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"Brother, is that you?" The woman opened the door and said with a smile that the smile was beautiful and made people feel like spring breeze, coupled with her beautiful face, it really attracted people's eyes.

"Brother, is that you?" The woman opened the door and said with a smile that the smile was beautiful and made people feel like spring breeze, coupled with her beautiful face, it really attracted people's eyes. The eyes, as bright as the stars, were smiling and lovely at this time, giving people an impulse to pinch her face. Who is this? Chu Fei's sister found Bu Qingyun and couldn't help wondering. In fact, she had guessed that the man in front of her should be the winner of the Fengyun Gathering that her brother often mentioned. This guy is the skinny monkey I told you about last time. Chu Fei smiled and then said, "How is it?"? This guy is not very handsome, but he is a good man and deserves to be entrusted for life. What are you talking about, brother? Chu Fei's younger sister Jiao drink a way, some feel embarrassed to get up, the cheek is slightly red. Bu Qingyun also shook his head helplessly for a while, and then introduced himself: "I often heard the fat man talk about you. You really live up to your reputation. Next, Bu Qingyun." "What does my brother often say about me?" Chu Fei's sister immediately frowned and turned to look. Chu Fei waved his hand and said, "Don't listen to this guy's nonsense. I seldom mention you, but this guy always asks for your news.". He knows your name is Piao Piao, but he still asks. Isn't it obvious? Fortunately, Chu Piaopiao knows his brother's personality, if others say, he will really believe it, "Brother, step in the eldest brother." With these words,wire nail machine manufacturers, he opened the door of the house and let them in. Bu Qingyun was full of black lines on Chu Fei's forehead. He said helplessly, "Fortunately, your sister knows who you are. Otherwise, my brother's reputation will be destroyed in your hands." Reputation? Skinny monkey don't think I don't know, under your prim exterior. In fact, it hides a sultry heart. Chu Fei looked up and down as he walked, full of banter. After that, the three men entered the deep house and chatted a few words. Brother Bu, you can rest here. The chief of law enforcement will never be found. Chu Piaopiao is still very confident about this. Thin monkey,High Speed Nail Making Machine, you just stay here and cultivate your feelings with my sister. I'll contact Brother Lin. Chu Fei said and got up, ready to leave. When he got to the door, he turned around and frowned and told him, "Thin monkey, don't bully my sister. You have to hold on." "Poof.." Buqingyun, who was drinking water, couldn't help spurting out all of them. The fat man's words are really a hidden mystery, which is clearly to slander himself. For Chu Fei, Bu Qingyun can only be helpless, Chu Piaopiao is also a burst of speechless. Brother, don't bully Brother Bu. Chu Piaopiao said with some dissatisfaction. Ouch? Are you in a hurry to protect him before you get married? Tut-tut.. Chu Fei shook his head and said, then pushed the door out, closed the door and left. Brother, you.. Chu Piaopiao was a little short of breath, but he had no choice but to turn his head. He said apologetically to Bu Qingyun, "Brother Bu, nail manufacturing machine ,Iron Nail Making Machine, I'm sorry. My brother is just like this." Bu Qingyun naturally knew and nodded, "I know his personality." The two men began to talk to each other. But most of it was about what happened at the party, and Chu Piaopiao listened to the parties. Although she was very calm, she knew that it would be difficult to win the championship. After pulling down the daily life, Bu Qingyun and Chu Piaopiao, who were crazy about the practice, quickly devoted themselves to the practice, saying that they had more or less gained from each other's feelings. After such a long talk, Buqingyun secretly frightened, this Chu Fei's sister's talent is really not simple, a lot of insights even their own are not clear, but its strength has been realized, when it is really great. About an hour passed before they stopped talking. Time passed so fast that neither of them noticed it. Bu Qingyun saw that it was less than noon, but he was worried that Chu Fei had gone for so long and would not come back. Chu Piaopiao was also worried. In the end, she suggested, "Brother Bu, you rest here. I'll go and see what's wrong with my brother." Bu Qingyun also thought that he should go out and have a look, so he nodded and agreed. Brother Bu, you can rest assured that the law enforcement elders will not be found here. Before leaving, Chu Piaopiao said such a sentence. Watching her graceful figure leave, Bu Qingyun frowned slightly and said to himself, "I always feel restless. Is Chu Fei in trouble?" Then he shook his head, "should not, Chu Xiangtian is not a fool, Chu Fei's talent can support the future of the Chu family, and even can bring the Chu family to a more brilliant position.". So absolutely nothing will be done to him! But Chu Xiang Dian. Bu Qingyun is most worried about Chu Xiangdian, "he should not dare to do anything to Chu Fei, after all, this is the future of the Chu family.". Can A dog will jump over the wall in a hurry. The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. At last he shook his head and completely forgot about these thoughts. Slowly into samadhi, immersed in the practice of restoring True Qi. Inside the body, the magic power is running continuously, and the spirit of heaven and earth outside turns into a star point to penetrate in. It is taken by the path of the magic power to walk through the meridians, and then immersed in the river Yinchuan of Dantian. Above the Dantian, there is an acupoint as bright as a star, in which the badly wounded Jinglin spirit beast is immersed, and its wounds are recovering at a speed that is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Bu Qingyun, in order to give him a helping hand, constantly tampered with the True Qi, and the five points around the Qihai acupoint, which were as bright as lanterns, seemed to rotate at this time. The stars are all over the moon, and the Qihai cave is brighter and brighter, and the True Qi is enveloped in it. Roar.. The deep roar of the Jinglin spirit beast resounded from the acupoint with gratitude. Buqingyun is not stingy, when all the True Qi is consumed, he immediately takes the last treasure level Shenli Dan. The other one has been given to Chu Fei. The fat man also has a magic charm. After swallowing the elixir, after a few short breaths, the original disappeared True Qi emerged like a source and filled the Dantian again. Thank you, boss! "Don't be distracted." Bu Qingyun drank lightly, closed his eyes again, ran his magic skill, and led out a stream of True Qi to overflow into the sea of Qi. Over time,Nail machine supplier, most of the injuries on the Jinglin spirit beast have recovered, and the Qihai acupoint is brighter, set off by the surrounding five acupoints. Shining like a golden day.