Shang Guan Ding Nan Feng Zhen Ji

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The ugly boy thought about it calmly. His eyes passed over his ugly face. His heart suddenly moved. He thought to himself, Why don't I ask Jin Yiming to help me?

The ugly boy thought about it calmly. His eyes passed over his ugly face. His heart suddenly moved. He thought to himself, Why don't I ask Jin Yiming to help me? With his martial arts, these fatuous believers are no match for that bone-eroding golden flute. I can feel at ease to fight with this ugly boy! On second thought, "No, I'm sure Jin Yiming won't agree. He's a Bodhisattva and doesn't like to kill more people.". Besides, he's been trying to persuade himself to put down the butcher's knife.. Thinking of this, he could not help but hesitate again, a sense of self-esteem and pride, so that he did not want to ask for help at will. Although he had treated him as a good friend, he did not want to lose face. He hesitated for a moment, but couldn't think of a way to deal with it. He gritted his teeth and thought, I don't care. Anyway, I'm here for revenge. If I can kill one, it's one. If I can kill a couple, it's a couple. These bastards usually bully the people behind their backs and commit all kinds of crimes. Even if Jin knows it, I'm afraid he won't forgive me. Determined, he no longer hesitated, took a long breath of True Qi, and spread his whole body's strength on his limbs and through his arms. Suddenly, he shouted loudly like a split silk: "Rat generation, kill him if you don't lead the neck!" As he shouted, he raised his palm, and with a "bang", he pierced the bamboo door and flew far away. His body had already taken advantage of this moment to sweep in as quickly as a falcon. Too fish adherent is astonied, shout in succession: "Have spy, brothers come quickly! Brothers come quickly!" "Clang clang", a sound of metal, this group of Taiyu believers with weapons have pulled out their weapons,stainless steel 304 pipes, swarmed. The ugly boy smiled and bowed fiercely, faster than the lightning. He turned around in midair and landed on the ground. First, he shouted, "Who dares to make trouble? Why don't you kneel down and be bound?" Langya Zhenjun shouted like thunder: "Oh!"! You bastards dare to betray me and serve the new Lord. It's a heinous crime. The religious leader has killed a lot! Said, the palm is not idle, whir brushed two sharp and vigorous, hit the swarms of Taiyu believers, all hands are real strength, absolutely not feeling! First of all, there were two or three men who threw themselves on the ground with a tragic cry. The rest of the believers were stunned,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and when they saw the people coming, they could not help but instinctively tremble and retreat. Master.. Lang .. 。 .. Really .. Jun ..” "Well," he said coldly, "at last you can recognize me. I'll deal with you one by one later. I won't let you down." Many Taiyu believers are usually extremely afraid of the capricious religious leader. By this time, several less courageous believers had already knelt down and said, "Spare my life, religious leader..". Master, spare my life ..” Langya Zhenjun raised his eyes coldly, but did not answer. His body was floating and he was more than twenty feet away. Pointing at the ugly young man, he shouted, "Who is this boy? He has no respect for the rules and has invaded the altar of our religious leader. Report your name quickly!" The ugly boy was stunned for a long time, then suddenly waved his hand and exhaled his strength with five fingers. The Taiyu believers kneeling on the ground screamed and died. The ugly boy was stunned. Then he became furious and said with a sneer, "You're not very old, but you're so ruthless. You really deserve to be a man who can be killed." As he spoke, with a single palm, he turned over and spat out a great force. The wind of the palm swished, blowing sand all over the sky, and scattered in all directions. The ugly boy shouted: "Boy, look at the palm!" "Just in time, side impact door beams ,impact beam tubes," snorted Mr. Langya. Body slightly inclined, single palm strength, "boom", Langya Zhenjun foot did not move, but the ugly young man shook unceasingly. In this contest, the strong and the weak were judged, and the ugly young man's body was shaking, and it was clear that his skill was relatively shallow. Langya Zhenjun said with a proud smile, "Boy, with your skill, it's too early to want to grab the position of the religious leader." The ugly boy's ugly face turned purple and black. "Don't be crazy, old thief," he shouted angrily. "Look!" Sound to the palm, faster than lightning, accurate, disease, spirit are sorry to have, Langya Zhenjun sneer at the palm to meet. The palm wind was handed over again, and the ugly young man's horse step was unstable. Suddenly, with a strange roar, he jumped three feet high, and a flying eagle attacked him with five fingers. With a sharp sound of breaking the air, he covered the vital parts of Langya Zhenjun's whole body. Langya Zhenjun's heart was on fire, and his whole body trembled with a sudden sound, but after hearing the sound of "clatter", his vigorous body was already half short, just like a teenager of fifteen or sixteen years old, whirring around like a whirlwind, and lightning split two palms and kicked three feet. The ugly young man's skill was not good enough. He took two steps backward and shouted, "The old thief is really difficult. I'll spare you today. I'll settle accounts with you in a few days." With that, he waited to withdraw. "You can't run away, boy," the Lord of Langya shouted in a loud voice. "Kneel down and beg for mercy. The religious leader may make an exception and let you live. Otherwise, hum!" The ugly boy was an arrogant man, but for a moment he was so angry that he laughed wildly and said, "Old thief, I was afraid of you when I was an ugly boy. Humph!"! Give you three points of paint to open the beam workshop, and who have I served as an ugly star boy? The laughter was as harsh as the howl of a night owl. With a shock in his heart, Mr. Langya said, "Oh, the boy is the ugly star boy who was defeated by Jin Yuming in Hualin Village." As soon as the ugly star boy's ugly face changed, he seemed to be touched by a sore spot and shouted at the top of his voice, "Old thief, it's either you or me!" Change the palm immediately turned out, at the moment he was resentful, out of the palm is full of strength, fierce palm wind, like an avalanche toward Langya Zhenjun. Langya Zhenjun turned around by mistake and was in a hurry to meet him. Just then, he suddenly felt that the wind behind him was different. He was startled and his eyes swept quickly. He saw a bearded man grabbing a heavy iron bar and attacking without a sound. His breath, no small matter, eagerly with a long roar, by the deep and strong roar, the whole body made a big turn, the right wrist like a snake, do not hit the ugly star boy, straight attack the man. The man had the strength of a three-point hand, and with a "whoosh", he aggravated the force of the iron bar and smashed it fiercely. In a flash of lightning, Langya Zhenjun could not take care of one or two, and was about to die under the palm of the ugly star boy. It was too late to say. At that time,stainless steel tube 304, Langya Zhenjun, who turned around and looked up, suddenly stretched out his arm like a snake and grabbed the heavy iron bar.