here! Thinking about it, he wanted to lift his legs and get out of bed. Looking at the white water that kept shaking in the cup in the palm of his hand, Qin Shao's cold eyes crossed a dark awn, but he didn't say much, just looked at the little people who were busy with their own work. Mu Qing put on the small flip-flops she wore when she came, but did not leave immediately, but secretly glanced at the man who did not know what he was thinking, and some did not want to leave. Uh, okay! It's not that she doesn't want to go, but that she really can't go yet! How can she go when she hasn't got her chocolate back yet! At the thought of this, the little face suddenly collapsed, and even the red lips once again pouted up. A kid who didn't get any candy. Yu Guang left to stand in place at a loss of the villain, Qin Shaohan as if not seen in general, raised his hand to put the cup on the side of the table,plastic bulk containers, he also slowly sat down. Then, just not anxious not slow to look up again to the bedside of Mu Qing, "instructor this is still something?" 。