King's Landing

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The man beside him was a red-robed Taoist priest, but when he heard this, he sneered, "What kind of person do you think this demon king Cang Wu is?"?

The man beside him was a red-robed Taoist priest, but when he heard this, he sneered, "What kind of person do you think this demon king Cang Wu is?"? A thousand years ago, he was able to fight two Mahayana monks and was always invincible. How could he be compared with an ordinary demon king. On the other hand, I Taixuanzong and Guangling Zong always have enmity, do not go to the rescue, should also be, they Guangling Zong can never rest assured of me. You Bingyue Zong and Guangling are allies. Why don't you go and help? At the end of the speech, there was a strong sense of ridicule. Yan Wuji heard the deep resentment and said with a smile, "I don't have the courage to fight against the power of moving mountains and filling the sea.". Those Mahayana monks who came from far away to the northern wilderness all looked on from a distance, just as they did not know, and presumably no one would blame me, Bingyue Zong, for not saving them. All I care about now is how to win or lose this time? I don't know brother Hao, but what do you think? "Although he wished Guangling Zong would die, he put on a sad face at the moment.". When the red-robed Taoist heard this, he snorted coldly. After a little meditation, he shook his head. "That's really hard to say!"! Although Guangling Zong has a few more first-rate treasures, they are all things with great power. But can not repel Cang Wu, this demon king as long as the root system is endless,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, the demon power is almost endless, enough to consume Guangling Zong to exhaustion. But the problem is that there are several Mahayana monks outside Guangling Mountain at the moment. Although they are tens of thousands of miles away, they can come in a flash. But if there is a chance, they will be able to kill the demon king here. I don't think he dares to go all out. It's hard to say the result of this battle, and I can't judge it. Both sides have mixed opportunities. Yan Wuji raised his eyebrows and continued to look up at the sky. This judgment is not much different from his own speculation. What he and the red-robed Taoist did not know at the moment was that somewhere in Guangling Mountain, Yue Yu had already woken up faintly. Chapter 461 a glimmer of hope. "It's finally out!" When consciousness withdraws from the illusory world. Yue Yu is already synchronous feeling, he imagined in the brain of this spirit array, is in the process of collapse. And almost at the same time,stainless steel tube fitting, Yue Yu also felt the weakness of the body, and a strong sense of fatigue. The operation of the spiritual array needs a lot of spiritual support, and the power of the five elements in his body is also consumed. Since the practice of the Great Innate Xuanbing from the True Decision of Fire, I have rarely experienced once again the exhaustion of the meridians in my body, which is almost a sense of exhaustion of oil. Hurriedly took a few from Ziyun Xianfu nine turn warm elixir, Yue Yu sat for about a quarter of an hour, only to feel himself'alive 'to come over. After that, he still did not give up, and swallowed two of his own refined Liuzhuan Zhuji Dan in a row, until the huge yuan Li inside was poured into his body. In the whole body, Qi and blood, which are almost dry and decaying, are also slowly recovering. At this time, Yue Yu still had a lingering fear. And when I think of the situation in the fantasy, 38 tube fitting ,12 needle valve, I have a cold sweat on my face. If this situation drags on for another three or five days, I'm afraid I'll be dragged to death by this fantasy. Remember the first time. With the attitude of trying to break free from the illusion, he was trying to find a way to leave the environment while observing the method of Yu Lingxiao's imperial sword and inner breath. Only when a day later, the phantom of the jade Lingxiao is still not stagnant, driving his'body ', urging the three types of Guangling Jue Jian. While the consumption of his body was still continuing, Yue Yu felt that the situation was not good, and began to throw away all distracting thoughts and devote himself to these three types of swords. It was not until he had completely memorized it, understood the key points of the sword, and was able to break away from the control of Yu Lingxiao that Yue Yu began to break away from the illusion. Of course, at this time he is far from a thorough understanding, but he knows what it is and does not know why it is. However, just like this, it almost consumed all the energy of Yue Yu. Fortunately, his own understanding is fairly good, and there are dzi beads and auxiliary intelligent systems. Otherwise, even if his blood is strong, one big two small two spherical symbol array, are sustained strong to abnormal, also can not withstand such a loss. Even though his body had recovered slightly at the moment, Yue Yu still felt mentally exhausted and somewhat decadent and listless. Since the golden elixir, the desire for sleepiness, which has disappeared for a long time, has reappeared. "Did those three sword strokes really exist in this world?" Yue Yu still felt incredible when he thought about it, and then when he opened his eyes, he found that there were countless silk threads in front of him. Some are spiritual hubs and routes. Some are the laws of heaven and earth triggered by the spiritual array here. He had a strong desire to cut it off. Yue Yu hurriedly shook his head, thinking that it was the role of his dzi beads, but when his soul reached the back of his head. Only to find that the little bead was extremely quiet at the moment, and there was no movement. So, this is the effect of the auxiliary intelligent system. Is it my spiritual knowledge that goes further? In other words, even without the help of playing dzi beads, I can now understand the arrangement of the spiritual array here. Thinking of this, Yue Yu's heart was already filled with a trace of joy. It was also at the first time that his mind moved slightly. Perhaps because of the invasion of the enemy, the five-color divine light may be used. Although Nong Yishan took back the amulet, he did not take away the dragon and sparrow fan as well. He was worried that he could not understand the eighth level of the five-color divine light. At the moment, his attainments in the runes of the formation were greatly increased, or there was a way to easily analyze them. After turning off the new function of the auxiliary intelligent system, Yue Yu stood up, but his body was unstable and shook a few times. But for a moment, a jade hand stretched out behind him. Hold him firmly. Yue Yu turned his head and saw that it was Zhan Xue who smiled at the moment. A long time ago, he felt a pure and warm force injected into his body, which is also an important help that he has not been pulled down so far. However, Yue Yu was stunned again, and through the touch of his body, he could now feel the crystal in Zhan Xue's body, and those tiny silk threads. And when he subconsciously began to analyze, he found that this time he was not just'seeing ',needle valve manufacturer, but really, he was able to deeply analyze the crystallization of the divine power of the war snow and those silk threads. Are you all right, young master? 。