Nine-Year-Old Demon Queen Volume 1

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"I see it." Su Zhan looked at her tenderly and smiled. I'm very happy. Fortunately, he doesn't have an unrequited love.

"I see it." Su Zhan looked at her tenderly and smiled. I'm very happy. Fortunately, he doesn't have an unrequited love. The cold moon smiled and heard his undisguised happiness. She raised her head and looked back at him tenderly. As the temperature rises, two pairs of eyes collide with countless bright sparks. It was as if countless pink hearts were jumping around them, and even the air became sweet. I'm happy, too. The cold moon smiled, and she finally knew the taste of happiness. Sweet, like honey in the mouth. Maybe it's empty talk to say too much now, but I want you to know that I hope you will accompany me in the future, and I will try my best to give you happiness. Su Zhan also felt his blood boiling, although now they were just beginning. But he was already looking forward to a happy future with the cold moon. I believe. His eyes are so clear, so sincere. The cold moon felt warm in her heart and could not help outlining a bright future. Perhaps the happiness you want is so simple, there is a person who loves each other,car radiator cap, hand in hand until old. Two people's eyes are more and more soft, Su Zhan finally could not help but go to her side to hold her hand. The cold moon's cheeks were boiling hot, and the heat of clasping hands rolled up to the bottom of her heart like waves. Miaoman's body leaned slowly and finally against his broad chest. The two bodies snuggled up to each other, and the same smile blossomed at the corners of their mouths. The wind outside the window is blowing and the flowers are swaying. It seems to be singing for this pair of lovers: King Xiang has a dream,die casting parts, and the goddess also has a heart. Nine-Year-Old Demon Queen There is something wrong with the laptop. The computer started for a long time today. Ended up in safe mode, alas. I hope it's okay to send it. Volume one chapter thirty-four weak water three thousand, only take ladle drink The brown steed stopped outside the general's mansion, and Leng Pei yuan neatly dismounted. The general is back. As soon as the blue cloth shirt guard's eyes lit up, he immediately ran over and led the horse. Uh Leng Peiyuan nodded, "take the horse to the stable and prepare the best horse material for it." He explained to the guard and turned around. The robe fluttered, and the figure had entered the gate. Yes The doorman's voice was thrown away. General, you are back. The housekeeper in the corridor looked sharp-eyed at Leng Pei yuan in silver armor and hurried up to meet him. Uh Leng Peiyuan nodded and did not stop. Has anything special happened in the house these days? It took him ten days to return from the camp to the mansion. The day before yesterday, an imperial edict came from the palace. The housekeeper lowered his eyebrows and his expression was steady. Oh Leng Peiyuan paused and then stepped in the direction of the hall. What does the imperial edict say? "The emperor decreed that the empress Dowager's birthday should be celebrated by inviting the courtiers and their families to the palace." The steward followed the general and told him the contents of the imperial edict. With family? Leng Pei yuan was stupefied, die casting parts ,metal stamping parts, "isn't it the same in the past?"? Why bother? His eyelids drooped, wondering what the little emperor meant? "The decree seemed to imply taking all the family with you." The housekeeper raised his eyebrows and told his guess. Incorrect Leng Pei yuan shook his head, consciously thinking that the young emperor did not want all the officials' families to go together. But what does he really mean? Is it aimed at a certain person? "Is there anything else besides the imperial edict from the palace?" Steady steps, cold expression. There's one more thing that the slave doesn't know whether to say or not. Remembering Leng Wanwan's attitude when he received the imperial edict, the housekeeper hesitated. What can't you say? Leng Peiyuan raised his eyebrows and looked at the housekeeper's appearance of hesitating to speak. "On the day the imperial edict was issued, Huan-fang did not kneel down to receive it." The housekeeper thought about it, gritted his teeth and said it. Deep and weather-beaten eyes twinkling with worry, the young lady's behavior is in contempt of imperial power. This charge is not light, if it is used by interested people, the general's office is afraid to get into trouble. What Leng Pei yuan was surprised to know that his precious daughter was cold-tempered and overweening. But I didn't expect her to be like this in the face of imperial power. What can he say? The world is so big that it is the land of the emperor. No matter how powerful he is, he is only a courtier of the emperor. In the face of that proud and unruly young emperor, he would kneel down. As soon as the emperor's order came out, they could only be obedient. Wanwan this child is really too arrogant, although he appreciates such a temperament, but I am afraid that sooner or later it will cause trouble. Is there anything else? What about Chu Yuheng? When on earth did he meet Wanwan? The heroic sword frowned and began to worry about the curved temper. The younger martial brother who thought of the shadow also appeared in the mansion for no reason, and the crease between his eyebrows was even deeper. This Chu Yuheng is a Jianghu man, and I'm afraid there's a lot of right and wrong around him. Wanwan is close to him. I don't know if it will cause bloody things in Jianghu? "The slave doesn't know how the third young lady got to know the Prince of Chu, but according to the slave's observation, the Prince of Chu is a rare handsome talent." Not to mention the handsome appearance, the whole body exudes an unruly atmosphere. And a brief contact, he is proud but not arrogant, there is worship, very leader of the momentum. He is the younger brother of the military adviser. Hearing the housekeeper's comments on Chu Yuheng, Leng Pei yuan also breathed a sigh of relief. Alas, he had a cold temper and always did whatever he wanted. Even as a father, he could not change her mind. If you really want to encounter any trouble, I'm afraid it's doomed. And his father must stand in front of her and shelter her from the wind and rain. Besides, now the second son of the minister of the Ministry of Personnel is in your house. The housekeeper's wise eyes flashed slightly,deep draw stamping, remembering Su Zhan's visit. The son of the minister of the Ministry of Personnel? Leng Peiyuan raised his eyebrows, which was strange. Why are there a lot of people in the house these days? What's he doing here? The minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs is a student of the prime minister, and he has never had much friendship with himself. Mr. Su is looking for the eldest lady. Replied the housekeeper.