End of Diancui v2 70

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You see? Who are you? Bi Ruiyu seemed to notice Fu Xiaoyao at this moment and stared at him. At present, Fu Xiaoyao's certificate has not been tested down, it is really not a person, next to Zhang Shuyu is sneering, "This is the real expert."

You see? Who are you? Bi Ruiyu seemed to notice Fu Xiaoyao at this moment and stared at him. At present, Fu Xiaoyao's certificate has not been tested down, it is really not a person, next to Zhang Shuyu is sneering, "This is the real expert." "An expert?" Bi Ruiyu seemed to have heard a big joke and pointed to Fu Xiaoyao's nose. "How dare she say she's an expert?"? In your early twenties? Did you graduate from college? Have you ever seen what a special parent looks like? "Don't judge people by their appearance. Do you believe what those experts and professors say?" Zhang Shuyu sneers, "Everyone knows that in this society, no one should believe in experts and professors." Bi Ruiyu said, "if you say you can't believe it, then show the evidence." "Take it," Zhang Shuyu patted the table and turned his head to pay Xiao Yao. "Xiao Yao, you have to help me this time." Director Gou watched helplessly as Zhang Shuyu slapped down, a bottle on the edge of the table was tottering, hurriedly reached out to help, and in a hurry accidentally hit another one, which was good, like a domino effect, clattered down, and the three people next to him rushed up to help, holding the left hand, blocking the right hand, holding the top of the forehead, and then falling down with their feet. In addition, the ground was paved with stalls,Prison toilet for sale, which somehow saved everything. Fu Xiaoyao holds a vase of an official kiln in his left hand, a peony pattern bowl on his arm, a mud inkstone on his fingertips, a phoenix pot on his right hand, a pottery horse on his shoulder, a pottery pot on his high knee, and a crumbling butterfly pattern box on his toes. The whole person fell to the ground in a balanced posture that is difficult for ordinary people to achieve. Everyone was a little confused when they saw this situation. They were stunned for a moment before they reacted. They put down the things in their hands. Bi Ruiyu looked at Fu Xiaoyao like this and said with some sarcasm, "It seems that your friend is really an expert in acrobatics class." Depend on,stainless steel shower tray, quarrel to quarrel, you can doubt the elder sister's profession, but can't doubt the elder sister's character, hurt the innocent, what is the ginseng rooster? Fu Xiaoyao is also angry. Is my body flexible? As soon as you became a policeman, you only caught three, and my sister caught seven. You can't compare with us, can you? Zhang Shuyu almost got into trouble. His complexion was a little ruddy. When he heard this, all his discomfort hit Bi Ruiyu. "You are in the acrobatics class. Your whole family is in the acrobatics class." He said angrily. He turned his head and said to Gou Ju, "Gou Ju, you make a certificate. If these things are true, I will eat them all. If they are false, let him swallow them all." Bi Ruiyu sneered and said, "Well, I just don't know how you can compensate for swallowing these antiques."? Oh, look at my memory. If you forget, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Concealed Flush Valve, you may not have to pay for it. Just let your father take it to the museum. Staring at Fu Xiaoyao with a sneer, "do you also think she knows antiques?"? It's better for your father to find you someone who looks like you. Threats and inducements are all good. I'm afraid the result of collusion will be what you want. Zhang Shuyu stamped his foot, "Don't think that the whole world is like you. Without Lao Tzu, it's like someone owes you. Without my father's help, I can win your fake and he can't be real." "Wait and see." Two people quarreled happily, Gou Bureau and Fu Xiaoyao were ignored on one side, Fu Xiaoyao began to struggle with how to prove the authenticity of antiques to people, Gou Bureau was smiling on one side, not angry at all, a little unwilling to be left out. "I said, are you cheating me?"? Or cheat me? One wants to eat antiques and the other wants to eat my evidence. You don't want to do it, do you? Fu Xiaoyao did not expect that the adult sitting in the Bureau not only looked smiling, but also spoke quite wittily, but when he saw Bi Ruiyu and Zhang Shuyu's face, he dared not say any more. Fu Xiaoyao couldn't help but take another look at the adults sitting in the Bureau. He was a lovely little old man with gray hair, a gentle smile like his own grandfather, and a petite and exquisite figure. She used to be the uncle next door, and there was no harsh words. Why were these two people so afraid? Gou Ju sat behind the table, drowned by a pile of things, can only hear the voice, "I encourage you young people to have their own ideas, have time to grind their lips, it is better to prove that their theory is right." When Zhang Shuyu heard this, he pursed his lips. Bi Ruiyu's eyes were full of joy. Neither of them spoke. Director Gou waved his hand and said, "Well, let this female Comrade stay and look at these things. Since Shuyu said that Miss Fu is an expert, you might as well have a try. Bi Ruiyu, if you have anything to do, you can go to work. I'm here." Director Gou said slowly. Bi Ruiyu nodded when he heard this and said to Zhang Shuyu, "You can't commit suicide by eating these things. If you want to bet, you might as well bet on who loses and who resigns." Said swaggering out, provoked Zhang Shuyu grinding teeth unceasingly. Zhang Shuyu helped her and caused a lot of trouble. Fu Xiaoyao naturally did not stand by because he was afraid of trouble. Looking at a lot of things here, she wondered how to distinguish the new imitations from the real ones. Most of the things here were porcelain, but there were also pottery products. According to what she had just met, they were all new imitations. The problem was that they could not be seen from the appearance. There is no need to consider the instrument. Since Hu Jingshui said it was useless, it must be useless. Others are from the situation of the goods to judge the old and new, even if people struggle, she knows the true and false, now in turn to find a reason can not find. Naturally, there is no way to tell people what a mess of intuition, that thing to fool a few people is not a big problem, the police handling a case is to pay attention to real evidence, intuition two words, to put it bluntly, not to mention the police do not believe, even Yan Lao they may not believe, it is only to fool Hu Jingshui who already knows the truth. This guy is really giving her a lot of trouble. Wandering around the room for a long time, Fu Xiaoyao's brows were getting tighter and tighter, and he really couldn't find a solution to the problem for a while. Seeing this, Zhang Shuyu asked with some uneasiness,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, "Xiao Yao, can you see it?" Fu Xiaoyao said, "It's true that things are fake. What worries me now is how to prove to others that these things are fake." 。 cnkexin.com