Genius Idiot Witch Love

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"I would have eaten you now if I had not obeyed the ancestral system and could not have lifted your veil before the exchange of the covenant!"!

"I would have eaten you now if I had not obeyed the ancestral system and could not have lifted your veil before the exchange of the covenant!"! Only by eating you into your stomach can you rest assured. I was still giggling, but did not respond, Ren Ai Binglun silently stretched out one arm to embrace me, sitting side by side. I pricked up my ears to catch the sound of monotonous heavy wheels and horse hooves crossing the road. Neither slow nor slow, like the speed of a slow March, about half an hour's journey, the golden carriage in which Ai Binglun and I rode had stopped smoothly. This time, he was afraid that I would change again, so he turned me over, lifted me under his ribs, strode out of the carriage, and carefully put me on the red-carpeted ground like a gentle object. With a strong and handsome posture, long eyelashes and a pair of green and evergreen eyes, I looked at the same time. On the most solemn day, I would open the Royal Ancestral Hall of the Mubei Empire with sixteen magnificent doors at the same time. His Majesty King Galen, the 90th Lord of the Twilight Empire!!!! Accompanied by the ritual officer's long singing, I was stopped by him, followed by six boys holding my snow phoenix skirt and six girls holding green snow lotus, walking lightly into the door of the ancestral hall, which was wide open in the middle. Chapter two hundred and ninety twilight north chronicle (sixty-three) As soon as I stepped into the door with one foot, I found that there were more noble officials of the Mubei Empire standing on both sides, waiting for the ceremony, and more noble women coming with special permission than I had imagined. Along the thick red carpet, while taking a light step, I want to look around carefully and thoroughly. Only, just a little twist of my neck, has been held tightly by my hand, the king of Galen unusually sharp orders to stop: "Saint Luo Nan!"! Don't look around! Remember, now you are my princess to be married! Don't lose your identity! I sighed low, pouted my pink lips, and had no choice but to imagine myself as a proud female swan. I raised my head, stretched my neck, and walked side by side with my doll without squinting. I could see in the center of the ancestral hall, behind the altar, which was about half a man's height, the beautiful figure of the great God of the North Empire in the evening. The ice silk hung down like a cloud on his waist, and there was no trace of expression on his beautiful face. Behind her, on the seven steps built at the east and west ends of the ancestral hall, stood ten children singing and ten playing the piano, all with pink faces and solemn expressions, dressed in lovely snow-green short robes with two legs exposed. Move Cuizhu slightly and gaze again: on the jade seat on the left side of the altar, there is the imperial concubine of Emperor Mubei, who is sitting upright, side impact beams ,Precision steel tubes, with a dignified and solemn face, surrounded by beads on her head, and has a noble and generous temperament. She loves Binglun's biological mother, Bingqingrong. But she was dressed in a snow-green satin dress with a Phoenix double-flying waist, with tassel cloud sleeves only up to her wrist, revealing two snow-white jade hands holding the armrest of the jade seat lightly. It was impossible to ignore that on the plump snow-white middle finger of her right hand, there was a silver ice ring shining with a faint blue cold light. The ice ring is a sapphire relief with a moody sea goddess carved on it, which is the source of the dazzling cold awn that people can't look at directly. This ice ring represents the status symbol of the first princess of the country of ice and snow, and is a rare relic handed down from generation to generation by the ice and snow royal family. On the right side of the throne, three sets of independent imperial VIP tables and chairs are arranged neatly, and four kinds of fresh fruits are placed on the rectangular ivory jade table. On the ivory jade chair behind the table, sitting upright, covered with purple gauze, was a congratulatory emissary from the three empires. It was strange that none of the fresh fruits on the table had moved, and it was even more strange that the emissaries who had come to watch the ceremony were dressed in robes that were up to their feet, and even their eyes were covered very tightly. In a leisurely manner, she walked slowly to the altar behind the shadow of love, and watched the shadow of love stretch out two hands from the snow sleeve, waving only downward, and all the standing people sat down quietly with her gesture. Then she put her hands on the altar in front of her chest and gently opened a heavy black book pressed with fine gold thread on the stage. Then, in the melodious and unusually soft sound of singing, I listened to the shadow of love quietly asking questions according to the black leather code: "Saint Luo Nan, will you marry the only king of the Mubei Empire, be his wife all your life, and dedicate all the things that belong to you to him without reservation?" The first time I asked, I was silent. She frowned slightly, opened her lips again, and repeated her question clearly in front of everyone. I am still silent. King Galen squeezed my fingers and whispered in a cold voice, "What do you want to do?"? Don't answer quickly! Seemed to hear love ice Lun speak to me, love back to the shadow opened a pair of snow eyes, slightly sad to look at him, become a little restless handsome face. Then, with her face restored to calm, she spoke to me patiently once, in front of all the guests who could not hide their curiosity and surprise, and began to ask me a third time: "Would you like to, Saint Ronan?" I chuckled and spoke in a beautiful voice that no one had ever heard before. Except for my love ice Lun, once in a golden wheat field where the wind blows fragrance, I heard the voice of my singing voice speak slowly: "Return to the Lord of Shadows.". Before asking me, did you forget to ask Empress Wang Taifei about her mind? Nannan won't say anything until she shows her sincerity to marry Saint Luo Nan with the ice and snow royal family. Chapter two nine one twilight north chronicle (sixty-four) Once the sound of the soul-snatching song is clear and loud, it seems to touch the heartstrings of all people in an instant, so that the heavy figures in Cuizhu's line of sight can't help shaking their heads gently with a pair of absent and blurred eyes. Ai Binglun, who held my hand even more, had her lips curved and tight, and her deep face, which was calm and elegant, could not be concealed at this time,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, showing a complex expression of joy and anger. Ignoring the strong self-calmness of the returning shadow of love on the altar, still with an unusually pale face, he turned his head and spoke bitterly in my ear: "Didn't you promise to sing only for me?"? Why do you want to sing such ecstatic songs in front of so many people? 。