Dust Road Dust Road

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The door on the left side of the secret passage had traces of freezing, and the temperature from the door seemed to be lower than the other two doors.

The door on the left side of the secret passage had traces of freezing, and the temperature from the door seemed to be lower than the other two doors. Meng Chang's mouth was slightly raised, and his right hand pressed against the door gently, and the door was slowly pushed open. Behind the door was a long secret passage, and behind it was a stone house. He walked carefully in the secret passage for a long time, but the cold walls of the secret passage faced the stranger coldly without any movement. There is a simple bed in the stone house, the bedding on the bed is placed in disorder, several living utensils are scattered in the corner of the stone layer, and some simple food is randomly discarded in every corner of the stone house. There was a battle here, which was Meng Chang's first judgment, but his heart was filled with shame, and his face suddenly turned red. Fortunately, no one else in the stone house could see it. In such a stone house, anyone can understand what has happened here. A bent soft sword is nailed to the wall of the stone house, which is the real cloud water sword. Cloud water sword is very soft, even can be tightly wrapped around the wrist, but at this time the sword is not normal bending, to bend such a soft sword into a crescent moon is even more difficult than breaking it. Without thinking about what kind of battle had taken place in the stone house,mobile garbage bin, Meng Chang pushed open another door in the stone house and ran fast along the straight passage after taking his eyes off the soft sword. He ran very fast, but stopped even faster. There was a strong stench at the end of the passage, a smell of decomposing corpses. The stench lingered in the narrow passage, condensed together, and even made Meng Chang unable to breathe. The reason why he stopped was because he saw two bodies. It seemed that the passage had not been completely repaired, and at the end was an uneven rock with two bodies on the edge of it. The chest of one of the bodies had been smashed, a left arm had been torn open by brute force,drum spill containment, two legs had been folded at an abnormal angle, and it was obvious that the leg bones had been broken. Because of the decay, the face of the body has been blurred, but it does not affect Meng Chang in the first time to guess the identity of this person. Meng Chang sighed and felt a kind of sadness in his heart. Even in the case of so many deadly traps on the island, Sun Cheng still could not avoid the end of death. The other body leaned against the rock, with no big wounds on its body, and the only fatal thing was the sharp stone thorn on its brow. It was obviously Sun Cheng who pierced his eyebrows with stone thorns, but the man's decay was much lighter than Sun Cheng's, and Meng Chang could still vaguely identify his appearance. This is an ordinary face, so ordinary that it can be seen many times a day without leaving any impression, and the muscles on the face are unusually stiff because of death or other reasons. The man was the same white from head to foot, even his face was snow-white, and a snowflake pattern was printed on his white clothes in a whiter color. At the first sight of him, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic trash bins, Meng Chang felt that this man came out of the ice and snow. There was a pair of heavy hammers at the man's feet, transparent, like a huge piece of transparent jade, but when Meng Chang approached, he found that the pair of heavy hammers were not jade, but two pieces of ice. Ice that is as hard as steel and does not melt. All this seems to be well explained by the extremely low temperature in the tunnel and the fact that the two bodies are completely different but decay more slowly than other places. But the identity of this man? Meng Chang suddenly remembered a person recorded on a certain page of the pamphlet. Guan Yi, male, was born in the year of 420 in the Empire. His weapon is a pair of golden melon hammers, which are very powerful. Violent but timid by nature. When he was five years old, he was discovered by his parents for stealing an egg. He smashed his parents into meat foam with a stone. Then he fled to the imperial capital alone. Because he was young and pitiful, he was taken in by a blacksmith shop owner and became a helper in the blacksmith shop. He was often bullied by other people in the blacksmith shop, but dared not disclose it. When he was ten years old, he personally exercised a pair of golden melon hammers. One night before, the other members of the blacksmith shop, together with the owner's family, a total of twenty-one people, were smashed into minced meat and cooked and eaten. After the incident, he was wanted and killed more than 400 soldiers who fled to the island in the middle of the Black Lake. Soon after, he smashed the original robber leader into a meat pie in front of everyone. From then on, he declared himself king. After the emperor was furious, he sent a large number of troops to encircle and suppress the island in the middle of the lake, but Guan Yi disappeared on the eve of the attack. The pair of ice hammers in front of us are not made of iron, but they are no less capable of killing people than iron. This man is Guan Yi, and he can only be Guan Yi. Meng Chang's face was as dignified as it had ever been. A person who disappeared overnight two hundred years ago suddenly appeared two hundred years later, and there was no sign of aging in his body and appearance. No one would believe such a thing, but the fact was in front of him, but Meng Chang could not believe it. Chapter 66 you seem to have woken up. It took most of the day to put all the bodies into the pit he had already dug, including the two people at the end of the passage. After all this, Meng Chang stood at the edge of the pit and quietly looked at the full pit. Until then, he had not recovered from his previous shock, and his hands and feet seemed to be still wrapped in the cold air at the end of the passage, stiff and numb. There was a flaw in the firm heart, and suddenly there was a kind of fear that I had never had before. It was a kind of fear that had no resistance to the unknown, like a person shivering in the corner in the dark night. Meng Chang did not tremble yet, but his heart trembled violently unconsciously, as if it might jump out of his chest at any time, and the calm of the ancient water rolled up the cold wind in the ice and snow. The quiet pamphlet in his bosom sent out a boiling temperature, which made Meng Chang want to throw it far away and never see it again. After a long hesitation, he finally threw it into the pit. Everyone's weapons were piled up at Meng Chang's feet, including the pair of ice hammers, and the curved soft sword was pulled out of the wall by him, mixed with other ordinary or broken weapons. No matter how precious a sword is,plastic wheelie bins, it is only a piece of iron when it is useless. No matter how noble a person is, he will eventually turn into a pile of dry bones after death, which is no different from beggars and prisoners on death row. cnplasticpallet.com