My Rhapsody with Her After the Transformation (Updated to the End of the Prologue)

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Pow! Pow. Huge palms popped out of his mouth, then head and body, and finally, an unknown black creature appeared.

Pow! Pow. Huge palms popped out of his mouth, then head and body, and finally, an unknown black creature appeared. It has dozens of compound eyes, looks slender, but has a height of five meters, it is hard to imagine how such a creature was born from the body. Kill them all, Katia. With a touch of mucus from her lips, her right hand, which had been previously corroded, was now restored to its original shape, and the monster standing in front of her made no sound. It does not roar like the demons that have appeared before, nor does it have any magic, even weight and sense of existence. The moon sea light is looking at each other's whole body has been trembling, she has faced many monsters, not only the golem body, but also Pandora's terrible magic, however, compared with the creature in front of her, it all looks much more lovely. What is this Moonsea muttered to herself. The moment the voice fell, she was suddenly hit by ice, the next moment the ice broke, and the strange monster had appeared in the previous position of the lunar sea. So fast! Moon sea stare big eyes, she immediately distinguish what happened before, he just hesitated a little, the monster then shot, fortunately angel eye disease quick hand, otherwise this may have life worries. There was no need for any thanks, and now was not the time to thank Angel, so soon the monster, once the eyes and intuition were all gone, would surely die. The target is me. Moon Sea psychology is very clear,car radiator cap, from the previous words can be heard, she is very interested in her own unique magic, the unique magic is to absorb the unique magic of others, then from this point can be understood, want to absorb, must do some [ritual]. The most likely thing is to kill himself, but there are other possibilities, just like the monster in front of us, the purpose is too clear, obviously as Tyre himself is closer than the lunar sea side, but it is indifferent, from which we can see that the main control of the monster is still on the body. In that case. The lunar sea suddenly retreated, while Tyre compressed the limits of his body again, and thousands of folding techniques turned into afterimages and rushed towards him. But the monster did not stop Tyre, and went after the lunar sea at full speed. Long Tu wanted to save Yuehai at this time, but she was on the sidewalk. "Don't worry about me. Defeat the caster and all the difficulties will be solved. I can handle it!" Long Tu gritted his teeth secretly, titanium machining parts ,Magnetic Drain Plug, stepped on the ground with his right foot, turned around and rushed towards him. But she was not an ordinary person, even if she summoned the monster after the momentum is greatly reduced, in the face of the first to bear the brunt of Tyre, there is still room for resistance. Magic guide book read, also did not want to continue to use the body with each other, after all, in the hands of the dragon butcher she did not eat cheap, this time the dragon butcher opened the forbidden, she has no chance to win. So we can only rely on our own magic. After she saw Tyre's way of fighting, she was very clear. The agile warrior had a general constitution. Such a person could drop ten times as long as she used the range of magic. Unfortunately, because of her personal taste, she seldom collected those simple and crude unique magic, so there was no aggression, only control. After thinking, the magic guide book a little, blue light flashing, a sudden outbreak of magic. Unique magic, the lock of chasing souls. Purple and transparent chains came out from behind, and they flew accurately towards Tyre. The black-haired young man's face changed slightly, and he took a dangerous step away, but he never thought that the chains would come after him again. The lock of the soul is equivalent to locking a person's soul, unless you die, otherwise it will inevitably bind you. The explanation made Tyre look even more gloomy. This man's unique magic was really terrible. Many unique magic that could not maximize the benefits alone could trigger a miraculous effect with other unique magic. Although the soul-chasing lock could not lock Tyre for a short time, it had been following him all the time. Once he wanted to get close, the ropes would become more swift and terrible. From this point of view, it was obvious that the unique magic was related to distance, that is to say, he could escape from the pursuit of the ropes as long as he pulled away for a while, which was contrary to his intention. Really an annoying ability, at this time if the Dragon Slaughter battlefield, those soul-chasing locks split off a part to fly to the Dragon Slaughter, but now the nylon people have been very powerful, even these soul-chasing locks can not bind her. There is no surprise. She understood that the disadvantage of this soul-chasing lock was that it could not imprison opponents stronger than herself, so it would be very useful to deal with those agile warriors. In that case. Turning over the magic guide book again, in an instant, the whole underground three floors changed their appearance. Loess and blue sky sweep away the darkness before, and the present space is like another world. But the dragon butcher who can manage so much, no matter how the surrounding changes, the little girl in front of him is still a living target, as long as a punch down, then all the problems are solved! Issue 789 Monster Even Tyre and Tsugumi were stunned by the uncharacteristic scream, which made it clear that the other side had won the game before. Ah ah ah ah! How is that possible? You are not even demigods. Why can you break the shield of life? "There are many things you don't know." I want to know! His eyes were wide and red. I want to know! "I don't have any need to tell you." Tyre clenched his right fist, and at the same time, he pulled out the Apostle Tianhui, and the shadow of a woman appeared. What a terrible breath! I didn't expect you to be a person with many twists and turns. Tyre did not listen to the words of the Apostle Tianhui. He knew that he was not at the end of his tether yet, and that terrible evil spirit was the best proof. Very good Gradually revealed a ferocious smile, stretched out his right hand to touch the demon, but the demon body burst into an ominous breath, the devouring ability to directly corrode the palm. Good, good, good!!! Indifferent,metal stamping parts, however, his palm turned into an orangutan bone, but he still held the demon and pulled it out and threw it at Tyre.