Murder on the Orient Express

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"But, Duchess, the letter here is H," said Mr. Bowker, "and your Christian name -- excuse me -- is Natalia."

"But, Duchess, the letter here is H," said Mr. Bowker, "and your Christian name -- excuse me -- is Natalia." She gave him a cold look. Yes, sir. The initials on my handkerchief are always in Russian. H is pronounced N in Russian. Mr. Bowker was a little dull, and there was something in the stubborn old woman that made him feel frightened and uneasy. You didn't tell us this morning, when we met with you, that this handkerchief was yours. "You didn't ask me." Said the Duchess coldly. Please sit down, madam. Said Poirot. She sighed. I think so. She sat down. How long will it take, gentlemen? Your next question will be: How did your handkerchief end up next to the body? My answer to that question is, I don't know. "Really don't know?" "I don't know at all." I beg your pardon, madam. But how can we believe that your answer is true? Said Poirot very softly. Replied the Duchess of Drego Milov contemptuously: I think you mean because I didn't tell you, Helena? Is Andre Mrs. Armstrong's sister? ?” "In fact, you have deliberately deceived us in this matter." Quite right, I will do it again. Her mother is my friend. I think I am loyal to my friends,Stainless Steel Toilet China, to my family, to my class. "Don't you think you should do your best to bring this case to a fair settlement?" "The case, I think, has been justly -- rigorously -- settled." Poirot leaned forward. You understand my problem, ma'am. Would I believe you even about the handkerchief? Or are you sheltering your friend's daughter? "Ah!"! I know what you mean. There was a grim smile on her face. Well, sir, my words are easily verified. I'll give you the address of the Parisian who embroidered my handkerchief. All you have to do is show the handkerchief in your hand,Time Delay Tap, and they will tell you that I ordered it more than a year ago. The handkerchief is mine, gentlemen. She stood up. What else do you want to ask? "Your maid, madam, should she have recognized the handkerchief when we showed it to her this morning?" She must have recognized it. She saw it, but said nothing. Ah, she, that shows that she is faithful, too. With a slight nod, she made her way through the dining car. That's exactly it. Said Poirot in a low voice. "When I asked the maid whose handkerchief it was, she hesitated a little.". She could not decide whether she should admit that the handkerchief belonged to her mistress. However, how can this be in line with my strange and main idea? Yes, Flushometer valve ,Self-closing Shower Valve, maybe it will really match. "Ah!" Said Mr. Bowker, with his customary gesture. "She's a terrible old woman, terrible." "Could she have murdered Ratchett?" The doctor asked Poirot. He shook his head. Those knife wounds, which go deep into the muscles, are by no means the work of an old and infirm man. "But the shallower ones?" "Yes, the shallower ones." "I was thinking," said Poirot, "about this morning, and I told her that the power was not in her arm, but in her will. This is actually a trap. I want to observe whether she will look down at her right arm or her left arm. Her answer, however, was strange. She said, 'No, I have no strength in my hands. I don't know whether I am sad or happy.' What a strange thing to say. It makes me more convinced of some of my views on this case. "But that doesn't solve the problem of left-handers." "No, by the way, have you noticed that Count Andrey's handkerchief is in his right breast pocket?" Mr. Bowker shook his head. He recalled how surprising and unexpected the revelation of the case had been during the last half-hour. "Lies -- still lies -- it's amazing," he said vaguely. "Lies all morning." "There are more secrets to be revealed." Poirot said happily. "Is that what you think?" "I would be very disappointed if this were not the case." "It's a terrible deception," said Mr. Bowker, "but you seem happy." He added, a little reproachfully. Falsehood has the advantage of falsehood, "Poirot said." If you confront a liar with the truth, usually they will admit it -- often unexpectedly. As long as your speculation is correct, it will be effective. This is the only way to deal with this case. I called each passenger in turn, pondered their testimony, and said to myself, 'If so, it is a lie. On what point? What's the reason for lying? ' And then I have the answer, if they're lying -- if, you know -- they can only lie for this reason and on this point. This method, in the case of the Countess, worked very well. Now, we will use the same method against other people. "What if, my friend, your conjecture is just wrong?" "Then, in any case, the man is no longer a suspect." "Ah!"! You're using elimination. "Exactly." "So, which one will we deal with next?" "That true gentleman, Colonel Arbuthnot." `` www、 Chapter 6 Meet the Colonel Again Small? Say ? txt? Paradise Colonel Arbuthnot was obviously very angry because Poirot asked him to come to the dining car for a second meeting. The look on his face was forbidding. He sat down and asked: "Did you ask me to come?" "I'm sorry to bother you again,Urinal Manual Flush Valve," said Poirot, "but there is something else I think you can give us." "Really?"? I had no idea. "First of all, have you seen this pipe cleaner?" "Yes." "Is it yours?" 。