Necromancer End World Bank

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"Yes, master, your accumulation has reached a certain level, and it has reached its limit on the earth." Derek said, "Every demigod, before he breaks through to become a demigod, needs to go through a lot of places, master a lot of knowledge and so on.

"Yes, master, your accumulation has reached a certain level, and it has reached its limit on the earth." Derek said, "Every demigod, before he breaks through to become a demigod, needs to go through a lot of places, master a lot of knowledge and so on. Only in this way can he clear the fog and see his future path. At that time, he can see his demigod path. At present." Master, if you want to be promoted to demigod as soon as possible, you have to burn the power of faith to deduce the opportunity of your own demigod path. "Other people are different from you. When they are at the level of the field, they can't get the power of faith at all. Therefore, they can't burn the power of faith to deduce everything. They can only rely on constant experience to accumulate over a long period of time. Finally, they know where their opportunities are. But you have the advantage that others don't have, and you should make full use of it." Said Derek. Yeah, I know. "Now, let's begin," said Tang Fan. Immediately, the power of Tang Fan's field spread, covering a range of three thousand meters, within three thousand meters, anyone who enters the field will be bound by the power of the field, unless the strength is stronger than Tang Fan. But, to be more powerful than Tang Fan, there is only a demigod. And now the strength of the earth's space, is able to support the field of strong hand, but once the demigod appears, do not hand, just their own pressure, enough to let the space collapse. Tang Fan closed his eyes, and his consciousness was immersed in his own spiritual sea, mobilizing the power of faith and burning up. The power of faith, burning, pushes forward the road of the future for me. Tang Fan's spirit in the sea,hydraulic fitting supplier, at the same time sounded a shout, like running thunder rolling, immediately, the power of faith into a flaming burning, in an instant, Tang Fan's consciousness flew into a magical world. A chaos, gray and black, as if boundless. Then, a group of ru-white sè flames appeared, in front of Tang Fan, constantly burning. Under this kind of burning, Tang Fan's belief power,14 needle valve, with the speed of running water, consumes rapidly, in just a few seconds, there are already millions of degrees of belief power consumed. Not long after, there was more power of faith, consumed in the burning, Tang Fan in front of the gray and black s sè chaos a Bo move, like a stone falling from the calm water, d dàng opened a circle of Bo ripples, slowly spread out. Immediately, the Bo lines in the gray and black s sè chaos, like a mirror, appeared a blurred picture, which became clear little by little as the power of faith burned. Tang Fan gazed at the picture in front of him, staring at it carefully, his eyes blinking, worried about missing something important. The picture in front of us is a beautiful mountain and river, the mountains are majestic, the rivers are surging, the forests are lush and green, and the scenery is beautiful, but the picture is not fixed, but like playing a landscape appreciation film, brass tube fitting ,tube fitting manufacturer, moving fast. This is not Earth. For a moment, Tang Fan was sure. Because now the earth, simply can not find that kind of patches like the primeval forest, have been destroyed by the devil. But as to what place, Tang Fan has a guess in the heart, but also dare not be sure, continue to look, the power of faith, is still burning. The picture is constantly changing, suddenly a turn, the picture, showing a gray and black s s è breath, rich and incomparable, like blocking the sun, and through the gray and black s è breath, Tang Fan seems to be able to see some figures, some look, seem to be close to human beings but different figures, very many, are moving forward neatly and rapidly. Then, the screen moved again, a turn, Tang Fan saw a long line, like the Great Wall of the earth, the screen slowly zoomed in, it turned out to be a very long wall, on which stood many human beings. Volume 4 85 set out again 85 set off again "This is.." Looking at the long wall, Tang Fan showed a look of doubt, and then, secretly thinking, and the picture, did not continue to rotate, but fixed here, a little bit blurred, and eventually, turned into a ripple, slowly faded away. "Master, it looks as if there is a war going on." Derek said aloud. Well, yes, there is a war going on. It's gray and black. It's similar to a human army but not a human army. It looks like a legion of the underworld. Tang Fan said: "If it is really the army of the underworld, that long is the defense line, then, the defense line is human, there is the dark continent." "Master, it seems that the opportunity for you to break through the demigods is on the Dark Continent, and between the human legions of the Fart Line and the underworld army." Said Derek. It seems that it should be, but this is only a general, not specific, although I know where the opportunity lies, however, what goal do I have to achieve in order to get the opportunity to be promoted to demigod? Tang Fan asked. Master, this, I do not know, the power of burning faith, can only go so far. Said Derek. It's a pity. If I could be more clear, I would be more clear. Tang Fan sighed, but there is no way, compared with other top ten fields, Tang Fan for the future road, at least, has a clear guide, better than spending a long time to accumulate slowly to find. Master, you can go to the dark land. Said Derek. Well, this time, I'm going to take Qin Taisheng and his group. Tang Fandao. Then, Tang Fan quickly flew in the direction of the main base of immortality, and another teleportation, directly into the main base. Then, Tang Fan will Qin Taisheng Qin Bingxin and Yang Lan Rex and others, as well as Jason Allen and a hundred teenagers, all called over. Fifteen years, the original teenagers, have also grown up,14 tube fitting, one by one in their twenties and thirties, one by one faded the green, peerless elegance. A team of more than 100 people.