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When he first saw it, Chen Ge tried to remember the names in the sentences, but later he found that there were too many sentences and few names were repeated, so he gave up.

When he first saw it, Chen Ge tried to remember the names in the sentences, but later he found that there were too many sentences and few names were repeated, so he gave up. Are the names of all the patients written on the fence? He did not understand the meaning of these sentences, but instinctively felt a little strange. These sentences are certainly not written by normal people. What are they trying to express? Chen Ge looked at the wall, inexplicably some panic, as if every word is a curse: "White Tiger, you do not leave me too far." Also when no one, Chen Ge dared to call out the name of the white cat so unscrupulously. After approaching the rehabilitation center, the white cat showed obvious hostility, and the cat, who is very sensitive to dirt, seemed to have noticed something. Don't panic, we have our cards,Steel investment casting, too. Chen Ge raised the rooster with his legs tied in his hand and took out the tool hammer and pinned it on his waist. He didn't rush inside to check until Liu Dao called. The equipment is running normally, the picture is stable, the live broadcast has started, and you can enter the live broadcast room through your mobile phone. "All right." When Chen Ge landed on the platform, he first saw Qin Guang's live broadcast advertisement. He clicked in and took a look. Qin Guang and his team had a little accident outside Muyang Middle School. It seemed that the car equipped with live broadcast equipment rushed into the wasteland next to it. Qin Guang himself was apologizing to Shuiyou in the live studio,non standard fasteners, saying that his driver had just seen a ghost appear and something was lying on the windshield. This group of people actually ran to the evening sun middle school, it seems that I gave him advice, he did not take it to heart. But then again, this Qin Guang apology has four hundred thousand people to see, really can not be belittled. Chen Ge then entered his own live broadcast room, which should be the effect of the platform recommendation, and the number of viewers soared to 25,000 in a short time. The picture in the live broadcast room was split, and the big screen was the high-definition camera on his chest. The picture was stable and the picture quality was extremely high. There is also a small screen in the lower left corner, which corresponds to the wristband camera on his wrist, alloy die casting ,die cast light housing, like a watch, which can move freely and take pictures of his own body when he raises his arm. At ten o'clock in the evening, I should also start the live broadcast. He pointed the camera on his wrist at himself and watched the bullet screen scrolling on the screen of his mobile phone: "I didn't expect that I would do such a crazy thing at night." Putting the white cat and backpack on the fence, Chen Ge climbed over the wall and entered the third mental illness rehabilitation center. Chapter 154 Dog Cage? (III) "Psychiatric hospitals and general hospitals undertake different treatment tasks, although they are in the city, but the absolute majority of people will intentionally or unintentionally stay away from here." "No one can argue with this," Chen said to the camera on his wrist. "After all, no matter how they argue, they are a little different from us. It's just that sometimes we don't know whether it's them or us who think we're normal. Climbing over the wall and entering the rehabilitation center, Chen Ge's attention was highly focused: "The hospital in front of me has countless legends. In the dead of night, strange screams came from the sick building. Scarlet characters appeared inexplicably in the empty corridor. The director of the hospital was mysteriously missing and has not been found yet. Some people speculated that he might be hiding somewhere in the sick building." Chen Ge looked at the mobile phone screen, the water friends did not buy it, and some people compared his live broadcast with Qin Guang's live broadcast. Paranormal live broadcast, another man walking in the front line of death. "Through the screen, I seem to have seen your ending, and some anchors are doomed to live in memory." I can understand everything else, but I may not be able to explain why you have a chicken in your hand? Are you going to make supernatural food? Start a new genre? "Night Sick Building?"? Pay attention to your bold selection of materials! Chen Ge looks at the water friend's bullet screen, these guys speak coquettish words to the thief slip, but no one feels afraid. Live roosters can ward off evil spirits. I will bring you a different scary experience tonight. It took me two hours to find such a spooky hospital. Aren't you afraid at all? Chen Ge explained patiently, but the water friends did not panic at all. What are you afraid of? An anchor said that just now, and he's repairing the car now. "Ah!"! The cat is so cute. The atmosphere eased, Chen Ge also calmed down, and chatted with water friends, he began to really explore the secret of the third mental illness rehabilitation center. The private hospital occupies a large area. The whole hospital is surrounded by concrete walls. In the middle is a compound for patients to move freely. Except for a small part of the concrete floor, other places are covered with weeds that can cover their knees. Further ahead is the conjoined building that Chen Ge just saw. The finished products of the three sick buildings are distributed. From the second floor up, all the floors are connected to each other. Xiangyang built the first and second sick buildings, and the one with its back to them should be the third sick building. Strange, why did the hospital design it like this? The third building can't see the sun. Can't some patients see the sun? The layout of the hospital makes people feel strange: "There must be a reason for its existence, whether it is for the task of trial or the clues left by parents, tonight we will enter the third sick building to have a look." Chen Ge walked in front and the white cat followed closely behind him. The moonlight was bright tonight, and the cement floor was pale. Chen Ge stepped up the stairs and came to the door of the first sick building. The gate of the sick building was made of iron. Chen Ge just tried to push it, but he didn't expect the gate to open directly. The door lock is broken. Chen Ge has accumulated rich experience in the previous trials. He picked up his flashlight and looked at the lock core: "The circlip is broken. It's obviously a violent unlocking." Chen Ge looked at the deep corridor in the sick building, and a question came to his mind: "Who is the one who unlocked the lock?" After the hospital was banned,CNC machining parts, someone came here again. Was it the sick patient or his parents? Director Luo said that his parents had mentioned the third sick building before they disappeared, and the note left by his parents in the park did contain information about the third sick building. But there is a key point that Chen Ge did not understand. Director Luo heard the words before his parents disappeared, and the blood-stained note seemed to have appeared after his parents disappeared. autoparts-dx.com