President's husband catches up with the door

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Outside the airport, Luo Hen noticed some suspicious-looking people, apparently sent by Wei Fu. First courtesy, then war, Wei Fu is afraid to have been ready to fight, the reality is not a TV series, the other side will not give you so much time to prepare.

Outside the airport, Luo Hen noticed some suspicious-looking people, apparently sent by Wei Fu. First courtesy, then war, Wei Fu is afraid to have been ready to fight, the reality is not a TV series, the other side will not give you so much time to prepare. No, just a few days after returning to a city, Su Xi disappeared. In order to protect Suxi's safety, Luo Hen specifically told them not to go out easily, but Suxi still disappeared. Mingming has been in the south of the villa, how can suddenly no one, is the other side to use the magic. In the villa hall, everyone looked at each other, one by one helpless. Even Luo Hen, who has always had great powers, has no clue at the moment. This time, he only blames them for not being well prepared. I'm afraid Wei Fu has already planned and is waiting for the day when they return. Completely without any warning, Su Xi disappeared out of thin air, Luo Hen thought that no one in the world could take people away silently in front of him. However, the most unlikely thing happened, and a lot of people were anxious. Su Xi is missing, there is no news, not very close to find, they can only find the police. Fu Yueze is one of the most anxious one, but he tried to keep calm,socket screw plug, the more this time, the more calm. Can not be confused, Luo Hen is really panicked, he searched the entire villa, but can not find any clues. Things became difficult, and the matter soon reached the ears of the Eagle Dome, which had driven the enemy to retreat, and at this critical point Suxi disappeared. It seems that there will be a great change in the war situation, the eagle is very calm,DIN screw plug, can kidnap Suxi in addition to the enemy will not be anyone else. Since it was the enemy who took Suxi away, there would soon be news that what the Eagle should do now was to wait quietly for the kidnappers to contact him. This time, however, the eagle's abacus was wrong, and after waiting for almost a week, the man did not see any movement. This week, Fu Yueze will be crazy, day after day, really desperate. And Luo Hen is self-reproach unceasingly, a week has passed, but he has not found anything. But the client Su Xi is unaware that she is under the influence of drugs, every day, she does not know where she is. These days has been eating and sleeping to eat the state, this time is Wei Fu kidnapped Su Xi, but Wei Fu did not tell that person. That person will only use Su Xi as a bargaining chip, but Wei Fu is different, she thought of a more vicious move. Kill Suxi is nothing, destroy Suxi I'm afraid it's better, Stainless steel foundry ,deep draw stamping, these days have been feeding Suxi with drugs, she wants to completely destroy Suxi's sense of autonomy. Turn Su Xi into a knife, insert a knife in the chest of the eagle, this matter should be done slowly, the drug is still in the experimental stage, Wei Fu does not know what effect it will have. It is said that as long as the drug is used for a week, it can destroy the person's sense of autonomy, and then use the psychological suggestion method of repeated emphasis to implant a memory that does not belong to the person, so as to achieve a certain purpose. Wei Fu's purpose is to implant a deep subconscious memory for Suxi, in order that others can not see the change of Suxi, Wei Fu also carefully weaves a reasonable memory for Suxi. How to let Su Xi have a blood feud with the Eagle Dome, this is not a simple matter, Wei Fu decided to make an issue of Su Xi's mother who died early. A week's time has come, this time Suxi's head is completely blank, since then Wei Fu will come to Suxi every day to sit here for half an hour. As if she had memorized it, Wei Fu would repeat a story to Su Xi every day. In less than a week, the story would become a deep-seated memory buried in Su Xi's subconscious. Half a month later, one night, Su Xi appeared outside the door of the villa in the south of the city, disappeared out of thin air, and appeared out of thin air. But at this time the eagle long dome and the enemy also to the final battle, both sides are full of energy, will not have time to expose the strength together, in order to defeat each other at one stroke. This time the enemy will Wei Fu and Lin Xu are called back, he gathered all the forces, the eagle sky for a time some can not stand. The two sides were deadlocked, and the pressure of the Eagle Dome was getting heavier day by day. This time, Wei Fu did her best, and even Lin Xu couldn't figure it out for a while. Last time Wei Gan called them back in a hurry, Wei Fu did not know why, delayed a few days, thought Wei Fu was not interested in the war without smoke of gunpowder, did not expect Wei Fu to be more active than anyone else. This also let Wei Gan forgive Wei Fu's late, watching Wei Gan will occupy a dominant position, was originally the main battlefield of the Eagle Dome, now he is very passive. Wei Gan secretly hid a lot of strength in order to deal with the Eagle Dome. The arrival of Wei Fu and Lin Xu made Wei Gan more powerful, and the situation on the battlefield was reversed in an instant. However, Su Xi and Fu Yueze, who were far away in a city, did not know all this, including Luo Hen, and the Eagle Dome concealed it. He did not want to drag anyone else in, even if he lost this time. As for the mysterious disappearance and appearance of Suxi, Luo Hen has not yet figured out the reason, but Suxi seems to be all right. On the second day of Su Xi's return, Luo Hen discovered that Wei Fu and Lin Xu had completely withdrawn from a city with their respective forces. Lin Xu first, Wei Fu a little later, in this short few days, the situation of the whole a city has undergone earth-shaking changes again. Wei Fu and Lin Xu left, a city suddenly less two big enterprises, a city business fried pot, but these Wei Fu and Lin Xu have not known. Luo Hen felt very strange, so he quickly reported all this to the Eagle Dome, but did not respond for a long time. Just when Luo Hen could not hold his breath, the news finally came from the Eagle Dome. It turned out that Lin Xu and Wei Fu had gone to fight for Wei Gan. In addition, the Eagle Dome did not say anything more,Investment casting parts, but Luo Hen could feel something was wrong with the Eagle Dome. Just when everyone thought they could live a safe life, Luo Hen found a bad news that the Eagle Dome was losing ground. He soon told Su Xi and Fu Yueze about it, and Su Xi and Fu Yueze unanimously decided to go to the Eagle Dome.