Six lines and extra chapters

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The lecture hall on Qinglong Island is the most desirable place for all casual practitioners who have no family or school.

The lecture hall on Qinglong Island is the most desirable place for all casual practitioners who have no family or school. Countless casual practitioners or mortals who have not entered a famous family and want to try their luck will come here in order to get the guidance of a famous teacher and embark on the orthodox path of practice. Those who are outstanding will be accepted by Qinglong Island. Even if you can't formally worship Qinglong Island, you can get started in the lecture hall for a few years. With a skill, you can travel around the world on your own to find opportunities. Of course, the lecture hall can not accommodate so many people, after layers of screening, the final can enter the lecture hall is only one or two hundred. Like the Fuyao faction, it seems that the island owner personally opened the back door, otherwise several of them may not be able to pass the Qinglong test. Immortal city just opened, under the encouragement of Han yuan, a few people went to see a lively. Xianshi Street is very interesting. Many mortals mingle in it. At first glance, it is almost impossible to tell which is a monk and which is a mortal. However, when communicating or trading, there is a clear distinction between the two. Yan Zhengming soon found that only mortals can use gold and silver, while monks usually ask for barter. Even if Yan Zhengming carried thousands of silver tickets, they could only buy mortal things on Xianshi Street, and the monk's magic weapon was unthinkable. The Qinglong Examination will be held on the Qinglong Platform at the end of Xianshi. "Green Dragon Terrace" covers an area of no more than three or four feet square, but I don't know what secret method I used. When I went up to see it, I realized that it was so big that it had no edge. It could even hold the illusion of mountains, rivers, seas and so on. Tang Wanqiu and other monks stood around Qinglongtai,precision welded tubes, probably to maintain the order of the examination. Self-conceited casual practitioners can go up and compete with others, while those who have not yet started can choose an illusion to test their conduct, mind, aptitude and so on. In order to show fairness, everyone can watch again. When Yan Zhengming managed to find a place in the teahouse around Qinglongtai, two monks were competing, one with a sword and the other with a sword. Unlike the battle of the Great Devil they encountered on the sea, this level of competition can be seen clearly in every move and style. The swordsman's sword moves were very fancy and light,Cold Drawn Tubes, and he must have had some kungfu, but if they were too fancy, they would be a little frivolous, a little "clumsy". After two or three hundred moves, the swordsman, who had never been obvious, suddenly caught a flaw in the other side and was stabbed in the arm. His thick-backed sword was forced into the swordsman's sword moves. The swordsman's sword flew away with a clang. A circle of people cheered loudly. Han yuan said to Yan Zhengming enviously, "Elder Martial Brother, when can we change into a real sword?" Yan Zhengming stared at the stage and said casually, "Wait until you don't hit your feet with a wooden sword." Cheng Qian smiled and said to Han yuan, "Master said that the sword I sent is different from other swords. It will take some years." With that, he thought of the wooden sword in his master's hand, which was like an anchor in the wind and rain. He couldn't help adding, "Besides, aluminium coated steel tube ,side impact door beams, as long as the sword is ready, the wooden sword is not inferior to the iron sword.." Before he had finished speaking, Li Yun suddenly pulled him and warned him in a low voice, "Xiao Qian, don't talk nonsense!" Cheng Qian was stunned and raised his head, only to see a dark-faced man sitting next to him looking at him coldly. As soon as Cheng Qian looked at him, the man stood up and looked down at Cheng Qian. He said, "The wooden sword is not as good as the iron sword. I heard from this little brother that he must have a deep understanding of kendo." At that moment, the swordsman, who had just been defeated, came down from the Green Dragon Terrace and went straight to the black-faced man. "Brother," he shouted. Cheng Qian immediately understood how to return a responsibility, his heart way this is really fresh, oneself can't shit to blame the latrine? Obviously, at this point, Han yuan and he are very heart to heart, little beggar can not see others bully his little brother, immediately step forward, a belly of street urchin's dirty words have come to the mouth. But before he could spray, Li Yun grabbed him with quick eyes and quick hands: "Don't make trouble!" As soon as Yan Zhengming stretched out his hand, he stopped the reluctant Cheng Qian behind him. He lazily arched his hand to the other side and said, "The child is shooting from the hip, saying that the briquettes are white. Brother, he laughed when he heard this. Please." Say briquettes in front of black charcoal. When Li Yun heard this, he was exhausted for a while. He knew that Big Brother's original intention was really to calm things down, but as soon as he said this, he didn't know how it happened. It was like a provocation. Born with a face to beat-what kind of special talent is this? The black-faced man's face was darker, and his brother, who had been eliminated, whispered in his ear for a moment, and the black-faced man's eyes fell on the wooden sword in Cheng Qian's hand. Then he sneered and said, "What?"? 'Waist Support 'faction? Never heard of it. I think it doesn't matter if this lecture is out of place. Any cat or dog can come in with the relationship of three aunts and six mothers-in-law. This meeting of Qinglong Island is also fishing for fame and reputation, deceiving you fools who don't know the inside story! Tang Wanqiu, the Dharma Protector next to Qinglongtai, apparently heard it. Her face was so ugly that the rain was coming. But she didn't dare to leave her post without permission. She could only stare at this side mercilessly. Her eyes were like knives. She gouged out a glance at the black-faced man and the Fuyao faction. He probably wanted to kick all the black charcoal heads who dared to speak rudely on Qinglong Island and the cubs who came in by nepotism out of Xianshi. When Yan Zhengming heard this, he was not touched. "He scolded Qinglong Island anyway," he said to himself. "What does it have to do with me?" So with a sneer, he lifted his feet and was about to go. Cheng Qian was not as heartless as he was, and he had already seen Tang Wanqiu's face. Although this black charcoal was rude to Qinglong Island, it was provoked by their Fuyao faction. Originally, the island owner had been summoned several times, which had caused dissatisfaction. If they really left like nothing happened at the moment, I'm afraid they won't have a good time on the island in the future. Yan Zhengming: "Xiao Qian, let's go." Turning a deaf ear, Cheng Qian drew his finger slowly across the edge of the wooden sword and stood where he was,Precision Welded pipes, saying slowly, "Oh?"? So, this brother whose sword was blown off. Must be a lot of real talent? Chapter 34.