Ace Dharma God

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Original title: Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch,

Irina and Hades watched twelve hands fly across the table, black lines on their foreheads, and the heads of two ladylike goddesses were about to explode. Hades stared at Laikali discontentedly and said, "Laikali, you are also a God. Don't be like a hungry wolf." 。“ Wait till I finish eating. "Don't grab it, don't grab it. That fried fish kebab is mine." Layne used wind magic to catch a plate of fried fish skewers in front of him. The roast is mine. In order not to be robbed, Geary simply deformed, slender arms, and more accurate to grab. Boom. The owner of the restaurant rolled down the stairs and ran into the back kitchen with his head broken and bleeding. "God, long span shelving , oh, no, my God, are these still gods?"? You can fight for a meal. Plates of dishes were brought up, and then empty plates were brought down. The boss who had been fat looked like he had lost a lot of weight after a while. The battle upstairs is still going on, chicken legs are flying around in midair, a basin of soup is still floating in midair, two green vegetables are directly turned into two ice and then into someone's mouth, knocking someone back a fist. Irina and Hades are sitting. Endure. Endure.. It's just a bunch of assholes fighting. Hades thought so. A chicken leg happened to fall on Hades' long silky hair. Laikali smirked and grabbed the drumstick with one hand. "Fight with me," he said with a laugh. "You're a little young." Hades gritted his teeth and said, "Laikali." "Well, what for?" Laikali saw that there was still a little oil and a little chicken on Hades'long hair, and his scalp tingled. Go to hell, all of you. Hades gritted his teeth and stood up. Downstairs, I heard screams from upstairs, and then everything was calm.