Peach blossom ring

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Wang Bo looked back, the little girl slowly walked down the stairs, under the light, exquisite, more and more lovely, like a jade doll in general.

Wang Bo looked back, the little girl slowly walked down the stairs, under the light, exquisite, more and more lovely, like a jade doll in general. The little girl walked through the robbers to her parents in a pool of blood. She took a deep breath and bent down to close their eyelids. She squatted on the ground and stayed silently for a moment before she stood up again and bent down to Zhao Xiaotong: "Thanks!"! Thank you You This mature behavior, unlike that of a child, once again shocked both of them. Seeing that they did not move, the little girl sighed, took out two piles of thick money from the kidnapper's bag on the table and sent it to Wang Bo, then silently retreated and stayed by her parents. Shit! Wang Bo looked at Zhao Xiaotong dumbfounding: "Little Fox, were you so mature when you were a child?" Zhao Xiaotong shook his head blankly, walked over to her, picked her up from the ground, the child looked at Zhao Xiaotong, a faint smile, hugged her neck, passed out. Zhao Xiaotong looked back and said lightly, "I've decided to take her away, but I won't restore her memory first." Wang Bo raised his eyebrows and said, "Whatever. Take her away directly. What should I do here?" "Then it's out of our hands. Let the British police have a headache!" Zhao Xiaotong smiled faintly, "as for this child, I think Su Ting should have a way to let us take it back." The residence is brightly lit. Everyone was in the living room, and as soon as Wang Bo and Wang Bo entered the door, they met with several sharp eyes. It's all.. Why are they all here? Wang Bo laughed and shook off the snowflakes on his body. "Do you have a midnight snack? I'm hungry!" Su Ting looked at them, sighed, and said to the walkie-talkie, "Liu Yan, come back!"! It's all right. Li Ying first found the little girl. She looked at them suspiciously and asked in surprise, "Sister Xiaotong, who are you holding?" Lu Jialin also noticed her. He came over and took one look at the little girl. He curled his lips and said to Wang Bo, "How dare you come abroad to abduct and sell this child!"! Yes, she is very beautiful. Ye Kai and Feng Xiaoke also gathered around and marveled at the little girl who was carved with powder and jade. Ye Kai said with a smile, "Brother, you don't want to make a plan to cultivate such a little girl, do you?" Get out of here! If you dare to say that again, I can't forgive you. "Wang Bo hates cold. If this is really a serious little girl, it doesn't matter. But what she has in her body is a fox spirit who has lived for many years, and she is a man. Think about it, she has goose bumps all over her body.". Zhao Xiaotong sighed and put her on the sofa: "Yingzi, come and have a look!"! The kid just got a little stimulated! Is everything all right? Li Ying nodded and put her hand on her pulse. Next to her, Su Ting quietly pulled Wang Bo aside, frowning and asked, "Wang Bo, what's going on?"? Why did you bring this English child back? "Not only bring it back, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible pallet bin, but also abduct it back to China!" Wang Bo gave a wry smile, "Su Ting, how to get her back is up to you." "Bring it back to China?" Su Ting gave a cry of surprise and raised her eyebrows. "What's going on?"? What about her parents? Look, she's still wearing a nightgown. Don't tell me you picked it up on the road. "This?" Wang Bo was embarrassed to touch his nose, "this is really hard to say, but her relatives in England are dead, stay in England is also an orphan." Su Ting looked at him, then looked at a nervous face of Zhao Xiaotong, sighed: "Forget it, I do not ask, I will think of a way to return home!" Zhao Xiaotong asked, "Yingzi, how is it?" Li Ying loosened her hand and said with a smile, "It's all right. It's a kind of self-protection with excessive nervousness. It will be all right after a sleep." Zhao Xiaotong breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good." Suddenly, the little girl opened her eyes, looked around blankly, fixed on Zhao Xiaotong's face, and quickly spit out an English sentence. Everyone looked at each other, but no one understood. Lu Jialin stared at Feng Xiaoke: "What did she say just now?"? Translate for me. Didn't you volunteer to be an interpreter when you came here? Feng Xiaoke touched his bald head and smiled, "I was afraid that you would leave me behind. Is that a lie?"? I haven't learned English and Chinese well yet. Su Ting came over and said, "She said, this sister, did you bring me here to adopt me?" Zhao Xiaotong was stunned. Embarrassed, she waved her hand and said, "Su Ting, tell her not to call me sister." To call.. Ye Kai pretends to be clever to remind: "To call aunt, I am a generation lower than you, she wants to call sister, then what should I call her?" Zhao Xiaotong is urgent immediately: "More cannot call aunt!" Everyone looked at Zhao Xiaotong, Wang Bo sighed: "Little Fox, the past has passed, now she is just a little girl!" " The little girl took her hand and spat out an English sentence again. Translated by Su Ting: "She said she thought you were very kind, but if you want to adopt her, you'd better go through the formal adoption procedures, so that you can inherit her parents'property.." As she spoke, she stopped and looked at the little girl as if she had seen a ghost. Zhao Xiaotong sighed with a wry smile: "Su Ting, you tell her, I will not want her property, but she must go with me, no discussion." Su Ting looked back and forth at the two men and translated them truthfully. After hearing this, the little girl looked at Zhao Xiaotong in surprise, thought for a moment, and then said to Su Ting: "I do." After Su Ting finished translating, she stood up, looked around the crowd and said, "My name is Jenny."? Wiffle, nice to meet you all. This time, in addition to Lu Jialin, the rest of the people understand. Chapter 202 accidents. "The little one will sleep with me tonight." Obviously,ibc spill pallet, blonde Jenny? Wiffle was so attractive that even Lu Jialin, who was not allowed to approach strangers, burst out with maternal love and made such a request on his own initiative.