The man who wears fast always plays tricks on me.

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"In that case, there will be a lot of people who can talk and play with me in the future, so I don't have to face you every day!"

"In that case, there will be a lot of people who can talk and play with me in the future, so I don't have to face you every day!" Ye Fangfei's voice sounded very happy, but Jun Yan only felt hurt. He felt that Ye Fangfei had no conscience, he gave her free food for so long, but she still wanted to kick him all the time. However, Ye Fangfei is willing to follow him to guard life in the end is also a good thing, so Jun Yan quickly agreed. That's all right. With your help, I think the birth of other lives will be much faster. Chapter 286 extra three (Ye Fangfei + Jun Yan). Ever since she told Jun Yan that she would accompany him to protect her life, Ye Fangfei did not even eat food that had no spiritual power. Anyway, she can't starve to death without eating now, and there's no need to harm those little things who have no spiritual power. After all, those little things may never have a chance to become real life in their lifetime, but in any case, they are also a unique color between heaven and earth. If you can keep it, try to keep it. Aware of Ye Fangfei's transformation, Jun Yan's heart is undoubtedly comforted. No longer need to fight with Ye Fangfei every day, his life is obviously much easier. And the feeling of having someone to fight side by side with him is very good, and he enjoys the feeling of working hard with Ye Fangfei to take care of every life. I don't know how long time has passed, but the life between heaven and earth has gradually increased. With more life,cold drawn tubes, the order of life began to appear chaotic, so Jun Yan and Ye Fangfei jointly formulated the law of heaven to restrain all life in the world. In order to facilitate management, they divided all life into six races, that is, gods, demons, immortals,beam impact tubes, demons, people and ghosts. In order to make the six races survive better, they delimited their own living space according to their racial characteristics, which is the six realms. At first, the six clans were very satisfied with this arrangement, so the six realms were peaceful for a period of time. Gradually, however, due to the unbalanced development of the six races, the six realms began to be divided into the strong and the weak. The strong want to dominate the world and occupy the living space of the weak, while the weak want to fight for their own survival. When interest groups with different interests meet head-on, there will be the first six-realm melee between heaven and earth. In this melee, the Protoss and the Demons became the most important poles in the melee because of their innate talent and strength. As a result, the melee of the six realms finally became a battle between the Protoss and the Demons for the hegemony and dominance of the six realms. Sister, the Protoss have gone too far, side impact beams ,beam impact tubes, so you must help us this time. "If we can win this battle, then we Demons will become the most powerful race in the world, and no one can be bullied from now on." The shadow demon said excitedly. She was really fed up with the superiority of the Protoss. Why? Why is the place where the Protoss live the best and the highest status in the six realms? Obviously, the Demons and the Protoss were born at the same time, and the ancestors of the Demons and the Protoss also made great contributions to the life in the world. But why do all the merits that the world remembers belong to the Protoss? That's not fair! After hearing the shadow demon's words, Ye Fangfei was silent for a long time and said, "Is it the Protoss who bully people too much, or is it your ambition?" "What makes the Demons the most powerful race in the world, so that the people will not be bullied from now on? In the final analysis, it's just that you want to dominate the world." Shadow, do you think I really don't know what you've done? Instigate the clansmen to oppose the Protoss and bully other races, one by one, which one is not your handwriting? As Ye Fangfei spoke, she suddenly slapped the table heavily and said angrily, "How dare you let me help you?"? How can I help you? To help you exterminate the other five clans? The shadow demon obviously did not think that Ye Fangfei had already known her true purpose, and for a moment his heart was somewhat flustered. Sister, how can you say that? Why am I so ambitious? I want to make my people's lives better. Is it wrong to do so? "Is it wrong for me to want the Demons to have the same treatment as the Protoss, as the earliest life form born between heaven and earth?" The shadow demon said so, and suddenly became full of confidence. Yes, she is ambitious, she also wants the same status as Ye Fangfei, but unfortunately her life is not good, slightly later than her and Jun Yan's birth, so she can't catch up to be a great creator. So now, all she can do is to defeat the other five clans, dominate the world, be the overlord of the world, and let all the people fear her and praise her. Unfortunately, the Protoss is not easy to deal with, so now she will come to Ye Fangfei for help. Had it not been for this, she would not have come to see Ye Fangfei, a woman who eats inside and outside. Obviously she is a member of the Demons, but unfortunately she refuses to do anything for her people. If not, do they need to be subordinated to the Protoss all the time? Wait, wait until she leads the Demon army to destroy the other five clans, the next thing she has to deal with is Ye Fangfei, this bitch! The shadow demon thought so, and his eyes flashed a touch of cold. One day, she will kill all the people in front of her and be the only king between heaven and earth! Ye Fangfei did not see the shadow demon fundus that flashed away the cold awn, but with her understanding of the shadow demon, this woman even if the words are how beautiful how hype, also can not cover up her ambition of a wolf. So how could Ye Fangfei really help her? "You don't have to sound so nice." "Because no matter what you say, I won't believe it," said Ye Fangfei. "Shadow Devil,aluminium coated tubes, for the sake of the same race, I'll give you one last piece of advice." "Stop in time and bring the people back to the Demon World. Maybe I can turn a blind eye to what you have done, and you can still be your superior leader of the Demons." 。