Jun Nan Fang (complete edition) (Mei Guo, Mo Fan, Yi Feng, Jin Rui, Pei Wei, Mu Qiu, Yan Hong, Li Luo)

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At that time, the king of Zhennan also felt strange, but the surname Qin died, the city also need not slaughter, in a good mood, also did not pursue, now want to come, that matter is more clear.

At that time, the king of Zhennan also felt strange, but the surname Qin died, the city also need not slaughter, in a good mood, also did not pursue, now want to come, that matter is more clear. Besides, if it were not for Yizhi and Yifeng colluding and covering each other, there would be no such indefensible excuses for Yifeng. Yifeng and Yizhi looked at each other. Yizhi was not sure and asked, "Dad, don't you blame me?" King Zhennan raised his eyebrows and smiled. "You didn't kill innocent people. I blame you for what you did." Yi Feng and Yi Zhi breathed a sigh of relief. If you don't go, you won't be able to cross the river before dawn. A cold voice came from that coachman in the other carriage. Yizhi followed the sound and exclaimed, "It's you." When the king of Zhennan heard that the third son's voice was different, he also looked over, just in time to see the rickshaw puller turn his face. Under the bamboo hat was a cold and merciless handsome cheek, but it was Muqiu. He was also taken aback. He looked at Yifeng again and shook his head helplessly. "How many people did you pry the Mei family?" Yi Feng clenched his fist and put it on his lips. With a dry cough, he said, "Wang Ye doesn't dare to disclose this, so he can only arrange it in this way. Moreover, his kung fu is also very good. He can stand up to dozens of other people. If he really meets any accident, he will have a better chance of winning.". There's no time to lose. Get in the car. King Zhennan patted him on the shoulder. "Be careful yourself." He dodged into the carriage driven by Muqiu. Yongzhi and Junzhi also had a very good relationship with Yifeng. They clapped hands with him to say goodbye, but Yizhi held his hand and said,collapsible pallet box, "Take care of my sister." Yi Feng nodded lightly, and Yizhicai turned into the carriage. As soon as Muqiu raised his whip, the carriage flew away. There was no snow for a day, but when it was about to dawn, the wind was blowing loudly. Although the father and son of the Mei family had been escorted away, the marriage between Yu and Pu was still going on. On the one hand, they had to save face to the outside world. On the other hand, the emperor was afraid that if the relationship between Yu and Pu took a turn for the better, the father and son of the Mei family would have to come back. It could be said that they had left a way out for themselves. So the matter is only a private disposal,secondary containment pallet, in the outside but no publicity, also did not send troops to seal up the mansion brother, everything is as usual. When Meiguo returned to Zhennan Mansion, she stood at the door, looking up at the four gold-wrapped characters of "Zhennan Mansion" on the door plaque, and was stunned. Her original delicacy was blown by the wind, and all her robes were rolled up on her body, which made her look even thinner. The white jade cheeks were bloodless and pitiful. At the end of the day, she saw tears in her eyes, but she refused to cry. A smile gradually appeared on her lips, but there was a ray of sadness in her smile. Her heart was even more distressed. She stepped forward and held her gently. She said softly, "Guo'er, Wang Ye, they will come back." Mei Guo slowly lowered her eyelids and blinked. Two tears fell one after another and dripped at her feet. When she raised her head again, her eyes were more firm. "Yes, they will come back." At the end, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, I don't know why she has such an expression, and I feel uneasy in my heart, "You." Is everything all right? Mei Guo shook his head, took his hand, and walked slowly into the palace. Xiao Xian came out, helped Mei Guo, and looked at Mo Fan uneasily. Mo Fan shook his head lightly. Mei fruit quietly in the palace around, the palace as usual, but less father and brother and their QinBing escort. When she arrived at her father's study, she looked at the armchair on which she was often punished, as if she saw her father's angry appearance, turning around in front of him, and the three brothers stood in a row winking. At that time, she hated the punishment, but now she really wanted her father to punish her again. Although Mo Fan had never seen her life in the palace before, in order to understand everything about her, he asked all the trifles of her life carefully. At that time, whenever he heard that she was punished to stand on the armchair, he couldn't help smiling. At that time, when he saw her staring at the armchair, he guessed that this was the one she used to stand on. She wanted to persuade her, but she knew that at this time she was afraid to say anything to increase her sadness, so she had to follow her quietly. Meiguo looked at it for a long time, then sighed faintly and asked Xiaoxian, "When does someone work in this bookkeeper?" When Xiaoxian saw that Wang Ye had left with a bunch of people, she didn't come back. She had a premonition that something had happened. At this time, she saw Meiguo with such an expression. Although she didn't know what had happened, she also understood that there must be something important. When she asked about it, she hurriedly said, "There are people in the accounting room day and night, but it's still too late to do serious work. The young lady never asks about the accounting room. Why did she suddenly ask about this?" Meiguo looked around. At this time, the people were still sleeping, and only a few of them kept vigil. "My parents and brother can't come back for a while, and I don't know where my mother has gone. We're afraid it's rare for us to come back in this house. There's no management in the house and there's no square circle. I want to give money to these people for the time being, leaving a few honest and honest people to look after the yard.". If they want to employ people in the future, they will come back if they want to. What she was worried about was that now the emperor said that he would not implicate the family, and that if one day he changed his coat and came to a full house, these people would not die in vain? Xiaoxian trembled in her heart. Sure enough, something happened. The chill rose from the soles of her feet. "What happened to Miss?" Mei Guo patted her hand holding her wrist. "Don't ask. The less you know, the better. It will be dawn later. You can take Mo Fan to rest first, and I'll walk around again." Xiaoxian refused to leave. Mei Guo raised her eyebrows and stared at her. "Don't you listen to me when my father is gone?" When Xiaoxian saw her speak to herself like this, she was afraid and looked at the end of the world uneasily. The latter nodded to her, "Let the fruit be quiet, you go back to rest first." Only then did Xiaoxian turn her head step by step and go nervously. Mei Guo looked back and saw that Mo Fan was still there. "Aren't you going?" "You just think I'm not here," said Mo Fan lightly. Mei Guo also did not have the mind to think much, muddled nodded, casually walked in the house, the end of Fan also did not disturb her, just two steps behind her place to follow. Unconsciously, walking to the second gate, Meiguo thought that every time her father and brother came back from the war,plastic pallet suppliers, they would send a message to her, and she would wait at the second gate, sitting down on the threshold and looking at the direction of the gate as if they were tired of waiting in the past. binpallet.com