Tianpeng biography

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"How can this be?" Pig sighed, "Alas!"! It's hard to be the leading role! This damn turkey, why write "Tianpeng Biography"?

"How can this be?" Pig sighed, "Alas!"! It's hard to be the leading role! This damn turkey, why write "Tianpeng Biography"? The turkey was ashamed and said, "Oh, next time, be sure to write something like The Legend of Quicksand or The Legend of Dragon and Horse.". How interesting Wave-Moon Cave in Wanzi Mountain. The yellow-robed old monster stood on the hilltop with a steel knife, and the hilltop was covered with small demons. Marshal Tianpeng, long time no see. "Yellow robe hand way." Aren't you a mortal monster? Pig asked, leaning on the palladium. I am Kuimu Wolf, one of the twenty-eight constellations in the upper world. "Oh?"? How did you get here to be a demon? "This.." I'll talk to you later! "All right!"! Give me Monk Tang! "He is now in Baoxiang, and I have turned him into a tiger." Why didn't you kill him? "There was no order from above." Eh? How could you say such a thing? "Isn't your purpose to kill him?" "It's none of my business whether he dies or not." Pig thought for a moment. "Oh, I see," he said with a smile. "You've been asked to catch Monk Tang,Flush valve price, and you must have something to catch, haven't you?" Do not say to fall, mention, yellow robe becomes angry from embarrassment, "I think you are Tianpeng big marshal just don't catch you, you come to bully me instead?!" As soon as the order was given,stainless steel toilet, the demons rushed headlong into action, and Pig calmly held the palladium in his hand. Hundreds of little demons gathered at Bajie's place. Bajie, one palladium on the left and one palladium on the right, struggled to resist, but after all, it was "no thread on a single thread, and it was difficult to clap with one hand.". After a long time of persistence, Bajie finally chose to "stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood." Brother Pig, Manual Flush Valve ,Time Delay Faucet, go to Huaguo Mountain and ask Brother Monkey to come back! "What's your name?!" "Why are you protecting the Tang Priest?" Exclaimed Pig? Give me a reason? "I.." "Can't you say it?"? Go back to your West Sea and be the prince! I go back to my Gaolaozhuang! "But why not save him?" "Why save it?" "He's in the same boat as us, isn't he?" Little White Dragon Road. Pig froze for a moment, "but." He doesn't know anything. Just because he doesn't know anything, he has to save him! He is so pitiful. All right, all right! You're a dead horse! Pig suddenly cried out impatiently, "He's been caught and locked up, and he doesn't have to worry about three meals a day."? I have to fight for him. Is he pitiful or am I pitiful? Pig raised his head to heaven and cried, "Who has pity on me?" Huaguo Landscape Curtain Cave. A gust of wind swept into the cave, and the wind was mixed with Sun Wukong's laughter. The monkey and the pig sat down in the hole. Pig, is my Water Curtain Cave interesting? "All right, I've played. It's time to go. The monk may have been skinned!" "Ha ha!"! Is it not good to peel it? Come on, do it! The monkey gulped it down. Ok! Don't make any more trouble. Go and save the monk! "Why save it?" “……” All the demons expect me to come back to be the demon king. Now I'm back, but what do I see? What did you see? Just a pile of scorched earth! The monkey drank the next cup. What's wrong "The children said that it was Erlang God who sent someone to burn down my Huaguo Mountain. I went to find the boy to settle accounts. The boy was stubborn and refused to say anything. I beat him all over the floor. He only said that he was under orders to do so. In the end, he left me the word'west '." Another cup went down. 'West '? Could it be.. "Journey to the West has nothing to do with me. I just want to be my demon king. I don't care about anything else. I just want to rebuild Huaguo Mountain!" "Oh, by the way, I have something to show you, monkey." Pig took something out of his coat and put it in the monkey's hand. The monkey looked into the palm of his hand-it was three hairs. Where did you get this? Recall. Pig came to Huaguo Mountain in the clouds. Suddenly a golden light passed under him, and he stopped and reached the White Tiger Ridge and the White Bone Cave. Isn't this Bai Jingjing's cave? He went in. The grotesque rocks in the cave are jagged and empty. A pink skeleton collapsed on the rocks in the cave. Pig stepped forward. "Are you taking a lunch break?" No response. He squatted down in surprise and found that Bai Jingjing had died. Full of doubts, he suddenly found something, stretched out his hand, and broke the right hand of the bones. It turned out to be three hairs. Alas! How could that be? Pig put them away. Don't worry, I'll put them in the hands of your beloved. "Pig stopped talking and headed for the entrance of the cave." Why didn't you tell the monkey? Why didn't the monkey tell Zixia at the beginning? Ha! Why did I.. "Ha ha!" The monkey held his hair in his hands and hung his head. Why do you want to travel to the West? Why protect the monk? "He is one of us, and he is more pitiful than we are." "He doesn't know anything, and I want to be like him, but I can't, I can't forget, I suffer from mental devastation every day!"! I'm pathetic? Poor him?! Want to know the answer? There's only one person to ask. Bajindao. Baoxiang Guoyin Andian. Brother Kui, long time no see. A gust of wind blew into the temple, and three men stood in the wind. It turned out to be two boys who were polite. "Mulang!" A woman's voice came from behind the two boys. Hundred flowers! Kuimu Wolf was surprised and delighted. The flowers rushed down and hugged Kuimu Wolf. "I'm so scared. I miss you so much." Kuimu Wolf hugged Hundred Flowers and said with infinite tenderness, "Everything is over. You come back to me again. As long as I am here, you will not be in danger again." "Yes, you will not be in danger again." Said the hundred flowers suddenly and sullenly. What do you mean Before Kuimu Wolf could react,Self-closing Faucet, a bright dagger had pierced his chest. Uh. You Hundred flowers.. Kuimu Wolf couldn't believe it until he died. Don't blame us, Kuimu Wolf. We're just doing what we're told. Blame yourself and the Fragrant Fairy for thinking of the lower world, and the sin of heaven is hard to escape! "What are you doing now?" Asked a boy. cnkexin.com